4 Useful Elementor Add-ons for WooCommerce

Elementor allows you to customize your WooCommerce more effortlessly. You can customize the single product page, product category page, and so on using Elementor’s intuitive visual editor. To add more advanced features to your WooCommerce site, you can also install an Elementor add-on developed specifically for WooCommerce. We have compiled some of the best Elementor add-ons you to enrich the features of your WooCommerce-based online store.

Why do you need to install an add-on while you can customize your WooCommerce site with Elementor?

The WooCommerce builder feature of Elementor only allows you to customize the look of your WooCommerce site. You can customize the single product page, product category page, and so on, but there are no options to add new features such as advanced product filtering or a feature to allow your customers to compare products.

Here are some of the recommended Elementor add-ons you can install if you running a WooCommerce-based online store.

Useful Elementor add-ons for WooCommerce

1. JetWooBuilder

If you enjoy using Elementor due to its intuitive interface, yet still have some doubt to upgrade to the pro version, you can try JetWooBuilder instead. JetWooBuilder can replace the Elementor’s WooCommerce builder feature to allow you to create custom parts of your WooCommerce site such as the single product page, product category page, and so on. It offers some templates to save you time in creating a custom template.

JetWooBuilder adds about 40 WooCommerce-focused widgets to your Elementor.

Categories GridSingle Content Thumbnail
Products ListSingle MetaStock Status
Products GridSingle Related Products Count
Taxonomy TilesSingle SharingTitle
Single Add to CartSingle UpsellsDescription
Single ExcerptAdd To CartThumbnail
Single PricePriceProducts Notices
Single Reviews FormTitleProducts Pagination
Single TabsTagsProducts Loop
Single AttributesCategoriesProducts Ordering
Single ImagesRatingProducts Result Count
Single RatingSale BadgeProducts Navigation
Single Sale BadgeExcerptPage Title
Single Title

With those widgets, you have more options when creating a custom template for a certain WooCommerce part, say single product page. You can simplify your Elementor widget library by disabling the widgets you don’t need.

2. JetSmartFilters

As mentioned earlier, the WooCommerce builder feature of Elementor only allows you to customize the look of your WooCommerce site. There are no options to add features like an advanced filtering feature. JetSmartFilters allows you to add an advanced filtering feature like the one on Amazon and Wallmart where you can filter products by price, brand, rating, and other parameters.

Here are the widgets offered by JetSmartFilters:

Sorting FilterRange Filter
Rating FilterSelect Filter
Visual FilterCheckboxes Filter
Search FilterActive Tags
Radio FilterRemove Filters
Radio FilterActive Filters
Date RangeApply Button
Check RangePagination Widget

3. JetProductGallery

JetProductGallery is a great add-on if the products you sell have multiple images for a single item. This add-on allows you to display the product gallery in several styles.

4. JetCompare & Wishlist

WooCommerce has no default feature to allow consumers to add a product to the wishlist. It also has no feature to allow users to compare products. JetCompare & Wishlist add-on allows you to add those features to your WooCommerce site to offer a better user experience to your consumers. You can set the parameters by which you want to compare the products.

Where to get those add-ons?

The 4 add-ons above are developed by Crocoblock. You can get them individually or in a bundle. Here are the prices of the add-ons if you buy them individually.

  • JetWooBuilder: $43/year
  • JetSmartFilters: $43/year
  • JetProductGallery: $23/year
  • JetCompare & Wishlist: $15/year

Especially for JetWooBuilder, this add-on is available in a one-time purchase option in the Jupiter X theme bundle and Monstroid2 theme bundle. You can visit the Crocoblock official site if you want to buy the add-ons in a bundle.

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