7 Useful Free Divi Builder Plugins

Divi Builder is a page builder that has an open ecosystem. To extend its functionality, Elegant Themes (the developer of Divi Builder) allows third-party developer to develop plugins. Elegant Themes even offers an official marketplace to make it easier for Divi plugin developers to market their products. A Divi plugin itself commonly offers a set of Divi modules which you can use to add more creative elements to your page or theme builder template. Some plugins, such as Divi Supreme Pro, also offers extra features — like a popup builder — other than modules.

Divi Marketplace is a great resource to get a Divi plugin. However, you can only find paid plugins on there. If you just need to add a basic element (e.g., breadcrumbs) then buying a plugin is a waste of money. We have curated some useful Divi plugins which you can get for free. Check them out below.

Free Useful Divi Builder Plugins

1. Breadcrumbs Divi Module

Breadcrumbs is a crucial enough element when it comes to SEO. Unfortunately, Divi Builder has no default module to allow you to add breadcrumbs. It has one actually, but only for WooCommerce products. If you want to add breadcrumbs to a custom single post template or a regular page, you can install Breadcrumbs Divi Module. The plugin is available on the official plugin directory of WordPress and can be downloaded for free. We have covered this plugin on our previous article. You can read it to learn more.

2. WP and Divi Icons

Compared to other page builders, say Elementor, the icon collections offered Divi Builder are likely to fewer. WP and Divi Icons will enrich your icon collections by adding icon set from Font Awesome, Material Design, and the icon set created by WP and Divi Icons itself. WP and Divi Icons is a freemium plugin. The free version of the plugin offers 300+ free outline icon pack. You can get the WP and Divi Icons plugin for free on its official website, but first, you need to create an account to download the plugin.

3. Popups for Divi

As you know, Divi Builder has no built-in feature to create a popup like Elementor and Brizy. There are some plugins you can use to create a popup in Divi Builder, though. For the free solution, you have Popups for Divi. The plugin allows to create a popup right from the Divi Builder editor. It allows you to turn a Divi Builder section into a popup. Being free, the plugin doesn’t offer plenty of features like Elementor’s popup builder or Brizy’s. After installing and activating the plugin, you will see a new tab called Popup on the settings panel of section in Divi Builder. You can get the Popups for Divi plugin on the official plugin directory of WordPress.

4. DIVI Enhancer

Divi Builder has no default module to create a team member section. If you want to add a team member section on your page, you can install the DIVI Enhancer plugin. In addition, the plugin also adds several other modules to make it easy for you to add a certain element to page, including pricing table, flip box, image comparison, timeline, and so on. Here are the modules offered by the DIVI Enhancer plugin:

  • 3D Cloud Products
  • 3D Tag Cloud
  • Animated Links
  • Bing Map
  • Box
  • Breadcrumb
  • Carousel
  • FlipBox
  • Food Menu
  • iHover
  • Image Comparison
  • Inf Products
  • Price box
  • Shop Carousel
  • Team Member
  • Timeline

You can also get the DIVI Enhancer plugin on the official plugin directory of WordPress.

5. Supreme Modules Lite

Divi Supreme is a popular Divi Builder plugin. It consists of two versions: The pro version and the free version (Supreme Modules Lite). Supreme Modules Lite will add over 20 Divi Builder modules, allowing you to add creative elements to the page or theme builder you are working on. Including Lottie animation. As you know, Divi Builder has no default module to allow you to add a Lottie animation. Supreme Modules Lite also makes it possible for you to add creative elements like flip box, before/after image, gradient text, business hours, and so on. If you use Caldera Forms on your WordPress, you can also use Supreme Modules Lite to style up your forms using Divi Builder visual editor.

Here are the modules offered by Supreme Modules Lite:

  • Supreme Before/After Image Slider
  • Supreme Business Hours
  • Supreme Button
  • Supreme Caldera Forms
  • Supreme Contact Form 7
  • Supreme Embed Google Map
  • Supreme Embed Twitter Timeline
  • Supreme Facebook Comments
  • Supreme Facebook Feed
  • Supreme Flipbox
  • Supreme Gradient Text
  • Supreme Icon List
  • Supreme Image
  • Supreme Image Accordion
  • Supreme Lottie
  • Supreme Menu
  • Supreme Price List
  • Supreme Shapes
  • Supreme Text Badges
  • Supreme Text Divider
  • Supreme Typing

Furthermore, Supreme Modules Lite also comes with a feature to show/hide a section or a row in a specific date/time.

6. Flexstyle for Divi

Want to add an animated text on your Divi page or theme builder template? If yes, then Flexstyle for Divi is the Divi Builder plugin you need. Divi Builder has no default styling option to allow you to add an animated text so this plugin can be a solution. You can also get this plugin on the official plugin directory of WordPress. In addition to adding an animated text, Flexstyle also allows you to other create elements like particle button and rating. The plugin offers the following modules:

  • FS Animated Text
  • FS Baraja
  • FS Cube
  • FS Oridomi
  • FS Particles Button
  • FS Rating

7. Wow Divi Carousel Lite

Divi Builder has no default module to add a carousel element to a page. If you want to add one, Wow Divi Carousel Lite is a plugin you can use. You can get the plugin on the official plugin directory of WordPress. In addition to image carousel, you can also use the plugin to add logo carousel as well as displaying tweets from a certain account in a carousel style. Here are the modules offered by the Wow Divi Carousel Lite plugin:

  • Wow Image Carousel
  • Wow Logo Carousel
  • Wow Twitter Feed

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