8 Best Elementor Pro Alternatives

Despite its popularity, using an Elementor alternative could be a reasonable move for agency or freelancer who want to save yearly expense. Sometimes, it is better to spend more budget upfront instead of paying yearly subscription fee.

Elementor, as you know, doesn’t accept a one-time purchase option like, for instance, Divi. Plus, its new tiered pricing plans are a bit painful for individuals managing a single website. Its lowest plan doesn’t allow you to unlock popup builder and email marketing software integration.

Regardless of your reason, if plan to switch away from Elementor for your next projects, we have crafted a list of the best Elementor alternatives. More precisely, alternatives to its pro version.

What to Look for When Finding an Elementor Alternative

Whether you like it or not, you need to accept that Elementor is the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress. According to a stat on BuiltWith, there are over 14 million websites using the plugin. No other plugins are even close to this number. Still, Elementor is not the only page builder plugin out there.

If, for certain reasons, you want to use another alternative, you need to at least ask the following questions:

  • Is it compatible with the theme you use?
  • Does it have all the features that Elementor has?
  • Does it support plugins/add-ons?
  • What about the support?
  • What kind of website you want to create with it?
  • Does it support integration with the services you use?
  • Is the pricing suits your budget?

Once you got all the answers, you can proceed with the next step. If it is possible, never miss the chance to try the free version of the plugin you want to use.

Elementor Pro Alternatives

We have some friends that have or work for agencies, in which their job is to create websites for clients, using WordPress. Most of them use a page builder to get a project done. One thing they have in common.

They are likely to prefer to spend a large capital upfront by buying a page builder plugin with a one-time purchase option instead of paying a yearly subscription fee. The reason is quite reasonable. They don’t want to spend another yearly budget (they already do on web hosting and domain).

If are an agency and want to build unlimited websites at lower cost, then the following page builders are great to replace Elementor.

1. Divi Builder

Divi Builder Screenshot

Same as Elementor, you can also use Divi Builder on any WordPress theme although it would be better to use it on the Divi theme. Divi Builder itself is available in two versions: a standalone plugin (which you can use on any theme) and the built-in feature of the Divi theme and the Extra theme.

If you prefer to use Divi Builder on the Divi theme or the Extra theme, you don’t need to install the Divi Builder plugin anymore as it is an integral part of those themes. The Divi theme, Extra theme, and Divi Builder are developed by Elegant Themes, along with two other plugins: Monarch and Bloom.

How good is Divi Builder at replacing Elementor?

Overall, the features offered by Divi Builder are not much different from Elementor. However, you might need to make an adaptation as its editor interface is quite different from Elementor. The biggest difference between Elementor and Divi Builder is that Divi Builder comes with way fewer design elements (called modules).

There are only 38 modules offered by Divi Builder (outside WooCommerce modules). If you need more modules, you can install extensions. Elegant Themes provides an official marketplace where you can find the extensions you need.

Divi Builder is a paid plugin. You can visit this page to try the experience of creating a page using Divi Builder.

Divi Builder comes with the following key features:

  • Theme Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Advanced Gradient Builder
  • Premade Templates
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Custom CSS
  • Global Colors
  • Advanced Hover Effects
  • Custom Fonts
  • Dynamic Content (including custom fields)
  • Divi Cloud

Elegant Themes offers two plans in which each plan allows you to use Divi Builder on as many websites as you want. The first plan requires you to pay a yearly subscription ($89 per year) while the other one is a one-time purchase ($249).

2. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Editor Interface Screenshot

Beaver Builder is a long player in the page builder plugin segment. The plugin targets WordPress agencies and freelance website developers. You will find no pricing plan for a single website like Elementor. All pricing plans offered by Beaver Builder allow you to install the plugin on unlimited websites. The features you will get depend on the plan you choose.

With the cheapest plan, you only get the page builder feature — along with the pro modules. Features like theme builder and white label are only available on the higher plans.

The features offered by Beaver Builder are reliable enough to create stunning, responsive website with WordPress. You can install add-ons to extend the Beaver Builder features:

Beaver Builder key features:

  • Form Builder
  • Dynamic Content
  • Custom Fields Support
  • Third-party Service Integration
  • Global Setting
  • Custom CSS
  • White Label

3. OptimizeBuilder

OptimizeBuilder editor screenshot

OptimizeBuilder is a great Elementor alternative to create landing pages for a marketing purposes. Such as a landing page to collect leads and a landing page to sale digital products. For the latter, it has built-in elements dedicated specifically to selling digital products. You can accept payments via both cards and PayPal. To collect, you have an Optin Form element which you can connect with popular tools like AWeber and ActiveCampaign.

