5 Best Conference Elementor Template Kits

Template kit is a useful feature from Elementor to allow you to get a website done more quickly. You can access the default template kits offered by Elementor by going to Templates -> Kit Library on your WordPress dashboard.

Don’t find the template kit you need? You can visit a website like ThemeForest to get Elementor template kits from third-party designers. If you are working a website of a conference and looking for an appropriate template kit, we have curated the best ones for you.

Best Conference Elementor Template Kits

1. Confrico

Our first recommendation of the conference Elementor template kit is Confrico. The template kit — which is available in an orange nuance — is designed specifically for conference and the similar features. Confrico is a great template kit if you accept ticket purchase via your website. There is a call-to-action button on its header which you can connect with a WooCommerce page or any page used to sell the ticket.

In case you didn’t know, Elementor (the pro version) comes with a WooCommerce Builder feature to create a customized WooCommerce website. The homepage of the Confrico template comes with sections like call to action, event schedules, pricing, a section dedicated to displaying the speakers list, and so on.

2. XEvent

WooCommerce is the best plugin to add an e-commerce functionality to your WordPress website. You can use if you want to sell accessories related to your conference. With Elementor Pro, you can customize the WooCommerce pages like the cart page, the checkout page, the shop page, the single product page and so on. XEvent is a WooCommerce-ready conference template kit. On the homepage of the template kit, you will find a section dedicated to displaying the WooCommerce products. XEvent itself also includes templates dedicated to WooCommerce: the single product page and the product archive page.

The XEvent template kit comes with 20 templates in total, including two homepage templates to choose from. It also offers two page templates dedicated to displaying the event schedules and two templates to display the speakers. Call-to-action buttons are available on some sections of its homepage. The designer uses the Hello theme from Elementor but you can import it no matter the theme you use. No need to install an extra add-on as the templates on the kit are created using Elementor only (free and pro).

3. Eventico

Form Builder is one of the features available in Elementor Pro. When it comes to conference site, you can use the Elementor Form Builder to create forms like a registration form, contact form, to email opt-in form. In Eventico, there are at least two page templates that contain a form: the contact page template and registration page template. The forms on these pages are created using the Form Builder feature of Elementor. No need to install a form builder plugin anymore. You don’t even need to install any add-on to import the template kit as the templates included on the are created using Elementor only.

Eventico offers four homepage templates to choose from. Sections like speakers list, sponsors list, pricing table, and Google Maps are available on the homepage. Four useful page templates included in the list are:

  • Schedule
  • Speakers
  • Venue
  • Registration

Of course, standard page templates like about page and contact page are also included.

4. Aquila

Looking for a conference Elementor template kit that offer a sticky header and off-canvas menu? Aquila is the perfect option to choose, then. It is a well-designed template kit to create a conference website just like other template kits above. The off-canvas menu offered by the template kit is created using Elementor Popup Builder. The popup template for the off-canvas menu is included in the kit. Also for the sticky header.

Aquila offers more than 25 templates in total. From page templates, Theme Builder templates, and popup templates. On the homepage, you will find sections like conference schedules, pricing table, list of speakers, and so on. Some elements on the Aquila templates are provided by DethemeKit. You need to have it installed on your website before importing the template kit. The add-on will be installed automatically if you import the template kit using Envato Elements.

5. Asterin

Asterin is another option if you want to create a website with an off-canvas menu. However, it has no sticky header like Aquila above. The template kit includes 19 templates in total. One of which is the popup template for the off-canvas menu. Asterin is designed specifically for marketing conference, but you can also use it to create any type of conference with some modifications.

The Bottom Line

When creating a website with Elementor, you have two options to start from. First, you can start from scratch. Second, you can start from a template kit. The second option is great in two conditions: you want to get your website done more quickly or you have no idea about the design of the website. Using a template kit, you can eliminate the time-consuming steps upfront such as creating the design concept and defining the style guide.

You can go to Templates -> Kit Library on your WordPress dashboard to access the default template kits created by the Elementor designer team. If you none of them suit your need, you can refer to a site like ThemeForest which has abundance collections of template kits. We have curated some of the best template kits on ThemeForest to save you time. Specifically, we curated the template kits for conference site.

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