12 Best Medical Elementor Template Kits

Being a multipurpose page builder plugin, you can use Elementor to create any type of website. Medical is no exception. One of the advantages of creating a website with Elementor is that you don’t need to install too many plugins thanks to its huge collections of native widgets. You can add elements like form (from a contact form, marketing form, to booking form), pricing table, slider, and call to action without installing an additional WordPress plugin.

Plus, you have limitless customizations thanks to the Elementor theme builder feature. Another advantage, there are a bunch of pre-made template kits to allow you getting your website done more quickly. Not just template kits offered by Elementor, but also the ones offered by third parties like ThemeForest and Crocoblock.

New to Elementor? If yes, you might haven’t familiar with the term “template kit” yet. An Elementor template kit is a set of Elementor templates created based on the same design system or style guide. Design system/style guide is created as a reference to create the templates.

This helps making sure every element on the templates has the consistent stylings. A template kit is designed specifically for a certain website type. If you want to create a medical website, for instance, you can search for a template kit that is designed specifically for medical website like we will mention below.

Best Medical Elementor Template Kits

1. Medcenter

When creating a medical website using Elementor, you can make use of the Form widget to add an appointment form. However, the widget has no capability to manage the booked schedules. Instead, you need to manage the booked schedules manually. If you need an automated solution, you can use JetAppointment. It is an appointment plugin from Crocoblock developed exclusively for Elementor and Gutenberg.

Medcenter is an Elementor template kit that comes with an appointment feature powered by JetAppoinment. In addition to JetAppointment, Medcenter is also created using other JetPlugins family, including JetEngine and JetElements.

The appointment feature of Medcenter allows you visitors to make an appointment with the doctors. They can select a service, doctor, and appointment schedule via a wizard that will appear when a visitor clicks a button on the header.

2. Plasta

Plasta is another template kit from Crocoblock designed to create a medical website. Specifically, it is designed for surgery medical site.

Just like Medcenter above, Plasta is also created using JetPlugins, but it has no appointment functionality yet by default. You need to configure the appointment yourself if you need the feature.

3. Medicate

Medicate is a great option if you are looking for a more affordable solution of medical Elementor template kit. The template kit is created using both the free version and pro version of Elementor only, no need to install an additional add-on to import the templates. Medicate comes with a page template dedicated to creating an appointment page. The template contains an appointment form created using the Form widget of Elementor.

But again, you can only manage the booked appointment schedules manually as Elementor has no default feature that offers automated solution for appointment. If you really need one, you can buy JetAppoinment separately at $19 per year. There are 18 templates included in the Medicate template kit. From page templates to theme builder templates.

4. Gomedic

Gomedic is an Elementor template kit that has a great design. It is also designed for medical websites. Gomedic is another great item if you need an affordable solution. You can get it at only $24. Gomedic is designed using Elementor Free and Elementor Pro on Hello theme, a theme developed by Elementor. But you can also use it on any WordPress theme.

Same as Medicate above, Gomedic also comes with a template dedicated to creating an appointment page whereby the page contains an appointment form creating using the native Form widget of Elementor. Gomedic includes 11 page templates as well as custom templates for header, footer, and 404 page.

5. MedisCare

If you want to create a medical website using Elementor only (Free and Pro), MedisCare is a great option as the template kit is designed with Elementor only. Also, the designer used the Hello theme when designed the template kit although you can also import the template kit on your website regardless of the theme you use.

MedisCare includes no appointment page template, but it does have listing page dedicated to displaying the list of doctors. There is also a template dedicated to displaying the detailed profile of each doctor. MedisCase offers 14 templates in total.

6. Jovanka

Jovanka is an Elementor template kit that has a great design designed specifically for medical website. Its homepage template contains a section to allow visitors to make an appointment. There are also tables to display the operational hours of your medical clinic. Jovanka itself is created with Elementor (Free and Pro) and DethemeKit.

You need to have the DethemeKit installed on your website before you can import the template kit. Alternatively, you can import the template using Envato Elements to automatically install the necessary plugins.

7. Mediku

Looking for a medical Elementor template kit that offers an appointment page? Mediku is another option you can consider. It offers a page template dedicated to creating an appointment page, complete with an appointment form created using the native Form widget of Elementor. You can set the form submissions to be sent to your email or your website.

Elementor has a built-in feature to manage the form submissions in case you didn’t know. The Mediku template kit itself depends on Elementor Pro, DethemeKit, and Jeg Elementor Kit. There are 11 page templates included in the kit, including an appointment page template and a static listing page to display the doctors.

8. Dunmedic

Dunmedic is another great template kit to create a medical website with Elementor. It comes with the necessary page templates such as listing page to show the doctors, a page dedicated to displaying the detailed page about each doctor, an appointment page to make it easier for aspiring patients to make an appointment, and so on.

Dunmedic includes 11 page templates in total. Also, it offers custom templates for single post.

9. MedikAid

If you are looking for a template kit that has a map section, MedikAid is an item you can consider. Elementor has a native widget to allow you to add a map from Google Maps. You don’t need to install an add-on in order to make the map section works after you have imported the template kit.

Same as other template kits above, MedikAid also comes with an appointment page template in case you want to add this page on your website. In addition to page templates, other templates included in the kit include a custom header template and a custom footer template.

10. Medicale

You might want to add a timetable to make it easier for aspiring patients to learn the schedules of the doctors at the medical clinic you create the website for. Medicale offers a page template dedicated to displaying the timetable of the doctors, as well as the list of the doctors. It also offers an appointment page template just like other template kits above.

All elements added to the templates use the native widgets, including the appointment form which is created using the native Form widget. In other words, you can import the template kit without needing to install an addition Elementor add-ons first.

11. The Clinic

The Clinic is a well-designed Elementor template kit to create a medical website. It has a call-to-action on the header and the footer dedicated to make an appointment.

The appointment page template itself is also offered by template kit. You can simply set the link of the call-to-action button to the appointment page of your website.

12. Medisa

Green is a color that is identical enough with the medical world. Medisa uses green and white as the base colors. The template kit offers a very well-designed appointment page template that contains phone number and appointment form. You can set the number into an actionable link if you want it. For instance, visitors can make a call by clicking the phone number.

Medisa also comes with a listing page to display the doctors of the clinic, as well as well-designed page to display the profile of each doctor. The doctor profile page contains elements like schedules, contact information, a call-to-action button, and short intro about the doctor. Medisa offers 12 pre-made templates in total.

The Bottom Line

With or without additional add-on, you can create a beautiful medical website using Elementor. Depending on the features and functionalities you want to add to your website. If you want to add an appointment form and okay with manual scheduling, then the native Elementor Form widget is enough.

Conversely, if you look for an automated solution, you can use JetAppointment or the similar plugin to add the appointment functionality to your website. Basic elements like image gallery, button, icon, call to action, pricing table, and map are already provided by Elementor.

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