How to Jump Between Elements Effortlessly in Divi Builder with Layers View

Recently, Elegant Themes introduced a new navigation feature called Layers View. This feature is pretty similar to Elementor’s Navigator. It allows you to go to a certain element (section, row, column, module) without disabling the live preview mode.

This feature is especially quite useful if you are editing a long, complex page that consists of lots of elements. Not only you can use Layers View to navigate to a certain element, but you can also use it to manage the elements within your page. You can even edit an element.

Take a look at the video below.

How to Use Layers View

To use Layers View, simply click its icon on the bottom side of the Divi Builder front-end editor. The Layers View panel will appear immediately. Or you can also click the three-dot icon on an element and select Go To Layer. You can move the Layers View panel anywhere to make the element you want to edit keep visible.

If you don’t see the Layers View icon, make sure you have updated your Divi Builder to the latest version.

Here are the things you can do with the Layers View feature of Divi Builder.

  • Navigate to an Element, be it a section, a row, a column or a module.
  • Rename an element.
  • Edit an element.
  • Duplicate an element.
  • Delete an element.
  • Move an element.
  • Search an element.
  • Filter elements by type (section, row, column, module).
  • And much more.

If you often create a long, complex page that consists of many elements with Divi Builder, this new navigation feature is certainly something you have been waiting for. You can now effortlessly navigate to an element and edit it without disabling the live preview so every change can be seen in real-time.

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