How to Add a Facebook Messenger Button in Elementor

Facebook Messenger or simply Messenger is a messaging app from the social media network giant Facebook. Although not as popular as WhatsApp, Messenger also has a massive enough number of users. Some business owners use Messenger as their communication tool. If you use it too and you have a website built with Elementor, you can add a Messenger button to make it easier for your aspiring clients to reach you out.

The pro version of Elementor comes with a dynamic link feature. In addition to allowing to add a dynamic internal link, the feature also allows you to add an actionable link that connect with a third-party service. One of which, you can add a link that direct your visitors to Messenger app. This feature is useful to create a landing page whereby you can add a call-to-action button to open Messenger app, be it on web or mobile device.

How to Add a Facebook Messenger Button in Elementor

Before getting started, make sure you have upgraded your Elementor to the pro version as dynamic link is only available on Elementor Pro. New to Elementor? We have a separate article that covers how to use Elementor. You can read to learn more.

Once you are ready, add the Button widget to the canvas area of the Elementor editor.

Once the Button widget is added, go to the settings panel on the left side. Click the dynamic icon on the Link field on the Button block under the Content tab. Select Contact URL.

Click the wrench icon on the Contact URL field and select Messenger on the Type option. Paste your Messenger/Facebook username on the Username field.

That’s it.

You can customize the button accordingly to make it more compelling.

In addition to the Button widget, you can also add a dynamic link to the Text widget, Image widget, Icon widget, and so on.

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