Divi Supreme Review: A Great Plugin to Enrich Divi Modules

Looking for a plugin to enrich your editing experience with Divi? If yes, Divi Supreme is worth-trying. The plugin comes with a set new extra modules to allow you to add creative elements to your Divi design.

As you know, one of the biggest downsides of Divi Builder is that it comes with fewer design elements (modules) than other page builders. There are only about 39 regular modules (outside the WooCommerce modules) offered by Divi Builder in total. Way fewer than Elementor and even Brizy.

We have no idea why Elegant Themes (the developer of Divi) is so stingy about the modules. Probably, it wants to give more room for third-party developers to develop plugins.

Whatever the reason, you can install a plugin if you need more modules. One of the plugins you can install is Divi Supreme.

What is Divi Supreme?

You have just read above. That you can install a plugin if you need more modules on Divi Builder. Divi Supreme is one of the plugins you can install. It is one of the most popular Divi plugins. On the Divi Marketplace, Divi Supreme has been bought by over 3,000 times. While on WordPress plugin directory, the plugin has over 90,000 active installations.

Yes, Divi Supreme is available in two versions: the free version and the pro version. So, if you are curious about it, you can try the free version first before you buy the pro version. The free version of Divi Supreme comes with 21 modules, while the pro version offers 28 more modules. Thus, there are 59 modules offered by Divi Supreme in total.

In addition to modules, Divi Supreme also offers extra features to extend the functionality of Divi. One of which is popup builder which you can use to create popups.

Divi Supreme Modules

As mentioned above, there are 59 modules offered by Divi Supreme in total. They will start available on the Divi Builder editor soon as the Divi Supreme plugin is installed and activated on your WordPress site.

List of modules offered by Divi Supreme plugin.

Divi Supreme Free Modules:

Before/After Image SliderFacebook CommentsLottie
Business HoursFacebook FeedMenu
ButtonFlipboxPrice List
Caldera FormsGradient TextShapes
Contact Form 7Icon ListText Badges
Embed Google MapImageText Divider
Embed Twitter TimelineImage AccordionTyping

Divi Supreme Pro Modules:

Animated Gradient TextFacebook EmbedMask Text
Blob Shape ImageFacebook Like ButtonMasonry Gallery
Block Reveal ImageFloating Multi ImagesPost Carousel
Block Reveral TextGlitch TextScroll Image
Blog CarouselIcon DividerShuffle Letters
BreadcrumbsImage CarouselStar Rating
CardImage HotspotsText Notation
Card CarouselImage Hover RevealText Rotator
Content ToggleImage Text RevealTilt Image
Dual Heading

As you can see on two tables above, there are plenty of modules offered by Divi Supreme to allow you to add creative elements to your page, which you can’t do with the native modules of Divi Builder. For instance, you can add a Lottie animation using the Lottie module.

Divi Supreme is a great plugin to allow you to unleash your creativity when designing a web page using Divi Builder.

Divi Supreme Features

One of the notable features offered by Divi Supreme is a popup builder. The feature allows you to create popup using the Divi Builder editor. Meaning that you can create a beautiful popup in a visual way. No need to deal with code.

Divi Supreme also offers an element scheduler which you can use to set when a certain element (section, row, and module) to appear on a Divi-powered page or post.

You can control which features you want to enable from the settings page of Divi Supreme (by clicking the Divi Supreme menu on the WordPress dashboard).

The settings screen of Divi Supreme

Here are the notable features offered by Divi Supreme:

Popup Builder

Unlike Elementor and Brizy, Divi has no built-in feature to create a popup. Unless you have JavaScript and CSS knowledge, the only way to create a popup in Divi is by installing a plugin. Divi Supreme is one of the plugins you can install to create a popup in Divi. The popup builder of Divi Supreme supports four trigger types as follows:

  • On click
  • Page load
  • On scroll
  • Exit intent

The way Divi Supreme popup builder works itself is pretty similar to popup builder of Elementor and Brizy. First, you need to create the popup template (using Divi Builder, of course). Once the template is created, you can call it on any page or post using one of the supported trigger types above.

Unfortunately, Divi Supreme offers no ready-made popup templates so that you need to create the template yourself from scratch. Also, it supports no display condition so that the popup will only appear on a page where you call the popup.

Divi Supreme also makes it possible for you to add a video and open it in a lightbox.

Element Scheduler

The second notable feature offered by Divi Supreme is element scheduler. This feature is available on both versions of Divi Supreme. It allows you to show/hide certain elements on a certain period. The elements supported by this feature are section, row, and module. This feature will be useful if you have an e-commerce website and often run campaigns on certain events (yearend sale, midyear sale, holiday offers, and so on). With this feature you can create, for instance, a promotional banner to appear on a specific date and time.

The feature also offers options to allow you to effortlessly hide/show certain elements during work hours. When applying a show/hide schedule to an element, you can set the user state (logged in or not) and user role the schedule to be applied to.

Element scheduler itself can be accessed from the Visibility block under the Advanced tab on the settings panel.

Element Scheduler feature on Divi Supreme.

Theme Builder Header

The theme builder feature of Divi allows you to create a custom header for your WordPress site. This gives you more freedom to customize your site header. However, to apply certain effects, you need have CSS and JavaScript knowledge. Divi offers only one default effect you can apply: sticky effect.

Divi Supreme comes with a feature to make it easier for you to add certain effects to your custom header. One of which, you can apply the shrink on scroll effect. You can access this feature on the Easy Theme Builder tab on the Divi Supreme settings page on your WordPress dashboard.

The Verdict

Popup builder might is the most demanded feature by Divi users. Unfortunately, there is no sign that Elegant Themes will introduce the feature in the near future. At the time being, you can install a plugin if you want to create a popup on your Divi-powered WordPress site if you have no coding skills. Divi Supreme is by far the most reliable Divi plugin to create popups.

In addition to a popup builder, Divi Supreme also adds a set of modules to the Divi Builder to allow you to add more creative elements to a page. As you know, Divi Builder offers fewer design elements (modules) than other existing page builders. Divi Supreme helps fill the gap by adding 59 modules in total.

Overall, Divi Supreme is a great plugin. It allows you to enrich your experience in building a WordPress website with Divi. There are more options for you to unleash your creativity thanks to its rich module collections.

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