8 Best Hosting Services for Elementor (Unbiased)

If you want to create a new WordPress-based website with Elementor, we strongly suggest you pick a hosting service that has at least 256 MB of PHP memory limit. That’s the minimum value according to Elementor, as you can see on this page. Unfortunately, most web hosting services don’t disclose this configuration detail on their specs of hosting plans. They only disclose general information such as storage capacity, number of traffics you can get, and so on.

All web hosting services on the list below offer the minimum of 256 MB of PHP memory limit. That’s why we recommend them to run Elementor.

Using a web hosting with a high PHP memory limit is especially crucial if your website has a lot of media content. You can actually increase the PHP memory limit by editing the wp-config.php file or PHP.ini. However, not all web hosting services might allow you to increase the PHP memory limit yourself. Especially on shared hosting plans.

What Will Happen If You Run Elementor on a Web Hosting that Has a Low PHP Memory Limit?

Two potential errors you will encounter when you run Elementor on a web hosting that has a low PHP memory limit are:

  • Fatal error: Allowed memory size of XXXXX bytes exhausted.
  • Fatal error: Out of memory.

When working with Elementor editor, you might also find that the settings/widget panel not loading.

Best Hosting Services for Elementor

— 1. Elementor Hosting

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

In case you didn’t know. Elementor also offers a managed WordPress hosting service, other than Elementor Pro. The service is powered by Google Cloud for the main hosting infrastructure as well as Cloudflare for CDN. The service was formerly known as Elementor Cloud before it was rebranded to Elementor Hosting.

What’s included in Elementor hosting?

As mentioned above, the managed hosting service from Elementor includes CDN which is powered by Cloudflare. Standard features like SSL and backup are also available. Most importantly, all plans come with Elementor Pro pre-installed. In other words, you don’t need to buy a separate Elementor Pro plugin like when you are using a third-party hosting.

— 2. Pressidium

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

If you don’t like Google Cloud or Cloudflare, Pressidium is a web hosting service we can recommend to running Elementor. Instead of using Google Cloud or the similar services, Pressidium builds its hosting infrastructure from the ground up. It has four data centers located in the North America, Europa, and Asia. For the CDN feature, Pressidium uses StackPath instead of Cloudflare. Standard features like caching, SSL, and are available. In addition, Pressidium allows you effortlessly create a staging environment and add team members to collaborate with.

The Pressidium hosting service comes with the default PHP memory limit of 256 MB. Meaning that it meets the minimum value demanded by Elementor. Pressidium itself uses Apache as the web server and MariaDB as the database application.

Here are some key details about Pressidium:

  • Web server: Apache
  • Database: MariaDB
  • PHP version: 7.4.x and 8.0
  • PHP memory limit: 256 MB

— 3. Kinsta

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

The above screenshot is the dashboard of Kinsta. Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting service well-known for its intuitive dashboard and excellent performance. The dashboard of Kinsta — which is called MyKinsta — is one of the bests.

Kinsta itself is a Google Cloud-powered WordPress hosting. Meaning that the main hosting infrastructure of Kinsta is powered by Google Cloud. When subscribing to a Kinsta plan, you can pick 35 different data centers. Kinsta also adopts Cloudflare for CDN and caching feature, whereby the data centers are located in 275 locations. No wonder if sites hosted on Kinsta have excellent speed. Kinsta also makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team members to work on certain projects.

Kinsta has the same PHP memory limit as Pressidium. Meaning that you can run Elementor without any issue.

Here are the key details about the Kinsta hosting service.

  • Web server: Nginx
  • Database: MariaDB
  • PHP version: 8.0, 8.1, 8.2
  • PHP memory limit: 256 MB

— 4. Rocket.net

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Rocket.net is also a great hosting service to run Elementor. It offers the PHP memory limit of 1 GB, highest in the list. The server configuration of Rocket.net is designed exclusively for WordPress. No other application you can install on it. Rocket.net is also a great option if you want to build an e-commerce website with WooCommerce. When adding a new website on your account, you can select a website pre-installed with WooCommerce.

