8 Best Dentist Elementor Template Kits

Elementor has made it easier for you to create a website with WordPress thanks to its extremely intuitive editor. There are also a number of features you can maximize to streamline your workflow, one of which is template kit. If you are looking to create a dentist website, Elementor has a template kit designed specifically to do so. You can access it from the Kit Library by going to Templates -> Kit Library on your WordPress dashboard. The dentist template kit from Elementor comes with features like sticky header, appointment form, and opening hours. It has a clean, simple design.

If you don’t find this template kit fits your project, ThemeForest is the best option to go to. But picking a template kit out of hundreds is not an easy job. To save you time, we have curated the best Elementor template kits for dentist website.

A few words about dentist. It is the type of profession that requires a physical meet. People usually make an appointment beforehand to meet a dentist. In Elementor, you can make use of the Form widget to create an appointment form. However, since Elementor is not designed to be an appointment plugin, you need to check the availability schedule — as well as arrange the booked schedules — yourself. If you need an automated solution, you can use plugins like JetAppoinment to add appointment functionality to you WordPress site.

Best Dentist Elementor Template Kits

1. Dental

There are a bunch of Elementor add-ons out there to allow you to add elements that are not provided by Elementor. But if you want to use Elementor only instead, then Dental template kit is a great item for you. The template kit uses Elementor and Elementor Pro widgets only, no need to install an add-on to make all elements work once you imported the template kit.

The template kit uses the Hello theme, but you can definitely use it on any WordPress of your choice since Elementor works on almost all WordPress themes. Dental features a call-to-action button on the header which will open an appointment form popup once clicked. The template kit offers two home page templates to choose from, two footer templates, two header templates, and other templates such as about page, contact page, services page, and so on.

2. DentaCare

DentaCare is another template kit that uses native Elementor widgets only, which is perfect if you are an agency with the AGENCY plan of Elementor Pro. The designer of the template kit also used the Hello theme when creating the template, but again, you can import the DentaCare template kit regardless of the theme you use. DentaCare is especially a great fit if you are looking to create a website with a sticky header.

There is also a call-to-action button on its header. DentaCare includes sections like opening hours, appointment form, and FAQ on the homepage. The templates included in the kit includes a custom header for header and footer.

3. Dentario

Dentario offers three homepage templates to choose from. Plus, it offers pre-made footer and header templates, as well as the necessary page templates to create your dentist website. The template kit allows you to get your project done more quickly.

4. Denton

The main templates included in the Denton template kit includes two homepage templates and the templates for the core pages of your website such as the contact page and about page. In addition, the template kit also offers a template dedicated to creating the dentists’ profiles.

There is no appointment form section found on the templates offered by Denton, but it does a contact form section on the contact page template in case you need it. You can import the templates included on the Denton template without needing to install an extra Elementor add-on as the designers used the native Elementor widgets on all templates.

5. UrbanDental

Looking to create a dentist website that features an off-canvas menu? You can create an off-canvas menu in Elementor without installing an add-on thanks to its feature-rich popup builder feature. The designer of the UrbanDental template made use of the Elementor popup builder to offer an off-canvas menu (popup template included).

You can simply edit the popup template to edit the content of the off-canvas menu. The UrbanDental template kit offers templates for header and footer, other than core page templates. The header template offered by UrbanDental consists of two sections: the top section hosts opening hours, phone number, and a call-to-action button. While the lower section hosts the navigation menu, search icon and the hamburger icon for the off-canvas menu.

One of the page templates offered by UrbanDental is the Appoinment page. There is an appointment form section on this page. The UrbanDental template kit itself offers 17 templates in total. Some elements added to the templates are provided by the DethemeKit add-on, so you need to have it installed before importing the templates.

6. Meduvid

If you are looking for a dentist Elementor template kit that features an appointment form on its homepage, Meduvid is another option to take look at. Other handy sections available on the homepage are a before-after image and opening hours.

The before-after image is created using a widget from the ElementsKit add-on. You can replace the ElementsKit with JetElements or Happy Addons to add a before-after section as the two Elementor add-ons have a widget for the same functionality. The appointment form is created using Caldera Forms. You can replace it with the native Form widget of Elementor if you use the pro version.

7. Dentino

Dentino is another template kit that uses only the native Elementor widgets (free and pro). There are 13 page templates in the template kit, including a page template dedicated to creating an appointment page which contains an appointment form created using the native Form widget of Elementor.

8. Dentica

If you want to create a website that has a sticky header, Dentica is another template kit you can use. The header template included in the kit consists of two sections like UrbanDental above. The top section to place social media accounts, phone number, address, and email address. While the lower section is used to place the main navigation menu.

Dentica offers three homepage templates to choose from. Each of them contains an appointment form created with the native Elementor Form widget. The page templates included in the kit include homepages (three homepage templates), about page, contact page, service page, and team page.

The Bottom Line

Creating a dentist website from an Elementor template kit can save you a lot of time as creating the design concept is one of the most time-consuming parts in the web development process. While the template kits available the Elementor Kit Library are limited (there is only one template kit designed to create a dentist website at the time of writing), you can visit sites like ThemeForest if you need more template kit options. We have curated the best template kits from ThemeForest which are designed specifically to create dentist website.

Elementor itself already have the necessary elements/widgets to create a dentist website, including the Form widget to create the appointment form although it requires manual process to manage the appointment schedules. If you are looking for a complete appointment functionality, you can use JetAppointment which is designed specifically for Elementor-powered WordPress sites.

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