How to Fix the “This file should not be imported in this context” in Divi Builder

Updated: May 23, 2021

When working with Divi Builder, you can either export or import a layout. Thanks to this feature, you can save time in working on a page with Divi Builder. But sometimes, you will see the following error message when importing a Divi Builder layout.

Actually, the error message itself has provided a clue about the error. When you export a layout in Divi Builder, the exported layout is assigned a context to it. For instance, if you export a layout from an individual page/post, the exported layout is assigned an et_builder context. A layout assigned the et_builder context can only be imported from an individual page/post and cannot be imported from the Divi Library or Theme Builder. There are at least three layout contexts in Divi Builder.

  • et_builder: For a layout exported from an individual page or post
  • et_builder_layouts: For a layout exported from Divi Library (Divi -> Library)
  • et_theme_builder: For a layout exported from Theme Builder (Divi -> Theme Builder)

How to know the context of the layout? You can open the JSON file of the layout you want to check the context of with a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++. You can find the context in the beginning section of the file.

How to fix the problem

If you see the error message like the one we have covered above when importing a Divi layout, you can open the JSON file to check its context and make sure that you import the layout from the right place.

A layout with et_builder context should be imported from an individual page or post, a layout with et_builder_layouts context should be imported from Divi Library, and a layout with et_theme_builder context should be imported from Theme Builder.

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12 thoughts on “How to Fix the “This file should not be imported in this context” in Divi Builder”

  1. Thank you so much for this article! I spent two days in conversations with the Divi Support getting nowhere until I found it. In just a few simple lines you’ve explained it perfectly!

  2. Hello!! Im getting this error even though I´m trying to upload it in the correct context (I´ve tried the 3 of them anyway) any other ideas?

  3. et-builder-layout,
    I tried to import file in divi layout but i got this error ” THIS FILE SHOULD NOT BE IMPORTED IN THIS CONTEXT ” how to resolve this

  4. Still not working for me. The Json file reads et_theme_builder and I am using the Theme builder to import it, but still receive the same error. Any extra thoughts would be great, thanks.

  5. Hi, I have the same problem and just realize that my JSON file does not specify a context, I mean it doesn’t say from where it was exported, should I edit the JSON file and add a context or what can I do?


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