8 Best Online Magazine Elementor Template Kits

Elementor is a multipurpose page builder plugin. Meaning that you can use it to create any type of website, including an online magazine. However, since Elementor is not designed specifically to create online magazines like tagDiv Composer, it takes extra effort to design the layout if you want to create an online magazine with it.

If you don’t want to be bother, you can use a template kit for your online magazine. We have curated the Elementor template kits to create an online magazine.

Typically, an online magazine has a grid section on its homepage to display articles based on certain criteria. Elementor has no default widget to create this sort of section. If you need one, you can use JetBlog — an Elementor add-on designed specifically for online magazines. We have a separate article that covers how to create an online magazine homepage in case you are interested.

Best Online Magazine Elementor Template Kits

1. Sportans

As we said above, most online magazines have a grid section on their homepage to display articles. If you want the homepage of your online magazine has this sort of section, Sportans is one of the template kits you can consider. It is an Elementor template kit from Crocoblock, the developer of popular Elementor add-ons like JetElements, JetEngine, JetMenu, and JetBlog.

The Sportans template kit itself is created using JetBlog. You will find sections like grid, video playlist, and list on its homepage. On the header part, you will find a news ticker element, which is also offered by the JetBlog add-on.

2. Enter Mega

Are you an Essential Addons user? If yes, then Enter Mega is the template kit for you. The template kit is designed specifically for lifestyle magazines, but you can also use it on other magazine types with some modifications. Unlike Sportans above, Enter Mega has no grid section on its homepage.

The template kit itself is available on Templately. You need to have the Templately installed on your website to be able to use the template kit.

3. EleMag

EleMag is another Elementor template kit available on Templately. It is also created using Essential Addons+Elementor Pro just like Enter Mega above.

The EleMega template kit has clean, simple design which is great if you want to have an online magazine with a minimalist nuance. EleMag offers a homepage template, a header template, a footer template, and a single post template.

4. Maglobe

Maglobe is an Elementor template kit that is created using Elementor Pro and Happy Addons. So, if you are a user of Happy Addons then it is a perfect option to create your online magazine. The template kit offers multiple options for some website pages.

For instance, you have 4 homepage layouts to choose from, 4 single post layouts, and 2 category page layouts. In addition to these templates, Maglobe also offers templates for 404 page, contact page, about page, and so on.

5. Barley

If you are looking for an online magazine template kit that is created purely using Elementor without an add-on, then Barley is the item you can consider. The template kit has a clean design with white as its base color. The template kit offers 15 templates in total.

6. NewsAtlas

NewsAtlas is a great option if you are looking for a magazine template kit that has a grid section on the homepage. The designer of the template kit uses plugin called AnWP Post Grid and Post Carousel Slider for Elementor for the grid section. The plugin is free and available on WordPress plugin directory. In addition, the designer also uses Essential Addons to add other elements.

You don’t need to install the required plugins yourself. Instead, it will be installed automatically as you import the template kit. NewsAtlas itself is available on ThemeForest. You can read our previous article to learn how to install an Elementor template kit from ThemeForest.

The NewsAtlas offers 15+ ready-made templates with 35+ block templates in total. You have 3 different homepage layouts to choose from.

7. Santoni

Santoni is an Elementor template kit created using Elementor Pro only. So, it is a suited option if you don’t like installing add-on when creating a website with Elementor. Using white as its base color, Santoni has a clean design.

Since it uses no add-on, there is no grid section on the homepage like Sportans and NewsAtlast above. Santoni itself offers 15 templates in total, including three homepage templates and two single post templates. It uses Roboto font family, which is available on the Elementor font library by default so that you don’t need to install a new font.

8. Takei

Takei is another template kit that is designed for online magazines or the similar website types. It is created using Elementor Pro without any addition of other add-ons. Takei also has a clean design. You have three homepage layouts to choose from, as well as two single post template options.

It uses two fonts (Source Sans Pro and Roboto) that are available on Elementor by default so that you don’t need install new fonts.

The Bottom Line

Although not designed specifically to create online magazines, Elementor can also be used to create an online magazine. It has two default widgets that you can use to display articles on your website: the Posts widget and the Archive Posts widget.

To achieve certain layouts, post grid layout for instance, you can use add-ons like JetBlog. In addition to displaying articles in grid layout, the add-on also allows you to create and embed a YouTube playlist. If you want to create your online magazine from a template kit, you can use one of the items we have covered above.

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