6 Best Coffee Shop Elementor Template Kits

Do you have a coffee shop business and want to go online to reach more customers? If yes, then that’s a great idea. You already have social media to promote your coffee shop via the internet, but a website allows you to go beyond. Not only a website allows you to promote your business, but you can also directly sell your products. If you have limited resources and time, Elementor is a great tool to create your coffee shop website.

You don’t need to start everything from scratch. Instead, you can use a suited template kit. An Elementor template kit makes it possible for you to have a website in a matter of hours, as long as everything is ready (the necessary materials). We have curated the best Elementor template kits to create your coffee shop website.

When it comes to coffee shop, you might want your website has an e-commerce functionality whereby your customers are able to buy your products directly via your website. In the WordPress ecosystem, you have WooCommerce to add an e-commerce functionality. Elementor (the Pro version) comes with a WooCommerce builder to allow you to create custom templates for the shop page and single product page of your WooCommerce.

Without further ado, here is the list of the curated Elementor template kits for your coffee shop website.

Curated Elementor Template Kits for Coffee Shop

1. Online Coffee Shop

On the top of the list, we have Online Coffee Shop. It is an Elementor template kit from Elementor itself. You can access it via Kit Library (Templates -> Kit Library). Unlike most coffee shop websites which usually have a dark nuance, the Online Coffee Shop template kit has a brighter nuance. It uses a beige background (hex code: #F9F3EE).

One of the key points of the Online Coffee Shop is the selection of the font family which looks fit its concept. The template kit uses a free font named Lexend Peta. The font is available on Google Fonts.

There are 11 templates available in the Online Coffee Shop template kit in total. In addition to main page templates like homepage and contact page, other templates include a custom cart page and a custom checkout page for WooCommerce. There is also a template which you can use to create a profile page of your coffee shop.

2. Coffee Express

Coffee Express is a template kit from Templately. To use it, you need to install and activate the Templately plugin on your WordPress site. Unlike Online Coffee Shop above, the Coffee Express template offers no custom templates for WooCommerce.

The template kit is a good fit if you want to create a profile website for your coffee shop without needing to add an e-commerce functionality. There are 5 page templates available the template kit.

3. Coffegato

Coffegato is an Elementor template kit from Crocoblock, the developer of popular Elementor add-ons like JetElements, JetEngine, JetPopup, and more. Since it is designed by Crocoblock, the Coffegato template is created using the add-ons developed by Crocoblock as well.

The Coffegato template kit itself has one thing in common as Coffee Express above in which it tends to ideal to create the profile website for your coffee shop. It offers no custom templates for WooCommerce. Coffegato comes with a price list section to allow your aspiring clients to get to know the prices of your products.

4. Valensia

Valensia is a great option if you want to create a website for your coffee shop, while also add an e-commerce functionality. Before importing the template kit, you can install the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site to add the e-commerce functionality to your website. You can then import the custom WooCommerce templates offered by Valensia.

There are 4 custom templates dedicated to WooCommerce: the shop page, single product page, checkout page, and cart page. In addition, Valensia also comes with custom templates for your site header, footer, 404 page, and single post. You have 3 homepage templates to choose from.

As you can see on the screenshot above, the Valensia template kit has a dark nuance, which is widely adopted by coffee shop website referring the color of coffee. The Valensia template kit itself is available on ThemeForest. You need to install the Envato Elements plugin to import the plugin. You can read our previous article to learn how to install a template from ThemeForest.

5. Siena

Siena is not the option if you want to have a coffee shop website that has an e-commerce functionality as it offers no custom templates for WooCommerce. But if you want to create a coffee shop website that a beautiful design, it is the right option.

More specifically, Siena is the best option if you plan to create a website with an off-canvas menu. The designer of the template kit makes of the Elementor popup builder feature to create an off-canvas menu. There are 14 templates offered by the Siena template kit in total, including a custom template for header, footer, and footer.

6. Coffesse

Coffesse offers three homepage templates you can choose from. One of which is the one on the screenshot above, which has a green background to give a natural nuance. Green (hex code: #35916C) itself is one of the main colors used by the designer of the Coffesse template kit. You will see the green colors on some areas of your website when you use this template kit.

Along with the 3 homepage templates, there are 10 templates offered by Coffesee in total. Unfotunately, there are no custom templates for WooCommerce. Which means that Coffesse is not designed for WooCommerce-powered WordPress site.

The Bottom Line

Elementor is a great tool to create a beautiful website, but what if you have no web design background? No worries, there are a bunch of Elementor templates to start with. Elementor even offers template kits to streamline your workflow in creating a website. Template kits are available on Kit Library which you can access by going to Templates -> Kit Library on your WordPress dashboard.

Alternatively, you can go to sites like ThemeForest and Templately to get an Elementor template that fits your website project. The Elementor template kits we have mentioned in the list above are great to create a coffee shop website. Whether for your client’s website or your own website.

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