How to Fix JetThemeCore Not Working in Elementor

Your JetThemeCore not working properly? Don’t get mad so quickly. This post will show you how to fix the issue.

JetThemeCore itself is an Elementor add-on from Crocoblock that is designed specifically at adding theme builder functionality to your Elementor-powered WordPress site. You can use it to create custom templates for footer, header, single post, archive pages, and so on just like the theme builder feature of Elementor Pro (read: Elementor Pro vs Crocoblock). You can create a new custom template by going to Crocoblock -> Theme Builder on your WordPress dashboard. From here, you can also see the existing templates you have created before, as well as their status (active or not).

If you have created a certain custom template using JetThemeCore (e.g., the custom header template) and it doesn’t appear on the front-end while you are pretty sure the status is active, you can check the following things.

Check the Elementor Pro Status

One of the issues with JetThemeCore is the incompatibility with Elementor Pro theme builder. If you have created a custom template using JetThemeCore while you have Elementor Pro activeon your site, chances are the template won’t appear on the front-end. To fix this issue, you can go to Crocoblock -> JetPlugins Settings on your WordPress dashboard. Open JetThemeCore block and click General Settings. On the Location relations, set to Jet Override and switch the Prevent Pro locations registration toggle on.

If still not working, you can try to temporarily disable Elementor Pro to make sure if the issue is the incompatibility with Elementor Pro.

Try to Use Kava Theme

JetThemeCore (and other JetPlugins members) are not designed specifically for a certain theme. Meaning that you can use it on any WordPress theme. But for some reasons, you might find that JetPlugins (including JetThemeCore) not working well with your current theme. If this is the case, you can try to install Kava Theme. Kava itself is a WordPress theme developed by Crocoblock. It is one of the recommended themes for Elementor, especially if you use JetPlugins.

To install Kava theme, go to Crocoblock -> JetPlugins Settings on your WordPress dashboard. On the JetThemeCore block, click Kava Theme and then click the Install link to install the Kava theme.

Activate the theme once installed.

Install JetThemeCore Compatibility Kit

If you use themes like Astra, OceanWP, and GeneratePress and want to retain one on your site while you want to use JetThemeCore, you can install JetThemeCore Compatibility Kit. It is a plugin from Crocoblock to fix the JetThemeCore incompatibility issue with those themes. You can download it from the Crocoblock dashboard. So, login to Crocoblock dashboard using your account. Once logged in, scroll down to the Extras section. You can find the JetThemeCore Compatibility Kit plugin on the Plugins block. Simply click the Download button to download it.

Install and activate the plugin once downloaded.

The Bottom Line

Don’t get frustrated if your JetThemeCore doesn’t work the way it should be. The issue basically lies on the compatibility. Nothing else. Depending on your case, you can try of the solutions we have just covered above. If you have Elementor Pro activated, you can try to temporarily disable it to find the issue. If you use a theme other than Kava, you can try to install and activate the Install JetThemeCore Compatibility Kit plugin.

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