How to Enable Remote Access in Divi

Updated: October 7, 2022

Elegant Themes, the developer of Divi theme, is a WordPress product developer company that has excellent support. It offers several ways to reach out to the support team, including live chat. If your problem still not fixed after having a long chat with the technical support team, the last option you can try is to enable the Remote Access feature. This feature will allow the technical support of Elegant Themes to access your site dashboard remotely with the aim of fixing the issues you are currently facing.

How to enable Remote Access in Divi?

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Divi -> Support Center. Scroll down to the Elegant Themes Support section and toggle the Remote Access option. By doing this, the technical support team of Elegant Themes will be able to access your site dashboard. If you want to, you can also enable the Activate Full Admin Privileges option to grant full administration access to the technical support team.

Remote Access will be automatically disabled in 4 days. Or, if the issues have been fixed in less than 4 days, you can also disable it yourself manually. Remote Access itself is not only available on Divi theme, but also Extra theme (another WordPress theme developed by Elegant Themes).

One crucial thing to note. Since you will grant access your site dashboard to a third-party, make sure to enable Remove Access only if you are requested by the technical support team and think you can’t fix the issues yourself.

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