5 Best Marketing Agency Elementor Template Kits

Marketing is a vital element of a business. Instead of forming a dedicated, capable marketing team, some businesses prefer to use marketing services from an agency. This opens another business opportunity: marketing agency. In today’s age, most marketing agencies use the internet to promote their services. One asset you need to have if you want to use the internet to market your marketing agency business is a website. Elementor is a great tool to create a website. Its intuitive editor is irreplicable when it comes to website creation experience.

Elementor doesn’t require web programming knowledge to use. In other words, you can create a website using it even if you have no programming knowledge at all. On top of that, Elementor comes with tons of pre-made templates to eliminate the mandatory of creating a website from scratch.

If you are looking to create a marketing agency website with Elementor and want to start from a template kit instead of from scratch, here are the best template kits you can consider.

Best Marketing Agency Elementor Template Kits

1. Yeasty

Yeasty is the first Elementor template kit we recommend if you want to create a website for your marketing agency business. The template kit comes with the essential page templates for your website such the homepage, about page, contact, services page, pricing page, and so on. The homepage template offered by Yeasty already contains the necessary sections including the marketing service types you offer, pricing table, testimonials from clients, and so on. You have three homepage layouts to choose from.

In addition to the static page templates mentioned above, Yeasty also offers custom templates for your site parts such as header, footer, 404 page, to single post layout. Some animation effects applied to the pages will make your website look more appealing.

2. Moiz

WordPress has two customization features to allow you to add a new functionality to your website: custom post type and custom field. With custom post type, you can add a new content type on your WordPress site outside blog post and page. While custom field allows you to add custom fields to a certain content type (be it default content type or custom post type). The theme builder feature of Elementor Pro allows you to create custom templates for custom post type. Moiz is a template kit that comes with a custom template for a custom post type (project).

There are two custom templates offered by Moiz designed for custom post type. One for the single custom post type and another for archive page of the custom template. In addition to these templates, Moiz also comes with other templates, of course. Be it page templates or custom templates for site parts. There are 17 templates included in the kit in total.

3. Pejwan

If your marketing agency has a specialty in SEO then Pejwan is a great fit. The demo content of the page templates — as well as the icons — contain text related to SEO. But you can also tailor the content if you have a marketing agency that serves other marketing types. Pejwan includes 10 templates on the kit. In addition to page templates like homepage, about page, etc., — the kit also includes custom templates for theme parts such as header and footer.

4. SMAgency

SMAgency uses a video element on the hero section of its templates. You can find the video on the homepage, about page, team page, to contact page. If it is something you like, then SMAgency is a great fit. SMAgency is not designed specifically for a certain marketing service like Pejwan above.

It is a great option if your marketing agency serves a wide range of marketing services for clients. SMAagency includes all the necessary pages for your website. From the homepage, about page, and so on. It also includes custom templates for theme parts, including header and footer. The header template offered by the template kit applies the sticky style.

5. MarkUP

MarkUP is an Elementor template kit that has a modern design. It uses orange as the base color. Just like other template kits above, MarkUP is also designed specifically to create a website of marketing agency. So, if you plan to create a website for your marketing agency business using Elementor, this template kit is worth considering.

All elements included on the templates are already available on Elementor (Free and Pro). You don’t need to install an extra add-on to import all templates. MarkUP itself includes 10 templates you can import to your website. From the static pages to custom templates for header and footer.

The Bottom Line

Elementor is the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress. What sets it apart from other similar plugins is that it has a very open ecosystem to allow third-party developers and designers to get involved. In addition to allowing third-party developers to develop add-ons, Elementor also allows third-party designers to design templates. Be it template kits, individual landing pages, and so on. With templates, you can get a website done more quickly rather than creating your website from scratch.

In the context of Elementor, a template kit is a set of templates created with the same design concept — aimed specifically at a certain website type. All template kits we mentioned above are designed specifically for marketing agency businesses. So, if you have a marketing agency business and want to create a website for it, then the template kits above are worth considering. If you are new to Elementor, you can read our previous article to learn how to use Elementor.

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