10 Best Photography Elementor Template Kits

If you have a plan to create a photography website, Elementor is a great tool to do so. Creating a website with Elementor, you don’t need to start everything from scratch. Instead, you can use a template kit to streamline your workflow. We have curated some of the best Elementor template kits to create a photography website.

Elementor itself has some built-in features that will be useful to create a photography website. For instance, you can create a gallery to showcase your shots without needing to install an extra plugin. There is also a built-in setting option to open image in a lightbox in case you like it.

Since Elementor works in WordPress, it is also possible if you want to sell your photos right from your website. You can make use plugins like Easy Digital Downloads and Envira Gallery. Or, if you want to release your shots for free, you can accept donation to let your fans appreciate your works. Elementor has a built-in feature to accept PayPal donation.

Best Elementor Template Kits for Photography Site

1. Portrait Photography

Photography consists of some branches. From landscape photography, wildlife photography, still life photography, portrait photography, and so on. If you have a specialty in the portrait photography and plan to create a website using Elementor then Portrait Photography is a great template kit for you. The template kit is offered by Elementor. You can access it from Kit Library (Templates -> Kit Library). However, you need to have an Expert plan (or the higher plan) to import the template kit. It is not available on the Essential and Advanced plan.

The Portrait Photography template kit uses a black and white concept to offer a minimalist yet elegant nuance. It uses an off-canvas menu by taking advantage of Elementor popup builder. The template kit consists of 6 main page templates: the home page template, portraits page template, about page template, contact page template, editorial page template, and journal page template. There are two popup templates offered as well: the menu popup and subscription popup.

2. Architecture Photography

Architecture Photography is a great Elementor template kit for photographer who has a specialty in architecture photography. Same as the Portrait Photography template kit about, Architecture Photography also has a minimalist design with the background color of white (hex code: #F8F8F8).

There are four main page templates offered by the template kit: the home page template, the contact page template, the about page template, and the portfolio template. In addition, it also offers a header template, a footer template, and a contact popup template, respectively.

Architecture Photography template kit itself is also offered by Elementor itself and is only available for the Expert plan or the higher plan.

3. Wedding Photographer

Are you a wedding photographer? If yes, then the Wedding Photographer template kit is a perfect template kit to create your website. The template kit, which is offered by Elementor, comes in a minimalist design just like the first two template kits above. It also uses white as the background color (hex code: E8EBEA).

The simple yet elegant contact page template offered by the template kit allows you to create a contact page more quickly. Overall, the page consists of 6 page templates: the home page, the wedding page, the contact page, the about page, the info page, and a testimonial page.

4. Nature Photographer

Nature Photographer is another template kit offered by Elementor. You can access the template kit via Kit Library. It is available for all Elementor Pro plans, including the Essential plan. Just like the name suggests, the template kit is aimed specifically at wildlife photographers.

The template kit itself uses a dark nuance. It applies parallax effect on some of the sections of the pages, especially the home page. The template kit also makes use of the Elementor popup builder to offer an off-canvas menu. It also makes of the Elementor theme builder feature to offer a header template, a footer template, a single post template, an archive page template, and a 404 page template.

5. FlyShot

Since the emergence of DJI, aerial photography is getting more popular. Many photographers now own a drone to take the photos or videos of highland and sea. If you have a specialty in this area and want to create a website to promote your service, then FlyShot is a great template kit you can use. Not only it allows you to showcase your works, but you can also sell your photography gears thanks to WooCommerce integration.

A shop page template is available on the template kit it so that you don’t need to create the shop page from scratch. Same as the Nature Photographer above, the FlyShot template also comes in a dark nuance.

The FlyShot is a template kit offered by Templately. Thus, you need to have the Templately plugin installed on your WordPress site to use the template kit. The template kit itself consists of 8 page templates.

6. Photoluke

Photoluke is a great template kit if you want to create a website for your photography business. One of the templates available on the template kit is a “Packet Product” template which you can use to create a page to display the packets of your services. There is also a template to create the detail page of each packet you offer.

The contact form on the end section of each packet detail page makes it easy for your aspiring clients to reach you out. Photoluke offers 3 homepage templates you can import. The Photoluke template kit itself is available on ThemeForest. You can read our previous article to learn how to install an Elementor template from ThemeForest.

7. Memoreel

The use of Memoreel is pretty similar to the Photoluke above. It is also a great template kit to be used on a photography website whereby the business offers packets for the photography services it offers. The template kit offers a template to create a pricing page on your website. Page templates like case study and team member are also available.

There are 21 templates offered by Memoreel in total. In addition to page templates, Memoreel also offers custom templates for the header, footer, single post, and 404 page. Speaking of header, you can add an actionable button like WhatsApp button or Skype button to make it easier for you aspiring clients to start the chat.

8. Floki

Floki is an elegant template kit in a dark nuance. You can use this template if you like a black nuance. The Floki template kit itself is ideal for a photography business that serve services like photoshoot, photo studio, wedding photography, and corporate photography.

The template kit comes with a template to create a service page whereby you can display all the service types you serve. Floki is especially a great option if you are looking for a template kit that uses Elementor Pro only. The template kit requires no additional plugins to work.

There are 7 page templates offered by the Floki template kit. In addition, you will also get a header template, a footer template, and a 404 page template.

9. Auzora

Auzora is another great Elementor template kit to create a website if you have a specialty in aerial photography or videography. The template kit is created using Elementor Pro only so that you don’t need to install additional Elementor add-ons to import and use the template kit.

It offers over 10 templates in total, including the archive page template and the single post template. There are two home page templates you can choose from. Auzora has a unique typography.

10. FrontSix

If you are looking to create a photography website with a full-screen menu, then the FrontSix is the template kit you need. The template kit uses a black nuance like some of the template kits above. The full-screen menu on this template kit is created by taking advantage of the popup builder feature of Elementor. You can read our previous article to learn more about how to create a full-screen menu in Elementor.

The FrontSix template kit itself consists of 6 main page templates: the home page, the gallery page, the album page, the blog page, the contact page, and the studio page. You will also get three templates for the header, footer, full-screen popup, and 404 page, respectively.

The Bottom Line

Photography is one of the fields in the creative industry. Thus, it also requires a creative way to be successful in this field. Being a professional photographer, you can’t rely on Instagram (or social media at large) only. You need a website to reach broader audience.

With Elementor, you can create a professional photography website quickly thanks to template kit. The template kits we have mentioned above can be great options to create your photography website.

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