9 Best Font Awesome Alternatives for SVG Icons

The majority of page builder plugins rely on Font Awesome (free version) to provide icon collection to users. Although the number of icons available on the free version of Font Awesome is quite massive (more than 2,000), they are actually quite basic. In some cases, they are not enough to fulfill the needs of modern web designs (especially if you want to add a thin icon). If you are looking for Font Awesome alternatives to get SVG icons for your projects, we have compiled the best resources you can refer to.

Icon itself is a crucial enough element in web design. You can use it to add a visual element on sections like features list, pricing table, call to action, and so on. Some page builders — including Elementor — allow you to use a custom icon by directly uploading an SVG file. In Elementor, you can upload SVG file on the following widgets:

  • Icon
  • Icon List
  • Icon Box
  • Button
  • Form (on the button element)

Regardless of whether you are using Elementor or not, here are some of the best Font Awesome alternatives to download icons in SVG format.

List of Font Awesome Alternatives

1. Bootstrap Icons

You might know Bootstrap as a CSS framework. Turns out, it also offers other resources for non-coders. On the Bootstrap website, you will find a menu item called Icons. Clicking the menu will take you to a sub-domain where you can explore and download the icons offered by Bootstrap. There are over 1,800 icons you can choose from. They can be downloaded individually in an SVG format. These icons are free and can be used on any project, including commercial projects.

2. Flaticon

The icons available on the free version of Font Awesome consist only of a single color. If you want to upload an SVG icon consisting of multiple colors, Flaticon is a great resource. In addition, it also offers monochrome icons much like Font Awesome and Bootstrap Icons above. In Flaticon, you can find icons of popular brands like Microsoft, Adobe, Google, PayPal, and so on. Be it in a monochrome or multi-color.

Unfortunately, you are required to subscribe to a pro plan to be able to download icons in SVG format. The free plan is only allowed to download icons in PNG format.

3. Friconix

The free version of Font Awesome doesn’t include thin icons. If you want to add a thin icon to your design, Friconix is one of the resources you can refer to. Friconix also allows you to download their icons in SVG format. You have over 25,000 icons to choose from. Ranging from brand icons, illustration icons, object icons, and so on.

4. Icons8

Icons8 is a great resource to find visual assets for your web design projects. From photos, illustrations, to icons. For the icon assets, Icons8 allows you to download an icon in a wide range of formats, including SVG. You can even edit an icon first before downloading it. Unfortunately, not all icons can be downloaded in SVG format for free. Most icons require you to subscribe to a pro plan to download the SVG format.

One of the interesting things about Icons8 is that it has a handy navigation panel to make it easy for you to filter the icons. From this panel, you can filter the icons that you can download their SVG version for free.

5. Noun Project

Noun Project is a community-driven website. No wonder if it has a huge number of icons. Noun Project has over five million icons you can choose from. To make it easy for you to find appropriate icons, the icons on Noun Project have been organized into several categories. You can also use the search feature to find an icon by a keyword.

Icons on Noun Project are licenses under Creative Commons CC BY for the free version. Meaning that attribution is required. To use the icon without attribution, you can use download the pro version.

6. SVG Repo

As the name suggests, SVG Repo is a resource where you can find and download SVG files for your website projects. SVG Repo is especially a great option if you are looking for a free SVG files without needing to credit the author to use SVG files you have downloaded.

On SVG Repo, you can find icons from a wide range of categories. From monochrome, multi-color, duotone, outline, and so on. As you can see on the screenshot above, there are several tabs you can click to the filter the icons by categories.

7. Flat Icons

Flat Icons is a great resource to find thematic icon sets. In Flat Icons, when you search for a certain icon using a keyword, you will be presented with icon sets instead of individual icons. A set can consist of 70, 80, or 90 icons. You will need to pay to download an icon set.

8. Nucleo

Nucleo is another better-suited option if you are not objected to spend money to get SVG icons. Although it offers some free sample icons, you need to buy the paid versions to find icons that match the theme of the website you are working on.

Unlike Font Awesome which requires you to make a yearly subscription to download the icons, Nucleo offers a one-time purchase. There are over 32,000 icons you can download after making a purchase. When there are new icons added, you will have access to download them.

9. Google Fonts

Google Fonts is the major resource for web fonts. The vast majority of page builder plugins like Divi Builder, Breakdance, and Elementor use it to offer font options on its editor. But did you know that Google Fonts now also offer free icons? The free icons available on Google Fonts are icons that are used on some Google products. You can download them both in an VSG format and PNG format. Each icon also has a code which you can use on CSS. Google Fonts offer great filtering feature to make it easy for you to find icons by categories.

The Bottom Line

The use of icons is quite inevitable in web design. You need them to beautify sections like features list, pricing table, and so on your design. The use of appropriate icons can better emphasis what a section is all about. Font Awesome is a popular resource in which you can get icons in SVG formats. Be it free or paid. As you have probably known, most WordPress page builder plugins use it to provide icons to their users.

Not all icon types are available on Font Awesome, though. Especially the free version. For this reason, you might want to look for some alternatives to get icons in SVG format. Bootstrap Icons is one of the best Font Awesome alternatives to get SVG icons for free. If you cannot find the icons you need on Bootstrap Icons, there are other alternatives as have mentioned above.

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