3 Elementor Add-ons to Add Particle Effect

One of the features you can unlock after upgrading to Elementor Pro is the ability to add animation effects like parallax and sticky effect. Still, these are not enough for some users. For some certain projects, they want to add more advanced animation effects like particle affect. Elementor itself has no built-in feature to add this sort of animation effect. To accomplish it, you can install an add-on like JetTricks and Happy Addons. This post will show you how the best Elementor add-ons that you can use to add particle effect.

In the context of web design, particle effect refers to an animation effect (usually on the background) generated by JavaScript, via a library. particles.js is one of the examples of the JavaScript libraries to generate particle effect. Most Elementor add-ons use this library to offer particle effect feature.

Here are three of the Elementor add-ons that you can use to add particle effect to your page.

1. Happy Addons

The first Elementor add-on we recommend for adding particle effect is Happy Addons. It is arguably the best add-on to handle the job. The reason is nothing, but Happy Addons offers many options to control the particle effect. First, you can set the particle style. There are three particle styles offered by Happy Addons: NASA, snow, and polygon. Or if you want to use a custom particle style, Happy Addons allows you to customize via the particle on this page and then download the JSON code.

Happy Addons allows you to control the particle color, opacity, number of particles, particle size and the animation speed in case you want to customize the particle effect from the Elementor editor.

To be able to add particle effect using Happy Addons, you need upgrade to the pro version as the feature to add particle effect is only available on Happy Addons Pro.

2. Essential Addons

Particle effect is one of the features offered by Essential Addons Pro. Compared to Happy Addons, the options to control the particle are fewer. You can only select the particle type (there are four particle styles you can choose from). There are no options to set the particle color, particle size, or animation speed. If you want to have more controls to customize the particle, you can visit this page instead and paste the JSON code.

3. JetTricks

JetTricks is another add-on you can use to add particle effect to Elementor. Unlike the two add-ons above, JetTricks offers no option to customize the particle from the Elementor editor. You can only customize the particle yourself. JetTricks provides a link that refers to a page where you can configure the particle effect. If the code you generated from the provided page doesn’t work, you can configure the particle from the particle.js page instead.

JetTricks itself is one of the Elementor add-ons from Crocoblock which is designed specifically to add animation effects to Elementor. In addition to adding particle effect, the add-on also allows you to add parallax effect, tooltip, and hotspot.

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