8 Best Wedding Elementor Template Kits

Do you have a new project to create a wedding invitation site for your client? Elementor has all the elements you need to be added to your site’s pages. From a form to create the RSVP form, image gallery, countdown counter, to map. Elementor even offers a pre-made wedding template which you can find on Kit Library (you can go to Templates -> Kit Library to access it). Looking for more options of wedding templates? We have curated the best ones for you.

When creating a website using Elementor, you can install an add-on to add a certain element which is not available in Elementor by default. JetElements and Happy Addons are two of the best Elementor add-ons we recommend.

The two allow you to add elements like Instagram feed and timeline, which are great when it comes to wedding site. If you don’t need these elements, then Elementor alone is enough to create a wedding website. By the way, if you need image samples for your projects, you can go to sites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay.

Best Wedding Elementor Template Kits

1. Robbie & Magie

Robbie & Magie is an Elementor template that has a light nuance. It uses white as the main color, combined with a soft brown. The zoom-in animation effect on the hero section of the homepage makes the template kit looks appealing and alive. Speaking of homepage, Robbie & Magie offers two homepage templates you can choose from.

In total, there are 14 templates included on the template kit. In addition to pages, you will also get custom templates for header, footer, and single post. Robbie & Magie comes with features like countdown counter, image gallery, Google Maps, and RSVP form. It requires the ElementsKit Lite to work. You can get it (ElementsKit Lite) on the WordPress plugin directory.

2. Kirana

Same as Robbie & Magie above, Kirana also offers a clean design in which it uses white as the base color, combined with soft brown and blue. The features added to the template kit are pretty similar to Robbie & Magie. It comes with a RSVP form, image gallery, and countdown counter.

Another worth-mentioning feature is timeline story to tell the journey of the couples before they get married. A notable element of template kit are the images, which have a cute frame. The Kirana template kit include 10 pre-made templates, including two homepage templates you can choose from.

3. Weddon

Creating a one-page website might is an interesting idea for your wedding site project. If you agree, then Weddon is a great Elementor template kit to help your project get done more quickly. To make it easier for the visitors to jump between sections on the site, Weddon also offers a one-page navigation menu.

Not just one, the template kit offers four homepage layouts you can choose from. Two of the homepage templates offered by Weddon have a video background on the hero section. Weddon includes five invitation card templates to choose from. Furthermore, the template kit also offers a form to make sure your visitors get a seat on the wedding event.

4. Lovedy

Lovedy is another Elementor template kit designed specifically for wedding site. The template kit has a very clean nuance. It comes with elements like reservation form, Google Maps, countdown timer, masonry gallery page, and so on.

There are 10 templates included in the bundle, including custom templates for theme parts (single post and 404 page). The bundle doesn’t include custom templates for header and footer.

5. Kunikaa

If you are an AGENCY plan owner of Elementor Pro and in the process of creating a wedding website for your client, Kunikaa might is the template kit you are looking for. The template kit is created using Elementor (Free and Pro) only so that you don’t need to install and extra add-on to import it.

The template kit itself offers three homepage templates you can choose from, as well as two story page templates. The story page is dedicated to creating a page about the story of the couples prior to marriage. Kunikaa offers no custom templates for header and footer. It offers page templates only.

6. Brandon & Clara

Brandon & Clara is another great template kit if you want to use Elementor only to create a wedding website. The template kit uses no third-party Elementor add-on so that you can import it without needing to install an add-on to make all elements work. The template kit itself includes only page templates. It offers no custom templates for theme parts like header and footer. You have two homepage templates to choose from.

One homepage template has a transparent header while the other one has a white header. The RSVP button on the header makes it easier for aspiring wedding guests to jump to the RSVP form. In addition to RSVP form, the template kit also offers necessary elements for the wedding party such as Google Maps, countdown counter, image gallery, and story page (you have two story page templates to choose from). All these elements are created using the native Elementor widgets.

7. Karin

Karin offers 10 pre-made templates you can import to your Elementor-powered WordPress site. The template kit has a clean, elegant design to create a wedding website. The 10 page templates included in the template kit are two homepage templates, a story page, a gallery page, a blog page, a contact page, a bridesmaids & groomsmen page, an RSVP page, and an event page.

In addition to these page templates, Karin also offers custom templates for the header, footer, single post, archive pages, and 404 page. All elements on the templates are created using the native Elementor widget so that you don’t need to install an extra add-on.

The Bottom Line

Elementor is a multipurpose page builder plugin whereby you can use it create any website type. Creating a wedding website is not a big deal in Elementor. It has widgets to add the necessary elements to the wedding site you are working on. Such as the Form widget to create the RSVP form, the Gallery widget to create an image gallery, the Google Maps widget to add the map to the wedding venue, and so on. The Theme Builder feature (if you use Elementor Pro) makes it possible for you to create a custom header and custom footer of your website as well.

The best part is that you can start your project from an Elementor template kit. There are a bunch of template kits designed specifically for wedding site, including the ones offered by Elementor which you can access on the Kit Library. The curated template kits above are great to get your project done quickly, without scarifying the design quality.

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