4 Email Marketing Plugins You Can Use via WordPress Dashboard

Most WordPress page builder plugins, including Elementor and Divi Builder, come with a default feature that allows you to integrate an email marketing service with your WordPress site. However, it only allows you to create an email subscription form to collect subscribers. The overall email marketing process — such as managing the subscribers, sending newsletters, monitoring, and so on — is keep performed via the dashboard of the email marketing service you use instead of the WordPress dashboard. If you are looking for an email marketing plugin that you can use via the WordPress dashboard, we have collected the best plugins.

A good email marketing plugin should consist of at least the following components:

  • Mail delivery (SMTP).
  • Subscriber manager.
  • Analytics.
  • Email composer where you can create a new campaign.

Top 4 All-in-one Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Here are our recommendations for email marketing plugins that you can use directly from the WordPress dashboard.

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an email marketing service much like Mailchimp and MailerLite. Sendinblue is especially great service for WordPress users as it comes with a plugin that allows you to run the whole email marketing process via your WordPress dashboard. No need to back and forth between the WordPress tab and Sendinblue tab in the web browser. The Sendinblue WordPress plugin allows you to:

  • Manage email subscription forms.
  • Manage subscribers.
  • Create new campaigns.
  • Monitor the campaigns.

Again, you can do the marketing activities above via your WordPress dashboard. You just need to connect your Sendinblue account with your WordPress site via an API key. Sendinblue has a default SMTP so you don’t need to use an external mail delivery service to send emails.

The Sendinblue plugin is free while the Sendinblue service itself is freemium. The free version of Sendinblue allows you to send a maximum of 300 emails per day. You can collect as many email subscribers as you want.

2. MailPoet

MailPoet is an email marketing plugin developed specifically for WordPress. It comes with a lot of features just like popular email marketing services out there, but WordPress-only. It comes with a drag-and-drop email composer to make it easy for you to create a professional email newsletter or certain campaigns. There are also premade email templates you can choose from to save you time in creating the email content. Same as Sendinblue, the MailPloet plugin can be downloaded for free, while the service itself is freemium.

MailPoet allows you to run the following campaigns right from your WordPress dashboard:

  • Send newsletters.
  • Automatically send an email to a new subscriber.
  • Automatically send an email to subscribers about new content.
  • Automatically send an email notification for new product availability (for WooCommerce).

MailPoet has a default email delivery service, but you can also use your own SMTP service if you have one.

3. weMail

weMail is an email marketing plugin developed by weDevs, the same developer that develops the Happy Addons, a premium Elementor for Elementor. It is also developed specifically for WordPress like MailPoet. weMail is especially a great option if you are looking for an email marketing plugin that supports collaboration. You can use this plugin to manage email campaigns with your marketing team. weMail also comes with a drag-and-drop and email composer to ease your job in creating email content. weMail comes with robust analytics feature that allows you to easily see the number of opens, clicks, and bounces of your emails. You can also integrate it with Google Analytics.

weMail allows you to use Amazon SES, SparkPost, and Mailgun as the SMTP service. You can also use Gmail or your own STMP server if you have one. It also supports integration with popular form builder plugins such as WPForms, weForms, and Gravity Forms. weMail is also a freemium service.

4. Newsletter

Newsletter is another email marketing plugin that is developed specifically for WordPress. The features offered by this plugin are not much different from the 3 first plugins above in which you can create an email campaign using its drag and drop composer. The Newsletter’s email composer allows you to add elements such as a call to action, image, heading, separator, blog posts, header, footer, and so on. Newsletter also comes with great analytics feature that lets you know the mail opens and total sent.

At the time of writing, Newsletter has no built-in email delivery service. You can use Sendinblue, Mailjet, Mailgun or Amazon SES to add an email delivery function to this plugin.

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