6 Best Divi Plugins

The power of community is what makes WordPress becomes so popular. As a company that develops WordPress themes and plugins, Elegant Themes understand this. That is why Elegant Themes allows third-party developers to develop plugins. The company even provides an official marketplace (called Divi Marketplace) where third-party developers can market their products. Not just Divi plugins, but also Divi child themes, and layouts. If you are a regular Divi users (not a developer), you can also visit Divi Marketplace to discover Divi plugins and other Divi products.

By the way, what is a Divi plugin?

Technically, a Divi plugin is a WordPress plugin. However, it is designed specifically to work with Divi. In other words, you need to have Divi installed on your WordPress site to use a Divi plugin. In most cases, a Divi plugin adds a set of modules to the Divi Builder editor which later you can use on your pages. As you might have known, Divi offers only 39 native modules.

Some Divi plugins also offer extra features to Divi, though. For instance, Divi Supreme offers a popup builder feature to allow you to create popups using Divi Builder editor.

If you are looking for a Divi plugin, here are five options you can consider. All plugins below are available on Divi Marketplace.

Best Divi Plugins

1. Divi Supreme

Divi Supreme might is the most popular Divi plugin in the market. The plugin is available in two version: free and paid. The free version of Divi Supreme is available on the official plugin directory of WordPress, while the paid version is available on Divi Marketplace. The free version comes with about 21 modules, including a module to add a Lottie animation and image comparison. Divi Supreme is a great option if you are looking for a plugin to enrich the Divi modules library. As you have known, Divi comes with only about 39 modules, way fewer than Elementor (read: Elementor vs Divi). Here are the modules offered by Divi Supreme (free and pro):

Gradient TextBusiness HoursScroll Image
FlipboxIcon ListCard
Text DividerShapesCard Carousel
ImageGlitch TextText Rotator Module
TypingIcon DividerBlock Reveal Image Module
ButtonFloating Multi ImagesBlock Reveal Text Module
Facebook FeedImage Hover RevealBefore After Image Slider Module
Facebook CommentsImage Text RevealLottie Module
Facebook Embed ModuleStar RatingText Notation
Like Button ModuleTilt ImageMasonry Gallery
Embed Twitter TimelineShuffle LettersBreadcrumbs
Contact Form 7Image CarouselContent Toggle
Caldera FormsDual HeadingBlog Carousel
Embed Google MapImage HotspotImage Accordion
Text BadgesAnimated Gradient TextPost Carousel
MenuMask TextBlob Shape Image
Price List

As you can see on the table above, there are some creative modules offered by Divi Supreme like Text Rotator, Scroll Image, and so on. You can also add social media elements like tweets and Facebook feed.

In addition to the modules on the table above, Divi Supreme also offers supporting features, including a popup builder to allow you to create popups using Divi Builder editor. Here are the additional features offered by Divi Supreme:

  • Popup builder
  • Element scheduler
  • Responsive viewer
  • Extra options for custom header template
  • Library widget

2. Divi Plus

Popup builder is one of features that absence from Divi. If you need this feature, Divi Plus is one of the Divi plugins you can install. You can use the popup builder feature of Divi Plus to create modal popups. Divi Plus also comes with a feature to allow you to add an AJAX-based live search on your website. Divi Plus itself comes with over 50 modules to enrich the modules library of Divi Builder. With Divi Plus modules, you can add creative elements to your page like image carousel, highlighted text, vertical timeline, image mask, image hotspot, and so on.

Here are the modules offered by Divi Plus:

Products Carousel for WooCommerceLottie AnimationText Separator
Products Grid for WooCommerceFloating ImagesShadow Separator
Products Categories for WooCommerceScroll Image ModuleBusiness Hours
Interactive Image CardBar Counter ModulePrice List
Modal PopupTilt Image ModuleCaldera and Contact Form 7 Styler
Content ToggleTeam SliderFAQPage Schema
TimelineStar RatingHowTo Schema
Live SearchTestimonial GridFacebook Comments Module
Text HighlighterTestimonial SliderFacebook Like Module
Blog SliderAdvanced Divi ButtonsFacebook Page Module
Masonry GalleryBreadcrumbsFacebook Share Module
Image AccordionFlip BoxFacebook Embedded Comment
Image CardFancy HeadingFacebook Embedded Post
Image HotspotGradient TextFacebook Embedded Video
Logo and Image CarouselImage Text MaskTwitter Embedded Tweet
Image MaskText AnimatorTwitter Follow
Image Card CarouselTyping EffectTwitter Share
Image MagnifierSeparatorTwitter Timeline
Before After Image Comparison SliderIcon Separator

Divi Modules also offers over 250 pre-made section layouts to streamline your workflow in creating a page. Also, it comes with child themes.

