12 Best Elementor Template Kits for Portfolio Website

Elementor itself has a feature called Kit Library in which you can find and install a template kit offered by Elementor. You can also find a template kit from websites like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster.

With so many options out there, finding a suited template kit is a bit challenging, though. We have curated some Elementor template kits to create a portfolio website. Here is the list.

Curated Elementor Template Kits for Portfolio Website

1. CV Portfolio

CV Portfolio is an elegant template kit with no-scroll concept. All pages on the CV Portfolio template kit are set to fit to screen. No need to make a scroll to view the content of each page. On each page, you have two navigation buttons to make it easy to go to the previous and the next page. There is also a navigation menu on its header to navigate to pages. CV Portfolio is a great template kit for freelancer, regardless of the field you serve. The kit uses a dark green as its base color (hex code: #0F363D).

The CV Portfolio template kit itself is available on the Kit Library of Elementor. However, you need to subscribe to the Expert plan (or the higher plan) to import it.

2. Illustrator Portfolio

Illustrator Portfolio is another template kit offered by Elementor itself. Just like the name suggests, the template kit is aimed specifically at illustrators, but there is no sin if you are not an illustrator yet want to use it. The selection of black (hex code: #0C0C0C) as its base color makes the template kit looks elegant.

The template kit consists of three pages (the home page, about me page, and contact page). On the home page, there is a “portfolio” section to show off the projects you have finished. The mouse effect applied to the hero section of the home page looks very proportional.

Same as CV Portfolio above, Illustrator Portfolio also requires an Expert plan to be imported. No need to install an additional Elementor add-on as the template uses widgets available on Elementor Pro.

3. Industrial Design Portfolio

Looking for a template kit with a brighter nuance? Industrial Design Portfolio might be the one you are looking for. The template kit uses a brighter color base than the first two above (hex code: #F1F1F1). Industrial Design Portfolio is another template kit designed for designers. More specifically, it is aimed at product designers (physical product).

So, if you (or your client) serve in this area, the template kit a great fit. Unlike the first template kits above, the Industrial Design Portfolio is available for all Elementor Pro plans, including the Essential plan (the cheapest plan).

4. 3D Designer Portfolio

Are you a 3D designer and want to create a portfolio website to show off your works? If yes, then the 3D Designer Portfolio is the template kit for you. Same as Industrial Design Portfolio above, the 3D Designer Portfolio template kit also comes in a bright nuance. The template kit uses a bright color with the hex code #FFFFFF as its background color.

The template kit has four main pages (home page, about page, projects page, and contact page). In addition to these page templates, the kit also comes with a custom template for a single project, a custom template for header and footer. There is a mouse effect on the hero section on the homepage to make your website looks more attractive.

5. Richard Gore

Richard Gore is a template kit offered by Crocoblock. It has a dark nuance and is aimed at writers. So, if you have a project to create a portfolio for a writer or probably you are the writer yourself, then this kit is for you. The Richard Gore template kit comes with page templates like the home page, about page, my books page, and blog page.

In addition, it also comes with a custom template for a single book, and a custom template for the header and footer. The Richard Gore template looks minimalist. It uses an off-canvas menu for the navigation.

To use the Richard Gore template, you need to be a paid subscriber of Crocoblock. No additional fee applied to use it.

6. John Doe

John Doe is a bit more colorful than the first five template kits above. The template kit uses a gradient color on the hero section of its home page. There is also a mouse effect applied to the hero section to give an interactive nuance. John Doe itself is designed to create a one-page portfolio website. So, the template kit consists of only one page template.

The page itself is divided into several sections like Services, About, Case Study, Testimonial, and Blog. The kit offers a one-page navigation to make it easy for you to navigate between sections. Unfortunately, there is not sticky effect applied to its header. Also, there is no a “back to top” button offered.

The John Doe template kit is offered by Templately. You need to install the Templately plugin on your WordPress site to import the template kit. This template kit is ideal for designers, marketers, or freelancers.

7. Michael

Michael is another template kit aimed at a one-page portfolio website. It is also offered by Templately so that you need to have the Templately plugin installed on your WordPress site to import the template kit. Michael is a solution if you are looking for a free portfolio template kit as it doesn’t require the Templately pro account to be imported.

8. Technophile

Technophile is an Elementor template kit designed for IT freelancer. So, if you serve in this area then the template kit is for you. The Technophile template kit is also offered by Templately. You can use it for free, but Elementor Pro is required as the template kit comes with custom templates such as single post template, custom template for a single project, custom header and footer templates.

The Technophile template kit also comes with elements like pricing table, testimonials, and so on.

9. EleFolio

EleFolio is another colorful Elementor portfolio template kit from Templately. It is aimed specifically at product designers (digital product). If you are a freelancer who serves areas like web design, app design, and app prototype then the template kit is for you. You need a pro account on Templately to use the template kit.

Also, you need to use Elementor Pro as the plugin offers custom templates for your WordPress site. The main pages offered by template kit are the home page, about page, projects page, servies page, and contact page. EleFolio uses some mouse effects to make your website looks more attractive.

10. Hando

Hando is a template kit designed for corporate and freelancers. If you have a creative agency and want to create a portfolio website for your company, then this template kit is a great fit. The template is created using Elementor Pro only.

In addition to the main pages like the home page, about page, contact page, and team page, the template kit also offers custom templates. Elements like slider, pricing table, and team member are available on this template kit. Hando itself is available on ThemeForest.

11. Portostar

If you want to place your photo on the hero section of your home page website, Portostar is one of the template kits you can consider. The template kit has a bright nuance. Its solid background gives a minimalist nuance to this template kit. Although not aimed specifically at certain fields, the Portostar is great for UI/UX designers, freelance app developer, and the related occupations.

The designer of the Portostar used Hello theme when creating the template kit, but of course, you can use this template kit on any WordPress theme. The page templates offered by Portostar are home page, about page, contact page, projects page, pricing page, and so on. Also, it comes with custom templates like header, footer, and 404 page.

12. Byra

Stick to Elementor Free and look for an affordable template kit? Byra is a great option you can take a look at. The creator of the template kit combines Elementor Free and Better Elementor Addons to create the template kit. Although it uses Elementor Free, the template kit offers elements like pricing table and team member.

The Bottom Line

Elementor already has some features to streamline your workflow in creating a website. With a template kit, your workflow gets even more streamlined. All you need is to import one that fits your site theme, then you can tailor the content according to your website. Starting version 3.3, you can import a template kit more effortlessly from Kit Library. If you can’t find a suitable template kit in Kit Library for your portfolio website, there are some websites you can refer to. Such as ThemeForest and TemplateMonster.

Templately, on the other hand, is a great plugin to get a template kit. It offers a bunch of Elementor template kits. You can also find some template kits designed specifically for portfolio websites on Templately.

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