6 Divi Plugins to Create a Popup

One of the features that is not available in Divi is a popup builder. Whereas its competitors like Elementor (read: Elementor vs Divi) and Brizy have one. You can actually install the Bloom plugin, a popup builder plugin by Elegant Themes, to create a popup on your Divi-powered WordPress site. However, the use of Bloom is limited to email opt-in popup. Also, there is no option to create the popup using the visual editor of Divi Builder. You can install a plugin to create a beautiful popup using Divi Builder. Have no idea which plugin to use? We have compiled some options you can opt to.

One of the things you need to notice when selecting a popup builder plugin is the offered features. Particularly, you need to learn the trigger type offered by the plugin you want to use. For instance, if you want your popup to appear when a visitor clicks a certain element on a page, you need to make sure the popup builder plugin supports on click trigger. Here are some of Divi plugins to create a popup.

Divi Plugins to Create a Popup

1. DiviFlash

DiviFlash can be a great option if you are looking for a Divi plugin that can do many things. The plugin offers a set of extra modules to enrich your experience of building a WordPress website with Divi. You can add creative elements such ash star rating, Lottie animation, animated heading, and so on. Divi has no built-in modules to add these elements. Also, you can use DiviFlash to create a popup.

Popup builder is one of the features that DiviFlash offers. The feature allows you create stunning popups on your Divi-powered website using a visual editor. You can place your popup in any area of your website. At the bottom, at the top, or in the sidebar. You can use DiviFlash popup builder to create the following popup types:

  • Modal
  • Floating bar
  • Video popup
  • Full-screen popup

The display condition feature allows you to set on which pages the popup to appear. Whether on the entire website, specific page, or specific posts by taxonomies. Or you can also show up popup by user role. Furthermore, there are a wide range of trigger types you can set as well. From exit intent, page load, inactivity, and on lick.

2. Divi Overlays

Divi Overlays is the first plugin you can consider if you want to create a popup on your Divi-powered website. The plugin is designed specifically to create popups in Divi. You can use it to create a wide range of popup types, not limited to email opt-in popup like Bloom. Also, Divi Overlays allows you to design the popup using Divi Builder so that you can create a beautiful popup more easily. Divi Overlays supports both automatic triggers and manual triggers.

Automatic triggers:

  • Timed delay
  • Scroll delay
  • Exit intent
  • URL

Manual trigger:

  • On click

To use the on click trigger, you can use the Divi Button module. Or you can also use the manual trigger on Divi elements like section, and row. With a bit creativity, you can also use the manual trigger to create a full-width menu. Another appealing feature offered by Divi Overlays is the ability to set the location of the popup to appear. You can set the popup to appear on the entire website or specific page(s) only. There are also readymade popup templates to save you time in creating a popup. Divi Overlays is available on Divi Marketplace.

3. BrainConKit

Unlike Divi Overlays above, BrainConKit is a multipurpose Divi plugin. Meaning that it is not designed specifically to be a popup builder plugin. Popup builder is just one of the features offered by BrainConKit. With BrainConKit, you can add creative elements to your page using the offered modules like Video Popup, Icon Box, Image Masking, Lottie Animation, and so on. There are about 36 modules offered by BrainConKit in total.

The popup builder feature of BrainConKit itself supports the following trigger types:

  • Page load
  • Page scroll
  • On click
  • Exit intent

You can also set where the popup to appear. Whether on the entire website or specific page(s). With the popup builder of BrainConKit you can create popup types like promotional banner, email opt-in, welcome, and so on. BrainConKit is also available on Divi Marketplace.

4. Divi Supreme

Divi Supreme is one of the most popular Divi plugins. The developer strategy to release Divi Supreme as a freemium plugin makes it gain more users than other Divi plugins which mostly released as paid plugins. Divi Supreme is also designed to be a multipurpose plugin like BrainConKit above. The pro version of Divi Supreme comes with a popup builder to allow you to create a beautiful popup on your Divi-powered WordPress site. You can read our previous article to learn how to create a popup in Divi using Divi Supreme.

The popup builder feature of Divi Supreme itself supports four trigger types as follows:

  • On click
  • On page load
  • On exit intent
  • On page scroll

A downside of the Divi Supreme popup builder is that it doesn’t support display condition. You need a little trick to display a popup on the entire website.

5. Divi Areas Pro

Divi Areas Pro is a feature-rich popup builder plugin for Divi. It offers all features that all of the first three plugins above offer. Divi Areas Pro comes with more advanced features, though. Its display conditions feature allows you to set where the popup to appear. If you want it, you can also hide a popup on a certain device type (desktop, tablet, smartphone). Divi Areas Pro also offers more trigger types than other plugins above. Here are the trigger types offered by Divi Areas Pro:

  • On click
  • On hover
  • On page scroll
  • After delay
  • On inactivity
  • URL
  • Exit intent

Divi Areas Pro offers a dedicated tab on the settings panel of Divi to control your popup. You can see the tab after installing and activating the Divi Areas Pro plugin on your WordPress site.

The Divi Areas Pro plugin is developed by Divimode. The developer also offers the free version of its popup builder plugin with fewer features.

6. Divi Modal Popup

Another popup builder plugin you can use on your Divi-powered WordPress site is Divi Modal Popup. It is a more affordable solution compared other plugins above as you can get it at under $30. Divi Modal Popup allows you to create a modal popup. You can add content types like text and image to the popup. It is also possible to create a popup from a layout and then call it using the supported by trigger types. The trigger types offered by Divi Modal Popup are:

  • On click
  • On page load
  • Time delay

The on click trigger type can be implemented on Divi modules like Button, Text, and Image.

The Bottom Line

Being a paid member of Elegant Themes, you can install the Bloom plugin if you need to create a popup on your Divi-powered WordPress website. However, there is only one popup type you can create as we have mentioned earlier above. Plus, Bloom doesn’t allow you to create the popup from Divi Builder. Installing a plugin is a better idea to create a popup in Divi. You have more options to customize your popup. More importantly, you can make use of the Divi Builder visual editor to create the popup.

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