How to Export and Import Elementor Templates

There are two ways to create a web page in Elementor. First, you can create a page from scratch. Alternatively, you can create a page from a template. The second option allows you to create a beautiful web page in minutes. It is also a great option if you have no idea about the concept of the page you will create. Elementor itself offers tens of premade templates you can choose from the template library. Or, you can also use a template from third-party creators.

While you can use an Elementor template created by third-party creators or the ones from the Elementor team, you can also share the templates you have created. Elementor allows you to store your templates into an external file in the JSON format. You can either export a page template or block template.

How to create and export an Elementor template

To start creating an Elementor template, create a new page/post and edit it with Elementor by clicking the Edit with Elementor button above the WordPress editor.

You will be taken to the Elementor editor. Please create your template. Once you are done, click the tiny arrow icon next to the PUBLISH button on the bottom side of the left panel and select Save as Template.

A pop-up will appear, asking you to enter your template name. Simply enter your preferred name and click the SAVE button.

On the next step, find the template you have just created. Once found, click the three-dot button on the right-most side and select Export.

Your template will be exported to the local storage of your computer. If you don’t change the default download location of your web browser, you can find it on the Downloads folder on your computer.

Alternatively, you can also export your template from the Elementor template manager. To do, go to Templates -> Saved Templates.

Hover your mouse over the template you want to export and click Export.

How to import an Elementor template

As mentioned earlier above, you can export your Elementor templates into a JSON file.

To import a JSON file of Elementor template, go to Templates -> Saved Templates.

Click the Import Templates button, followed by Choose File and select the JSON file you want to import. Click the Import Now button to start the import.

Once your template is imported, it will be available on the Saved Templates tab of the Elementor template manager. To use it, simply hover your mouse and click Edit with Elementor.

Alternatively, you also import your template by clicking the folder icon on the Elementor editor.

Click the arrow icon on the template library header to select a JSON file from your computer.

Final words

Not only you can import an Elementor template individually per file. You can also import multiple templates at once. To import multiple templates, you can create a ZIP file of the template files you want to import. You can use the same method we have covered above to import a set of Elementor templates from a ZIP file.

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