How to Enable Breadcrumbs on Monstroid2

Many believe that breadcrumbs have a good impact in search engine optimization. That is why most WordPress SEO plugins have an option to enable breadcrumbs. Some popular WordPress themes, such as Newspaper and Monstroid2, also have an option to enable breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs allow your visitor to better understand the URL structure on your website. By seeing the breadcrumb of the page they are reading, they can understand whether the current page has a parent category or parent page.

Example of a breadcrumb on Newspaper theme
Example of a breadcrumb

How to enable breadcrumbs on Monstroid2

The Monstroid2 theme has an option to add breadcrumbs blog posts, but it is not enabled by default. You can enable the breadcrumbs via the WordPress theme customizer. Go to Appearance -> Customize to open the WordPress theme customizer and open the General Site settings option.

Next, select Breadcrumbs and tick the Enable Breadcrumbs option to enable the breadcrumbs. On the Show full/minified path section, you can choose whether you want to display the full path of each page (on the breadcrumb) or the minified path.

The Enable Breadcrumbs option will enable the breadcrumbs on the blog posts on your website. If you want the breadcrumbs to show up on the front page as well, you can select the Enable Breadcrumbs on front page option.

By default, breadcrumbs are displayed with the global font settings on your site. If you want to use the different font settings for the breadcrumbs — such as the font family, font size, and font style — return to the main page of the WordPress theme customizer and select Typography.

Next, open the Breadcrumbs option. As you can see, there are options to set the font family, font size, font style, font weight, and so on.

Don’t forget to click the Publish button to apply the changes you have made.

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