Essential Addons vs JetElements: The Comparison of Two Popular Elementor Add-ons

The free version of Elementor provides about 30 widgets. There are two options you can opt to if you need more widgets. First, you can upgrade to Elementor Pro, which provides more than 60 extra widgets. Alternatively, you can install an add-on. Commonly, an Elementor add-on adds extra widgets, which can enrich your experience in using Elementor.

There are a bunch of Elementor add-ons out there. Be it free or paid. We have compiled some of the most-popular premium Elementor add-ons in case you need a reference. In this post, we will compare two of them: Essential Addons and JetElements.

Both Essential Addons and JetElements offer extra widgets to your Elementor. Essential Addons comes with extra 59 widgets, while JetElements comes with extra 34 widgets.


Widgets are the most crucial thing you need to notice when you want to install an Elementor add-on. With the unique widgets, you can add unique content and features to your page. Basically, some widgets offered by either Essential Addons and JetElements are already available on Elementor. For instance, Essential Addons comes with an EA Flip Box widget while JetElements comes with an Animated Box widget, respectively. Both widgets have the same functionality as Elementor’s native Flip Box widget.

Some widgets are not available on Elementor, though. Both Essential Addons and JetElements have a widget that allows you to display your Instagram feed to the page you are working on. The same widget is not available natively on Elementor. Essential Addons and JetElements also have a widget to add an image comparison to your page, which is not available on Elementor.

Here are the details of the widgets offered by Essential Addons and JetElements.

  • Essential Addons

EA Advanced AccordionEA Flip BoxEA Post Carousel
EA Google MapEA Flip CarouselEA Post Grid
EA Advanced TabsEA Fluent FormEA Smart Post List
EA Advanced MenuEA Gravity FormsEA Post Timeline
EA Caldera FormsEA Image AccordionEA Price Menu
EA Call to ActionEA Image HotspotsEA Pricing Table
EA Contact From 7EA Image ScrollerEA Progress Bar
EA Content TickerEA Image ComparisonEA Protected Content
EA Content TimelineEA Info BoxEA Static Product
EA CountdownEA Instagram FeedEA Team Member Carousel
EA CounterEA Interactive CardEA Team Member
EA Creative ButtonEA Interactive PromoEA Testimonial Slider
EA Data TableEA LearnDash Course ListEA Testimonial
EA DividerEA Lightbox & ModalEA Toggle
EA Dual Color HeadingEA Logo CarouselEA Tooltip
EA Dynamic GalleryEA MailchimpEA Twitter Feed
EA Facebook FeedEA Ninja FormsEA Twitter Carousel
EA Fancy TextEA OffcanvasEA WeForm
EA Feature ListEA One Page NavigationEA WPForms
EA Filterable GalleryEA Post Block

  • JetElements

Advanced CarouselHeadlineScroll Navigation
Advanced MapHorizontal TimelineService
Animated BoxImage ComparisonSlider
Animated TextImage LayoutSubscribe
Audio PlayerInline SVGTable
BannerInstagramTeam Member
Logo ShowcasePie ChartTestimonials
ButtonPortfolioVertical Timeline
Circle ProgressPostsVideo Player
Countdown TimerPrice ListWeather
Download ButtonPricing Table
DropbarProgress Bar

As you can see, Essential Addons has more widgets than JetElements. However, it also has a more expensive price. Both Essential Addons and JetElements offer a demo for each widget they offer, showing you how a widget is supposed to used to.

Features and integration

More widgets allow you to implement all of the web design ideas on your mind with Elementor. However, having more widgets is not always delighting. Especially if you use Elementor Pro. You will have too many widgets to choose from (more than 100), making your Elementor editor heavier to load.

As we mentioned earlier, some widgets offered by Essential Addons and JetElements are basically already available on Elementor (pro version in particular) although they might offer different setting options to Elementor’s native widgets. If you find the Elementor’s native widgets are better than the widgets offered by Essential Addons or JetElements (with the similar functionalities), you can disable the widgets of Essential Addons and JetElements.

Both Essential Addons and JetElements allow you to disable the widgets you don’t need.

Both Essential Addons and JetElements also offer extensions. An extension adds an extra setting to Elementor. For instance, if you enable the Parallax extension, you will have an option to enable the Parallax effect to a section in Elementor.

Essential Addons offers 6 extensions, while JetElements offers only one extension (Parallax). The extensions offered by Essential Addons are:

  • Parallax
  • Advanced Tooltip
  • Reading Progress bar
  • Particles
  • Content Protection
  • Duplicator

At the time of writing (December 17, 2019), Essential Addons doesn’t offer templates, while JetElements does. JetElements offers about 9 page templates and tens of section templates.

# Integrations

Integrations allow you to connect your Elementor with third-party services and tools. Here are the third-party services/tools you can integrate Essential Addons/JetElements with:

Essential AddonsJetElements

Pricing and support

There is a fundamental difference between Essential Addons and JetElements. Essential Addons is released as a freemium add-on. The lite version of this add-on (the free version) is available on the official plugin directory of WordPress. Meanwhile, JetElements is released as a fully paid add-on. There is no free version offered by this add-on.

The pro version of Essential Addons costs $29.97 per year for a single site, while JetElements costs $17 per year for a single site. Both Essential Addons and JetElements also offer a one-time purchase option in case you hate the subscription business model. The amount you need to spend to get the lifetime license of JetElements is a bit painful, though. You need to spend $499 (this price includes all add-ons developed by Crocoblock, including JetMenu, JetBlog, JetTricks, JetTabs, and so on).

On the other hand, you only need to pay $199.97 to get the lifetime license of Essential Addons. This license also allows you to use Essential Addons on as many websites as you want.

Both Essential Addons and JetElements offer free updates during the active year of the license.

The verdict

Both Essential Addons and JetElements are two of the popular Elementor add-ons. They add extra widgets to your Elementor. Essential Addons comes with 59 widgets. More than JetElements which has 34 widgets. Essential Addons — which is developed by — has unique widgets like EA Protected Content to allow you to password-protect your content. There are also Post Grid, Post Timeline, Post Block, Smart Post Lit, and Post Carousel widgets to display your posts in unique, creative ways.

JetElements — which is developed by Crocoblock — also has unique widgets, with unique settings. However, you are required to install other add-ons developed by Crocoblock to get the most of it, especially if you want to create a website like an online magazine or e-commerce. JetElements has only a single widget (Posts) to display your posts. It has no widget to display your products if you use WooCommerse, while Essential Addons has ones.

If you find JetElements is better suited to your needs and want to install other add-ons developed by Crocoblock, there is a better alternative you can opt to: Monstroid2. Monstroid2 is a WordPress theme that is bundled with all add-ons developed by Crocoblock. You can get this theme — as well as the bundled add-ons — with a one-time purchase option.

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