How to Fix Form Fields Not Showing Up in Divi Email Optin Module

Divi Builder comes with a native module called Email Optin, which is aimed at creating an email subscription form. The module supports integration with prominent email marketing plugins and services such as MailPoet, MailetLite, and so on. With the module, you can create a stylish email subscription form be it on a page or custom template (e.g., custom single post template). But what if the form fields not showing up after you publish your page/custom template.

Don’t be panic. It is not a bug or a significant issue. Here is how fix it.

The Email Optin module is a module designed to create email subscription form. When creating an email subscription form, you need to add the email field (required). Other fields (such as first name and last name) are optional. In order to make the fields to show up after you publish the page/custom template, you need to connect the form with an email marketing plugin or service. Without an email marketing service, there is no way for Divi Builder to know what form fields are needed so it will ignore the fields on the front end.

So, the solution to fix the issue is simply connect the form with the email marketing or plugin you use.

How to Connect the Email Optin Module with an Email Marketing Service or Plugin

Commonly, most email marketing services require you to enter an API key and username to connect your account with a form builder plugin in WordPress. We already have a post that covers how to integrate Mailchimp with Divi Builder in case you use Mailchimp.

In this post, we will show you how to connect Email Optin module with MailPoet.

First thing first, make sure you have installed and activated the MailPoet plugin on your WordPress dashboard. Once you are ready, edit the Email Optin module on your page/custom template. On the settings panel, open the Email Account block.

Select MailPoet on the Service Provider dropdown and click the ADD button.

Next, enter the email address associated with your MailPoet account on the Account Name field and then click the SUBMIT button.

If the connection is successful, you can select a list on your MailPoet account as shown on the following screenshot.

The Bottom Line

Email Optin is a Divi module that you can use to create an email subscription form on your Divi page or custom template. You can create a stylish email subscription form and connect with plugins and services like MailPoet, MailetLite, and Mailchimp. If you find the form fields not showing after the page is published, you can try the solution we have just covered above.

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