In addition to the modules above, Divi Plus also offers extra features. Including a feature to add a particle background to a section as well as visibility manager to control elements based on the user state (logged in or not). Here are the extra features offered by Divi Plus:

  • Element scheduler
  • Visibility control
  • Particle background
  • Divo library shortcode

3. Divi Blog Extras

Do you want to create an online magazine with Divi? If so, then Divi Blog Extras is the plugin you can use. The function of this plugin is pretty similar to JetBlog in Elementor. You can use it to display articles on your website in a wide range of styles. Grid in particular. There are over 10 layout options offered by Divi Blog Extras. In addition to allowing you to display articles in several styles, the plugin also comes with handy features like AJAX navigation and post read time.

4. DiviMenus

Divi Builder comes with a module called Menu. You can use this module when creating a custom header using Divi Builder. However, the customization options offered by the Menu module tend to limited. You can use the DiviMenus plugin to create a more creative menu on your Divi-powered WordPress site. The plugin allows you to create menu types like mega menu, off-canvas menu, slide-in menu, and so on. The plugin itself adds a new module called DiviMenus to Divi Builder. Same as other plugins above, DiviMenus is also available on Divi Marketplace.

5. Divi Essential

Just like the name suggests, Divi Essential is a Divi Plugin that adds essential modules to Divi Builder, allowing you to add more elements to your page. The plugin offers over 60 modules in total, including social modules (Facebook and Twitter), module to add a glitch text, module to add image magnifier, module to add a floating element, and so on. Here is the list of modules offered by Divi Essential:

Text AnimationText HighlightFloating Element
3D Flip BoxGradient TextNext Step Flow
Flip BoxText MaskNext Lottie
ReviewMulti HeadingHotspot
Next BlurbGlitch TextMasonry Gallery
Logo CarouselText Color MotionImage Magnifier
3D Cube SliderText Stroke MotionTimeline Module
CarouselHover HighlightFacebook Comments
Gallery SliderText StrokeFacebook Embedded Comments
Creative TeamText DividerFacebook Embedded Posts
Team Member OverlayText Tilt EffectFacebook Embedded Video
Team Overlay CardMega Image EffectFacebook Like
Team Social RevealCircular Image EffectFacebook Page
Next PersonImage Hover Box EffectFacebook Share
Next ButtonUltimate Image EffectTwitter Timeline
Next Dual ButtonImage Icon EffectTwitter Tweet
Price ListMinimal Image Hover EffectTwitter Follow
RatingImage Scroll EffectTwitter Button
Image RevealBusiness HourNext Before After
Next DividerPromo BoxImage Accordion
Testimonial SliderFeature List

To streamline your workflow, Divi Essential also offers pre-made layouts for most modules so that you don’t need to make the customization from scratch. Divi Essential also allows you to apply image masking for the following modules:

  • Next Blurb
  • Next Promo Box
  • Next Flip Box
  • Next Step Flow

6. Divi Flash

If you are running a blog or WooCommerce store using Divi, DiviFlash will be the perfect toolkit for customization. Because this plugin is focused on diversifying existing modules on the market like carousel, gallery, and custom post types. They have almost 40+ powerful Divi modules listed below:

Advanced HeadingDual ButtonImage Masking
Advanced BlurbAdvanced TabsBusiness Hours
TableAdvanced TableAdvanced Person
Animated HeadingFlip BoxTilt Card
Hover BoxImage Hover BoxImage Accordion
Before After SliderFloating Multi-ImageImage Hotspot
Typewriter TextAdvanced Image GalleryJustified Image Gallery
Packery Image GalleryImage CarouselLogo Carousel
Content CarouselTestimonial CarouselBlog Carousel
Instagram CarouselProduct CarouselCPT Carousel
Blog GridCPT GridFilterable CPT
Product GridLottieContent Toggle
Instagram GalleryWP Form StylerContact Form 7 Styler

With these modules, they also offer you 7+ niche & profession-specific pre-made full website layout packs. When you need section design, it comes with 220+ ready-to-use section layouts that will help you get your design done in minutes.

In addition to providing advanced functionality and leveraging DIVI & WordPress default limitations, it also includes divi extensions like:

  • Divi shortcodes
  • Menu customizer
  • SVG & JSON file format support
  • ACF field support

The Bottom Line

Divi — which is developed by Elegant Themes — is a popular theme that comes with a built-in page builder — Divi Builder. You can make use of Divi Builder to create beautiful pages on your WordPress site in a visual way. Divi Builder comes with about 39 native design elements (called modules), fewer than other page builders like Elementor and Brizy. Fortunately, Divi has an open ecosystem that allows third-party developers to create plugins to enrich the Divi Builder modules library. We have curated the best plugins you might need. All plugins above are available on Divi Marketplace.

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