How to Fix Autoplay Video Not Working in Elementor

When adding a video to a design in Elementor using the Video widget, you can set the video to play itself once the page is loaded. The autoplay feature applies to all video sources. Be it YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or self-hosted.

The most common issue when setting an autoplay video in Elementor is the video doesn’t automatically play once the page where the video belongs to is completely loaded.

Fixing Autoplay Video Not Working in Elementor

The first solution, disable the Image Overlay option. This feature (Image Overlay) allows you to use a custom thumbnail for your video. However, it will override autoplay. Your video won’t autoplay if the Image Overlay option is enabled.

Disabling Image Overlay on Elementor Video widget.

The second solution, enable the Mute option. Some web browsers, including Google Chrome, only support autoplay video if the audio is muted. Even if your video contains no audio, you keep needing to enable the Mute option to make it autoplay on Google Chrome and some browsers.

Enabling the Mute option on the Elementor Video widget.

You can read this documentation to learn more about the autoplay policy of Google Chrome.

If the two solutions above don’t fix the issue, you can try to use a different widget to add the video. You need to install an add-on to do so. JetElements has a widget — called Video Player — that you can use to add a video. Just like Elementor’s native Video widget.

The Video Player of JetElements also supports the autoplay option. You can even select whether you want to use HTML5 or MediaElement Player for self-hosted video.

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16 thoughts on “How to Fix Autoplay Video Not Working in Elementor”

  1. I’m using a Vimeo link on the home page, but I’m getting a black screen before the video loads and it takes a few seconds to start. How can I prevent this issue?

  2. I figured out I had to host the video on my server. I tried to host it on youtube and vimeo. Only worked when the video was locally hosted.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this. My videos were just animations and in gif format, the quality was bad. I attempted to self-host and realize one video wasn’t playing despite none of the animations having sounds. This fix seemed to have done the job.

  4. This fix worked for me, except that now a “pause” button appears in the center of the image as the video plays and loops. How do I turn that off? (This is a Vimeo hosted video.)

  5. This was really helpful – after all my stressing out it was the mute. THE MUTE mind you. I muted the video and the browsers love me again.


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