5 Elementor Add-ons to Get Ready-Made Templates

You have two options to create a page in Elementor. If you have your own concept about page design of the page you want to create, then you can create your page from scratch. If you are running out of idea or new to Elementor, you can create your page from a ready-made template. Elementor offers hundreds of ready-made templates which you can access via the template library by clicking the folder icon on the canvas area within the editor. To be able to use all the Elementor templates available on the template library you need to use Elementor Pro as some templates uses widget that are only available on Elementor Pro. Some Elementor add-ons also offers ready-made templates other than widgets. We have collected some of those add-ons. Here is the list.

1. Happy Addons

Happy Addons is an Elementor add-on that offers handy features to save you time in creating a website. One of which is template library that offers hundreds of ready-made templates. After installing and activating the Happy Addons plugin, you will have a new button on the canvas area of the Elementor editor. Clicking this button will open the Happy Addons template library where you can access the ready-made templates offered by Happy Addons. The templates are grouped into two categories: block templates and page templates. You can simply click the associated tab to discover the templates on each category.

Most templates offered by Happy Addons themselves use the Happy Addons widgets although you might also find some native Elementor widgets on some templates. Happy Addons itself is released as a freemium plugin and the template library feature is available on both versions. However, you need to use Happy Addons Pro to use all the templates on the template library.

2. JetThemeCore

Elementor Pro comes with a theme builder feature that you can use to create custom header, custom footer, custom single post, and other custom theme parts. JetThemeCore has the same functionality in which you can use it to create custom theme parts. In addition, it also comes with a template library where you can access hundreds of ready-made templates. Same as Happy Addons, the ready-made templates offered by JetThemeCore are also well-organized to make it easier for you to find a template you need. JetThemeCore offers the following template categories:

  • Page
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Section
  • Archive
  • Single

You can click the tabs on the top side to switch between categories. On the left panel, you can browse sub-categories to find more specific templates for a page. For instance, if you want to create a team member page on your website, you can browse the ready-made team member section templates on the TEAM MEMBERS sub-category.

JetThemeCore itself is one of the Elementor add-ons from Crocoblock. It is part of JetPlugins and only available in a set. There is no option to get it as a separate plugin. Since JetThemeCore is developed by Crocoblock, most templates offered by JetThemeCore uses the widgets from add-ons like JetElements, JetBlog, and other add-ons developed by Crocoblock.

3. Templately

Templately is a WordPress plugin developed by WPDeveloper, the developer of the most popular Elementor add-on Essential Addons. Unlike the first two add-ons above, Templately doesn’t specifically offer Elementor add-ons. Instead, it also offers Gutenberg templates. In the future, it might also offer templates for other theme builders like Brizy and Divi Builder as well. Templately is especially a great option if you are an agency as it offers Elementor template kits so that you can get a project done more quickly. Templately is a cloud-based plugin, meaning that you can store your templates to the cloud to be accessed from anywhere. To be able to use it, you need to create an account first.

Since Templately is developed by WPDeveloper (who also develops Essential Addons), you need to have Essential Addons installed and activated on your WordPress site. Most templates offered by Templately have dependency on Essential Addons.

4. Envato Elements

Envato Elements can also be a great solution to get Elementor template kits if you are an agency that handle lots of projects. It is a better solution than Templately if you want to get your project done using Elementor only. All templates offered by Envato Elements uses the native Elementor widgets so that you don’t need to install additional add-ons. At the time of writing (March 30, 2021), Envato Elements already has over 2,000 ready-made templates you can choose from. They are also well-organized. You can find an Elementor template kit by category. Before you install a certain template kit, you can preview it first.

Looking for Elementor section templates? Envato Elemensts also offers them. You can find ready-made section templates from a wide range of categories. From pricing section, team member section, hero section, footer section, header section, and so on. Envato Elements is available as a free plugin. If you want to install a pro template kit, you need to subscribe to one of the Envato Elements paid plans.

5. Mighty Addons

Mighty Addons is another add-on you can install if you are looking to enrich your Elementor template kit collections. The add-on also comes with a template library where you can access ready-made templates to streamline your workflow. At the time of writing, Mighty Addons already has 27 template kits which you can use to create projects like yoga site, travel site, construction site, and so on. With each template kit consists of 5 templates in average, there are over 130 templates offered by Mighty Addons in total. Not to mention section templates which are also available.

The verdict

Time efficiency is sometimes crucial to a get a project done, especially if you are an agency. A page builder ecosystem — including Elementor — allows you to create a page from ready-made templates to allow you to get a project done more quickly rather than start everything from scratch. You can simply tailor the content after importing a template. Elementor offers hundreds of ready-made templates. If they are not enough, you can install an add-on that offers ready-made templates as we have just mentioned above. Envato Elements is the best option if you only want to use the native Elementor widgets.

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