Of course, you can also use OptimizeBuilder to create other page types on your website just Elementor. From homepage, about page, to contace page. It also comes with a visual editor with a responsive editing feature. OptimizeBuilder itself is a paid plugin part of the OptimizePress marketing suite.

You can get it individually or as a bundle with other plugis on the marketing suite, including OptimizeFunnels, OptimizeLeads, OptimizeMentor, and OptimizeFunnels.

4. JetPlugins

JetPlugins landing page screenshot

If you love Elementor, just admit it. If you still want to use Elementor to create websites for your clients, yet objected to spending that much yearly subscription fee, JetPlugins is a great alternative. JetPlugins is a set of premium Elementor add-ons from Crocoblock. There are 18 add-ons in the set in total. Each add-on is designed for a specific use.

JetEngine, for instance, is designed to allow you to add dynamic content. Be it default dynamic content of WordPress or custom fields. Need to create a popup? There is JetPopup on the set that you can use to do so.

Here are the Elementor add-ons on the JetPlugins set:

  • JetEngine: To add dynamic content (custom fields, custom taxonomies, custom post type, and so on)
  • JetThemeCore: To create a custom header, custom footer, and other custom templates
  • JetStyleManager: To control the page style settings
  • JetBooking: To add booking functionality
  • JetBlocks: To enrich the header and footer’s content
  • JetTricks: To add interactive visual effects
  • JetReviews: To allow users to add comments, reviews, and rating
  • JetTabs: To display content in a tabbed interface
  • JetMenu: To create more advanced menus. Supports mega menu and off-canvas menu
  • JetWooBuilder: To customize your WooCommerce store
  • JetSmartFilters: To add advanced filters for any post type
  • JetPopup: To create popups
  • JetProductGallery: To display product galleries to a single product page. In a more beautiful, professional way
  • JetCompare&Wishlist: To add wishlist and compare functionality
  • JetSearch: To create an AJAX-based search
  • JetBlog: To display articles in tiled and list styles. Can also be used to create a YouTube playlist
  • JetElements: Adds 40 create widgets
  • JetAppointment: To add appointment functionality

Same as Divi Builder and Brizy, there is also an option to get JetPlugins with a one-time purchase option.

5. Zion Builder

Zion Builder landing page screenshot

The case of Zion Builder is quite similar to Divi Builder. It was previously only available for Kallyas theme before released as a generic page builder plugin back in May 2020. The interface of Zion Builder is quite similar to Brizy, which is pretty light. It also offers a live editing experience whereby you can edit the content directly from the canvas area.

The responsive editing feature is also available to make sure your page fits any device. Zion Builder itself is quite tempting and it seems that it will be a serious competitor to Elementor and other page builders.

Zion Builder offers 4 pro plans you can choose from, including the LIFE TIME plan which you can get with a one-time purchase option. The key features offered by Zion Builder include:

  • Template Library
  • Dynamic Content
  • Custom Fonts
  • Custom Icons
  • Custom CSS

Zion Builder itself is released as a freemium plugin so that you can start with the free version to try the page building experience with it.

6. Breakdance

Breakdance editor interface

Breakdance is one of the best alternatives to replace Elementor if you are an agency. First, it comes with a modern, intuitive editor just like Elementor. Second, Breakdance offers nearly all features that Elementor Pro has. From theme builder, WooCommerce Builder, popup builder, to form builder which you can connect with services like MailChimp, MailerLite, to ActiveCampaign.

In fact, Breakdance offers more design elements than Elementor. There are over 70 native design elements offered by Breakdance in total.

Second, Breakdance offers a very simple pricing. It offers only one pricing option costing way cheaper than Elementor’s Agency Plan. Plus, you can install the Breakdance plugin on unlimited websites with your license.

We have a dedicated article comparing Elementor vs Breakdance.

Here are some key features offered by Breakdance:

  • Theme Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Mega Menu Builder
  • Dynamic Content
  • Custom Fields Support
  • Third-party Service Integration
  • Custom Icon
  • Global Styles
  • Custom CSS
  • Premade templates

7. Bricks

Bricks editor interface

The concept of Bricks is pretty similar to Divi. It is a WordPress theme that comes with a built-in page builder feature called Bricks Builder.

