6 Best Blogger Elementor Template Kits

Creating a blog using Elementor gives you many advantages. Say you have a blog in which the posts consist of three main categories: reviews, story, and news. You can use the theme builder feature of Elementor to create a different layout for each category. You can also add different elements to each layout.

For instance, for the review posts, you can add elements like dynamic star rating, while on the news articles you can add elements like news ticker. You can also add supporting elements like table of contents, email opt-in form, social sharing buttons, and so on. All these elements can be added without installing additional WordPress plugins.

Another advantage of creating a blog using Elementor is that you can design your blog homepage — as well as other pages — yourself. If you have no idea about the design, you can use a template kit. There are a bunch of Elementor template kits designed specifically for blog. Here are six of them.

Best Blogger Elementor Template Kits

1. Milan

Milan is an Elementor template kit that has a minimalist nuance. It is designed specifically for fashion blog. So, if you are a fashion blogger then the template kit is a great fit. You have two different single post templates to choose from. Also, the template kit offers three homepage templates. The template kit has a right sidebar to place the email opt-in form and posts which you can set the query yourself.

For instance, you can display articles under a certain category, latest articles, and so on. You can read our previous article to learn how to use the Posts widget. The Milan template kit includes 15 templates in total, including custom templates for header and footer, single post (two templates), and archive page templates (categories, tags, authors). It uses two font families: Barlow and Open Sans.

The two fonts are already available in Elementor by default. If you want it, you can use a custom font.

2. Skye

Skye is an Elementor template kit that has a feminine nuance so it is suited option if you are a female blogger, although you can also change the base color if you love the layout design offered by the template kit.

Same as the Milan template kit above, Skye is also created using Elementor only (Free and Pro), so you don’t need to install an add-on in order to make all elements work once you imported the template. Skye also offers more than one homepage templates (you have six templates to choose from). The email opt-in form is also available.

In addition to templates for the core pages, Skye also offers custom templates for theme parts like header, footer, single post, archive pages.

3. Katelyn

Katelyn is a great Elementor template kit to create a modern blog. It has unique layouts on some areas, as well as a great selection of font. Overall, the design offered by Katelyn is minimalist enough, yet modern and stylish.

You can use it to create any type of blog with some modifications. Katelyn offers three homepage templates to choose from. It is built with Elementor only just like the first two template kits above.

4. Karma

Have a plan to redesign your blog with Elementor? Karma is another template kit you can take a look at. It offers a modern design, with a unique homepage layout. You have three homepage options to choose from. Also, there are two single post templates, two header templates, and two footer templates included in the kit.

The template kit also includes custom templates for other theme parts such as the archive pages (categories, tags, and author), search results, and 404 page. Two fonts used on the template kit are Merriweather and Source Sans Pro. Both are already available in Elementor by default. The Karma template kit is created using Hello theme, but it works on other themes as well.

5. Especio

Are you a food blogger and want to redesign your blog? Especio is a great template kit for you then. The template kit can also be used to create other blog types such as lifestyle blog and fitness blog with some modifications and adjustments. Especio is created with Elementor only. No need to install an additional add-on to import it.

6. Vivere

If you want to create a blog with a minimalist nuance, Vivere is a great template kit to use. The template kit offers two homepage templates with each template has a white background. In addition, the template kit also offers the necessary page template as well as custom templates for theme parts.

There is also an email opt-in popup which you can connect with your favorite email marketing tools. Two fonts used on this template are Gothic A1 and Mr De Haviland. They are already available in Elementor by default.

The Bottom Line

Elementor is a great tool to create a WordPress-based blog, especially thanks to its theme builder feature that allows you to create custom templates for your theme parts. As a result, you have limitless customizations to customize your website. Not to mention the ability to create custom templates for custom post types as well as the ability to display the custom fields data.

You can go beyond with your blog. With Elementor, you don’t need to install an additional plugin to add elements like table of content, form, YouTube playlist, social share button, slider, gallery, and so on. Want to create a magazine-style blog? You can install add-ons like JetBlog to display blog posts in grid style and list style.

Whether you want to create a new blog or want to redesign your existing blog, the template kits we mentioned above are great options to consider.

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