10 Hand-Picked Divi Child Themes from the Marketplace

Looking to create a new website with Divi? If so, starting from a child theme can be a great solution to get your website done more quickly. We have curated the best Divi child themes available on the Divi Marketplace.

What is a child theme, by the way?

In the context of WordPress, a child theme is some kind of a sub-theme whereby it is created based on a parent theme. Divi — as you know — is one of the most popular WordPress themes. Some Divi users prefer to use a child theme for several reasons. Of which is regarding workflow.

As mentioned above, starting your Divi website from a child theme allows you to get your website project done more quickly as Divi child themes mostly offers pre-designed page layouts and site parts such as header and footer. Some Divi child themes even offer a one-click installation to streamline your workflow.

On the Divi Marketplace, you can find tons of Divi child themes created by third-party creators. We have curated the best ones you can use on your next project.

Multi-Purpose Divi Child Themes

1. Milly

The first Divi child theme we recommend is Milly. It is especially the perfect option if you want to create a portfolio website although you can also use it for other website types as well. The child theme offers a clean design with a soft color selection. One of the features offered by Milly is popup. The child theme allows you to use any section on Divi Builder as a popup. The popup can be triggered with a click. By the way, we have a dedicated post covering how to create a popup in Divi.

Want to create an e-commerce website with Divi? Milly also offers pre-made layouts designed for WooCommerce.

  • Creator: Ania/Divi Lover

2. Avanti

Looking for a more affordable Divi child theme? If so, you can give Avanti a try. This child theme offers a more complex design than Milly above, but it also has a good reception by the Divi community, indicated by its five-star rating on average. Avanti itself is a multipurpose theme. You can use it whether to create a portfolio website, a company profile website, photography website, to e-commerce website. It offers pre-made page layouts — complete with demo content which you can import with a single click.

In total, there are over 60 page layouts offered by Avanti. Some layouts come with an eye-catching custom animation. Furthermore, Avanti offers custom slide-ins which you can use them to attract your visitors to contact you as each slide-in comes with a contact form created with the Contact Form module.

  • Creator: Mark Hendriksen

3. Molti

If you are looking for a Divi child theme that offers several header designs, Molti might is a good fit for you. The child theme offers 6 different header designs, as well as 6 different footer designs. There are two homepage designs you can choose from. In total, there about 16 page layouts offered by Molti. In addition to two homepage layouts, you will also get about page layout, contact page layout, and soon.

Molti itself uses orange as the base color. Of course, you can change it according to your own color scheme. Molti also offers a one-click demo import.

  • Creator: Samar Jamil

4. Revent

If you love to add hover animation to your website, Revent might is the child theme you are looking for. The child theme offers hover effects on some elements on its homepage — and other pages. Speaking of homepage, Revent offers four homepage layouts you can choose from. All layouts use blue as the base color. The Revent child theme itself is great to create the website of financial-related business such as financial advisor, accountant, and investment advisor.

  • Creator: Divi Awesome

5. Clara

Looking to create a website for a female professional? Clara is a great option, then. The Divi child theme offers a feminine design, which is suited for women. You can use the child theme to create a website for a female blogger, photographer, designer, and other professions.

Clara offers only a single homepage layout, but there are 4 hero section layouts included on the package. Also, the child theme offers four different header styles.

  • Creator: Mark Hendriksen

6. Divi Photo Portfolio

If you want to create a photography website with Divi, Divi Photo Portfolio is a child theme you can consider. The child theme is designed specifically for photography portfolio. It comes with features like image gallery, video gallery, contact form, full-screen menu, Instagram photos on the footer, and so on. The child theme is bundled with extra plugins to add masonry gallery and Instagram integration.

The Divi Photo Portfolio offers 8 homepage layouts you can choose from, including the homepage template that adopts dark mode concept. Furthermore, the Divi photography child theme comes with two photography-style blog page layouts.

  • Creator: Destaca Imagen

7. Kali

If you want to create a website that has a slide-in menu, Kali is a Divi child theme you can consider. In addition, the child theme also offers features like toggle-powered pricing table and one-click demo installation. The child theme itself is great to be used to create the website of creative agency and digital agency. It comes with only a single homepage option, but you have 4 different hero sections to choose from.

  • Creator: Mark Hendriksen

8. Orion

Looking to create a property listing website with Divi? Orion is the perfect child theme you can use, then. The child theme is bundled with a plugin called Directorist, a plugin to create a listing and directory website with WordPress. The Orion child theme comes with handy features like filtering feature on the homepage to make it easy for your visitors to filter the listed properties. It also has a front-end submission feature whereby users can add their listing item.

Another worth mentioning feature offered by Orion is a popup containing a login form. The popup will appear when you click the login button on the header. The child theme itself offers 7 homepage options you can choose from. Oher page layouts included on the package include search page, blog page, contact page, and so on.

  • Creator: DesignPik

Divi Child Themes for WooCommerce

1. Divi Cart

Looking to create an e-commerce website with Divi? If so, Divi Cart is the child theme you can use. Divi, as you know, has a WooCommerce Builder feature to allow you to create a WooCommerce-powered e-commerce website with your own design. Divi already comes with tens of modules designed specifically for WooCommerce. With Divi Cart, you will get even more WooCommerce modules. The child theme offers 5 extra modules for WooCommerce. No need to install an extra plugin to get the modules. You will get them after installing and activating the Divi Cart child theme.

Divi Cart offers 5 different homepage layouts to choose from. In addition, it also comes with supporting page layouts, including blog page layouts, shop pages, and so on. Divi Cart is created by Divi Extended, the developer of Divi Plus plugin and Divi Blog Extras plugin.

  • Creator: Divi Extended

2. Fashion

Fashion Divi Child Theme

Fashion is another Divi child theme designed specifically for an e-commerce website. More specifically, it is designed for an apparel website. So, if you want to create an e-commerce website that sells apparel products, Fashion is a perfect option for you. The child theme offers 6 homepage layouts you can choose from whereby each of them is commerce-optimized. The child theme also offers 3 shop page layouts whereby each of them comes with a handy filtering feature.

What about header and footer? Unfortunately, Fashion offers only a single style for both header and footer.

  • Creator: Destaca Imagen

The Bottom Line

There are several options you can choose to create a WordPress-based website with Divi. While you can create your website from scratch, starting from a child theme can be a smarter option to get your website done more quickly. Elegant Themes — the developer of Divi — offers an official marketplace whereby creators can sell their Divi products, including child themes. There are hundreds of child themes available on the Divi Marketplace. Selecting them yourself can take some time. That’s why we created the list. You can pick the one according to the type of the website you want to create.

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