Elementor Template Kit: How to Install and Where to Download

The first edition of template kit was introduced by Elementor back in August 2019. The aim was nothing but to shorten your workflow in creating a website with Elementor. As time goes, the collections of Elementor template library are getting more massive as Elementor releases a new template kit on a weekly basis. Recently, Elementor introduced a new feature to make your site creation process even faster. The feature is Kit Library.

Kit Library is a feature where you can discover, preview, and install a template kit. Think of it as an Elementor template library but specialized for template kits. On Kit Library, you can find a template kit that fits your website project and install it with only three clicks. You read it right. You can install a template kit with only three clicks and Elementor will do the rest. In a matter of minutes (or seconds), you will have a full-featured website.

How to Install a Template Kit in Elementor

Before the Kit Library feature was released, you could install a template kit by importing each template of the kit via Elementor template library. You need to import each template one by one. If the kit consists of 6 templates (e.g., homepage, about page, contact page, 404 page, header, footer), you need to import the templates six times. With Kit Library, you can import all of the templates on a kit with a few clicks.

The Kit Library feature itself started available on Elementor 3.3. So, make sure you have updated your Elementor to version 3.3 to use the feature. Once you are ready, go to Templates -> Kit Library on your WordPress dashboard to access the Kit Library feature.

Search for a template kit you like. You can use the left panel to filter the template kits by category and tag. On the upper-right side, you can also filter the template kits by popularity and release date. There is also a search bar you can use to find a template kit. You can click a template kit to preview it.

When previewing a template kit, you will see an Apply Kit button on the top-right corner. You can click the button to install the template kit. To see the templates lineup of the kit, you can click the Overview button.

On the next step, a dialog screen will appear asking you to select the components (templates, content, and site settings) you want to include. Select the components you want to include and click the Next button on the bottom-right corner.

On the next dialog screen, you will be asked which items (header, footer, and so on) you want to keep and apply. Select your choices and click the Next button on the bottom-right corner.

Wait a moment until Elementor is done importing the templates and set the things up.

Installing a Template Kit from a Third-Party Source

Template kits are not offered by Elementor alone. You can also get a template kit from sites like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster. When you download a template kit from these sites, you will get a ZIP file containing a set of templates. To install the template kit, you can go to the Kit Library page (Templates -> Kit Library). Click the arrow icon on the top bar.

Click the Select File button and select the ZIP file of the template you want to install. Elementor will automatically start the importing process once the file is selected. Wait a moment until the process is done.

Sites to Download Elementor Template Kits

As said above, Elementor is not the only party to provide template kits. You can get Elementor template kits on third-party sites as well. Some WordPress themes that use Elementor as its default page builder also offer template kits. Jupiter X is one of the examples.

Here are some websites you can refer to for downloading Elementor template kits.

1. ThemeForest

If you have been using WordPress for quite a while, then ThemeForest should not a strange name. It is the prominent website to get a paid WordPress theme. Popular paid themes like Newspaper and Avada are marketed via this website. If you use Elementor on your WordPress site, you can also get a template kit on ThemeForest. You can find a template kit in a wide range of categories. Before purchasing a template kit, you can preview it first.

To make it easier for you to install a template kit, ThemeForest offers a dedicated importer plugin. One thing. Some template kits might require an additional Elementor add-on. Read the requirements carefully before you buy one.

2. TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is another popular website to get WordPress themes and page builder templates, including Elementor. In TemplateMonster, you can also find Elementor template kits by categories. You can use the left panel to filter the template kits. Preview is also available before you buy a certain template kit on TemplateMonster.

When exploring Elementor template kits on TemplateMonster, you might find a template kit that require JetElements or other Elementor add-ons. Just make sure to read the requirements before you buy a template kit from TemplateMonster.

3. Creative Market

Creative Market is a website that sells design products. From templates, mockups, illustrations, fonts, and so on. It is owned by Dribble, a social media platform for designers. Creative Market can also be a solution to get an Elementor template kit for your project. Creative Market has no specific category yet for Elementor templates. You can use its search feature to find an Elementor template kit. Here is one of the examples of Elementor template kit available on Creative Market. Unlike ThemeForest and TemplateMonster, Creative Market has no feature to preview the Elementor template kits.

The Bottom Line

Elementor has helped much in creating a website thanks to its intuitive visual editor. Still, it wants to offer more useful features. Kit Library is another Elementor attempt to help its users getting a website done more quickly. You can use Kit Library to install an Elementor template kit. An Elementor template kit itself is a set of Elementor templates designed with the same design concept, with or without a design language. A template kit is designed specifically for a website type. You can use a template kit to get your project done more quickly. If none of template kit on Kit Library suits your needs, you can also download a template kit from sites as we have mentioned above.

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