4 Best Podcasting Elementor Template Kits

Podcasting has been increasingly popular these days. You have many medium options to start your podcast channel. From SoundCloud to YouTube. If you want to have a full control over your podcast materials, you can also start your podcast channel by creating a website. Elementor is one of today’s best tools to create a website. It is a page builder plugin for WordPress. Elementor allows you to create a website more quickly thanks to the available of template kits. You can read our previous article to learn more about template kit in case you are new to Elementor.

Depending on where you plan to host your audio files. If you want to host them to SoundCloud, you can use the SoundCloud widget to add your audio to an Elementor-powered page. It is (the SoundCloud widget) a native Elementor widget that you can use to add audio files from SoundCloud.

You can add either an individual audio or a playlist. If you prefer to host your audio files to your own server, you can use a plugin like MP3 Music Player by Sonaar. The plugin comes with a dedicated Elementor widget aimed at adding your audio files to Elementor. Some Elementor template kits we will mention below are built using the MP3 Music Player by Sonaar plugin.

Here are some of the best Elementor template kits to create a podcasting website.

Best Podcasting Elementor Template Kits

1. Hipsound

Hipsound is one of the podcasting Elementor template kits you can consider. It has a great design dedicated specifically to creating a podcasting website. Hipsound is created with Elementor Pro and three Elementor add-ons: Premium Addons for Elementor, ElementsKit Lite, and Element Pack Lite. Before importing the template kit, you need to install these add-ons first.

Or, if you import the template kit using Envato Elements, the required add-ons will be installed automatically during the importing process. Hipsound includes 15 templates in total. In addition to page templates, the kit also includes custom templates for header and footer.

2. Morgan Renoud

Do you want to create a self-hosted podcasting website? If yes, Morgan Renoud is a great Elementor template kit to start from. The template kit is made ready for the MP3 Music Player by Sonaar, the plugin we mentioned in the opening section above. The designer used the free version of MP3 Music Player by Sonaar. If needed, you can use the pro version to add features like sticky player, dynamic playlist, track list view, statistic reports, and so on.

  • Podcast: To display the podcast playlists
  • Episode: To display the podcast episode
  • Our Host: To display the list of podcast hosts

In addition, the template kit also includes standard templates like the homepage, about page, and contact page. Custom templates for header, footer, and single post are also available. The template kit offers 13 templates in total.

3. Poco

Unlike the first two template kits above, Poco is not designed for podcasters. Instead, it designed for podcasting studio. So, if you want to create a website for a podcasting studio, Poco is a great template you can consider. The template kit has a white nuance.

Poco is created on the Hello theme, but you can also import it on your Elementor-powered WordPress site regardless of the theme you use. The template kit includes 15 templates.

4. Gocast

Same as the Poco template kit above, Gocast is also not built for podcaster. Rather, it is built for an agency that helps businesses to build their brand awareness through podcast. So, if you are looking for a digital ageny Elementor template kit that specialty in podcast, Gocast is a suitable option for you.

Gocast also has a light nuance like Poco above. Since the template is built for podcast agency — instead of podcaster — there are no page templates to display podcast playlist or episode like the ones offered by Morga Renoud. The template kit itself offers 10 page templates, as well as custom templates for header and footer for Elementor Pro.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to podcast, you have platforms like Apple Podcast, Spotify, SoundCloud, or even Google Podcast to start your channel. If you prefer to create a self-hosted podcast channel, WordPress is a great tool to create your podcasting website. Elementor is a great page builder to assist you in creating your website. It is the best page builder plugin.

You can create your website from a template kit to quicken the website creation. MP3 Music Player by Sonaar is the additional plugin you need to create a self-hosted podcasting website with WordPress+Elementor. It has a dedicated Elementor widget to add your audio files, as well as an audio player to play the audio.

If you plan to host your audio files to SoundCloud instead, Elementor has a native widget — the SoundCloud widget — you can make use of. The widget can be used to embed SoundCloud audio.

We have curated some of the best Elementor template kits to create a podcasting website. If you are a podcaster, Morgan Renoud and Hipsound are two templates you can consider. If you want to create a website for a podcasting studio, Poco is the best option. Gocast is the best option if you want to create a website for a podcast agency.

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