10 Best Travel Agency Elementor Template Kits

When creating a website using Elementor, you can use template kit to streamline your workflow. You don’t need to be hassle thinking of the design concept. You just need to import a template kit you like and then replace the default content.

When it comes to travel agency, you might want your website to have the ability to add a travel package, which is different from regular pages and blog posts. In such as a case, you can create a custom post type and dedicate it to travel packages (you can use plugins like Pods and ACF to do so).

You can then use Elementor theme builder to create a custom template for the custom template you created. Some template kits below come with custom template for custom post type (travel package in this case).

Elementor itself comes with the following features that you might need when creating your travel agency website.

  • Form builder. You can use it to create a booking form
  • Pricing table. You can use to create a pricing table for your travel packages
  • Image gallery
  • Image slider
  • And more

Here is the list of the curated Elementor template kits that you can use to create your travel agency website.

Best Travel Agency Elementor Template Kits

1. Journez

Journez is an Elementor template kit from Crocoblock. To use it, you need to have an All-Inclusive plan of Crocoblock. In addition to the Journez, you will also have access to over 50 other template kits offered by Crocoblock. Journey is created using JetPlugins, a set of Elementor add-ons developed by Crocoblock.

It consists of main page templates like the homepage, tours page, services page, and so on. You also have a custom template for individual tours (travel packages).

If you want it, you can also add a booking functionality using JetBooking. The Journez template offers only a contact form to allow your visitors to make a booking.

2. TourDaily

Templately is one of the WordPress plugins we recommend if you are an agency. It is a cloud-based plugin that offers Elementor and Gutenberg templates. One of its template collections is TourDaily, which is designed to create a travel agency website.

The template kit is especially a great option if you use Essential Addons on your Elementor-powered WordPress site as it is created using Essential Addons+Elementor Pro. There are 6 main page templates offered by TourDaily. Some features offered by TourDaily are testimonial slider, dynamic gallery, and info box.

3. Travelry

Travelry is another template kit from Templately. So, before you can use it, you need to have the Templately plugin activated on your WordPress site. If you are looking for a template kit that offers a booking page — complete with the booking form, of course — then Travelry is for you. The template kit offers a booking page template, in which contains a booking form.

On the homepage of the template kit, there is a section to display WooCommerce products in case you want to sell travel gear other than trip packages. If you don’t need the section, you can simply remove it. The Travelry template kit itself offers only 3 page templates: the homepage, the about page, and the booking page. In addition, you will also have a custom template for header and footer.

4. Summer

Elementor has a plan aimed at agencies — the Agency plan. If you subscribed to this plan and have a project to create travel agency website for your client, then Summer is a great template kit for you. The template kit is created using Elementor Pro only. No need to install an additional Elementor add-on in order to make all templates work properly when you import them.

On the hero section of the homepage, you have a booking form to make it easier for your clients to make a booking. The form is created using the form builder of Elementor. Other sections on the homepage include destinations, animated stats (counters), popular destinations, tabbed gallery, latest articles, and so on.

The Summer template kit offers 20 templates in total. Also, you will have custom templates for header and footer. The template kit itself is available on ThemeForest. You can read our previous article to learn how to install a template kit from ThemeForest.

5. Sayahat

Want to create a website that has a minimalist nuance? If yes, then Sayahat is a template kit you can consider. The template kit uses a beige background on all its pages. You will have 16 templates to be imported, including a Shop page template to display WooCommerce products which you can import this page if you want to sell travel gears, other than trip packages. You also have a single product template to be imported.

Sahayat also offers a page that you can use to display your travel packages. Unfortunately, there is no booking form offered so that you need to create yourself if you need it.

6. Aracelia

Aracelia is another great template kit for Elementor Agancy plan subscribers with one main reason: it requires no additional Elementor add-ons. The template kit features a page template that you can use to create a pricing table for your travel packages.

There are 10 page templates offered by Aracelia in total. Plus, you will have custom templates for header and footer to be imported as well.

7. Tatra

Tatra offers three homepage layouts you can choose from. One of which is the one you see on the screenshot above, which features a contact form. You can modify the form to be a booking form if you want it. Other page templates offered by Tatra include about page, contact page, blog page, FAQ page, and travel package page.

8. Touraza

If you are looking for a template kit that offers a listing page template, then Touraza is the item you can consider. In addition, the template kit also offers a custom template for the individual listing items. Unfortunately, there is no call-to-action element on the listing items. You can add one if needed. You can, for instance, add a button which open a booking form popup when clicked.

In total, the Tourraza template kit offers 11 page templates you can import. Also, it offers custom templates for the header and footer.

9. Private Tours

Private Tours is a template kit offered by Elementor itself. You can find this template kit on Kit Library (Templates -> Kit Library). Private Tours is another suitable template kit if you want your website to have a listing page as it offers a tour listing page. Also, the template kit offers a custom template for individual tours.

There are 15 templates offered by Private Tours in total. In addition to custom templates, it also offers custom templates for the header and footer, popup template for the menu, and a popup template for the discount offer. The homepage of the Private Tours features a booking form in case it is something you need.

10. Hiking Tours Company

Hiking Tours Company is a perfect template kit if your travel agency (or your client) specifically serves hiking trip. The template kit has a great design, with a sticky header for easier navigation. The template kit comes with a listing page that displays the hiking trip plans.

There are 6 page templates offered by the Hiking Tours Company template kit in total. In addition, you will also get a custom template for the header, footer, email opt-in popup, and 404 page.

The Bottom Line

Elementor has the capability to create any type of website, including a travel agency website. Elementor also allows you to work more efficiently using a template kit. With a template, everything has been predefined. From typography, color, page layout, and so on.

You just need to tailor the content and make little changes when needed. The template kits we mentioned above are great options if you are looking to create a travel agency website. Whether for you own business or your client’s.

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