The hosting panel of Rocket.net comes with a built-in file manager feature in case this feature matters to you although you can also access your files via FTP. The CDN feature of Rocket.net is powered by Cloudflare Enterprise.

Here are some details about Rocket.net:

  • Web server: Apache+Nginx
  • Database: MariaDB
  • PHP version: 5.6, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1
  • PHP memory limit: 1 GB

— 5. DreamPress

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Looking for a web hosting service designed for a single website? DreamPress is worth considering, then. DreamPress is a managed WordPress hosting service from DreamHost, a well-known hosting company in the WordPress ecosystem. The DreamPress service consists of three plans and none of them allow you to install more than one WordPress websites. DreamPress is also a better suited option if you look for a web hosting service that offers email hosting. For your information, Kinsta and Pressidium don’t offer email hosting.

If you plan to use Elementor WooCommerce Builder feature to create an e-commerce website, DreamHost also offers a dedicated hosting service for WooCommerce.

DreamPress also comes with a CDN feature — which is powered by Jetpack. Here are some key details about DreamPress:

  • Web server: Nginx
  • Database: MySQL
  • PHP version: 8.0, 8,1, 8,2
  • PHP memory limit: 256 MB

— 6. Pressable

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Looking for a WordPress hosting that offers PHP memory limit higher than 256 MB? If so, you can try Pressable. The default PHP memory limit offered by Pressable is 512 MB, which is more than enough to run Elementor and other page builder plugins, including Divi Builder. Speaking of Divi, Pressable is one of the Elegant Themes’ partners in the Divi Hosting program.

Pressable itself is a hosting service owned by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and WooCommerce. If you plan to build an e-commerce website with WooCommerce and Elementor, Pressable is another web hosting service we strongly recommend.

Here are some key details about Pressable:

  • Web server: Nginx
  • Database: MariaDB
  • PHP version: 8.0, 8.1, 8.2
  • PHP memory limit: 512 MB

— 7. SiteGround

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Looking for a WordPress hosting service that allows you to install multiple WordPress websites on a single account? Well, SiteGround is a great option, then. On sites hosted on SiteGround, you can install any plugin you want, including Elementor. SiteGround offers high PHP memory limit: 768 MB. Same as Kinsta and Elementor Hosting, the hosting infrastructure of SiteGround is also powered by Google Cloud.

Furthermore, SiteGround also offers a built-in integration with Cloudflare to effortlessly add CDN to your website. Caching feature is also available. Each site hosted on SiteGround needs to install a companion plugin called SiteGround Optimizer to control the caching feature.

Here are some key details about SiteGround:

  • Web server: Apache
  • Database: MySQL
  • PHP version: 7.3, 7,4, 8,0, 8,1, 8,2, 8,4
  • PHP memory limit: 768 MB

— 8. Cloudways

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Cloudways is a cloud hosting service owned by DigitalOcean. It offers managed hosting services for popular PHP-based applications, including WordPress. The advantage of using Cloudways is that you can choose a cloud service for your account. In addition to DigitalOcean, you can also pick the following cloud services:

  • Google Cloud
  • AWS

The default PHP configuration of Cloudways can also run Elementor without any issue. The default PHP memory limit offered by Cloudways is 256 MB.

Here are some details about Cloudways:

  • Web server: Nginx
  • Database: MySQL
  • PHP version: 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2
  • PHP memory limit: 256 MB

The Bottom Line

Elementor is the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress and continue to lead the market thanks to new features constantly added. With Elementor, anyone can create professional websites without coding. To run an Elementor-powered website, especially for a business purpose, you need a solid hosting. PHP memory limit is one of the technical details you need to notice when picking a hosting for Elementor. Elementor itself demands at least 256 MB of memory limit.

All hosting services listed above already meet the minimum requirements demanded by Elementor so you can run your favorite page builder without any issue.

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