The Bricks Builder is available as an integral part of the Bricks theme. You don’t need to install an additional plugin to use it. Bricks is developed with performance in mind. It has built-in setting options to disable some WordPress features that affect site speed such as emoji and embed. Bricks Builder supports container for a flexible layout.

About the price, Bricks offers two pricing options: for a single site and for unlimited sites. You can get Bricks with a one-time purchase option.

Key features of Bricks:

  • Theme Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Advanced Gradient Builder
  • Dynamic Content
  • Custom Fields Support
  • Third-party Service Integration
  • Global Elements
  • Custom CSS

8. Brizy

Brizy page builder editor interface

Brizy might is the closest alternative to Elementor. First, it is also released as a freemium plugin, meaning that you can start with the free version before upgrading to the pro version to unlock more features. Second, it is also a generic page builder (not optimized for any theme). One thing that makes Brizy stand out is that it’s extremely light. Brizy comes with an addictive visual editor that offers a live editing experience just like Elementor. You can edit the content right from the canvas area.

The pro features offered by Brizy are not much different from Elementor. First, it comes with a theme builder that allows you to create custom templates to replace the default templates of your theme (single post, archive pages, header, footer, and so on). Second, it also comes with a popup builder to allow you to create beautiful popups using its visual editor. Here are the key features offered by Brizy:

  • Theme Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Mega Menu Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Dynamic Content (including custom fields)
  • Premade Templates
  • Global Typography
  • Global Colors
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Custom Fonts
  • Custom CSS

Brizy has three pro plans. One of which is the Lifetime plan that you can get with a one-time purchase option.

Which Elementor Alternative is the Best?

Everyone knows how useful Elementor in helping users to create a website. A great editor interface. A stack of useful features. Not to mention a well-established ecosystem. But if you find Elementor no longer suits your need, you can switch to one of the alternatives on the list above.

Divi Builder is great if you are an agency as its license allows you to install the plugin on unlimited websites. The best thing, you can get it with a one-time purchase option.

Meanwhile, OptimizeBuilder is great if you plan to create landing pages for a marketing purpose a lot. Other page builders like Breakdance, Beaver Builder, to Brizy are also worth trying. You can start from the free version before upgrading to the pro version to unlock more features.


Is Elementor Still the Best Page Builder Plugin for WordPress?

To mention Elementor as the best page builder plugin for WordPress is completely relative. But it can do nearly all page builder plugins can do. From merely creating responsive pages to creating custom templates for site parts such as header and footer. Elementor also great to create landing pages as it comes with built-in features such as form submission manager and payment widget.

Why Do People Want to Switch Away from Elementor?

The answer to this question can be vary, but the most reasonable one is that Elementor no longer suited for their needs. For instance, many agencies and freelancers switch to Divi to chase its lifetime membership and its simple pricing model.

Do You Have Suggestions of Free Elementor Alternatives?

Breakdance and Beaver Builder are two of the best free page builder plugins for WordPress other than Elementor. You can give them a try if you are looking for a free alternative to Elementor.

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  1. Given the features available, I think it’s reasonable enough that Elementor finally increased their plans. Yet, I really hoped that they offer a perpetual plan eventually though

  2. Despite lack of native design elements, Divi is the most reliable option here as it has a strong, well-established ecosystem. Its technical support is second to none!

  3. If you love your money, never ever use Brizy Pro. They offers no option to cancel your subscription yourself. You need to make a request to cancel your subscription and their response to your request is so damn slow. It’s extremely a bad business practice to not allow your clients to cancel their subscription by their own.

  4. Breakdance is potential enough to become the main Elementor competitor if they are a bit open. I mean they should allow third-party developers to create add-ons just like Elementor and Divi. This will create an ecosystem which is great for the long run. Elementor and Divi succeed because they have a well-established ecosystem thanks to the third-party developers’ involvement.

    Even with a slow development cycle, Divi still become the main Elementor competitor despite new page builders keep coming these days. It is because they already have an established ecosystem. You can’t be the winner in the page builder market if you merely rely on user acquisition.

  5. Breakdance is best Elementor substitute in terms of editing experience and features, while Divi Builder is the best when it comes to ecosystem.


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