How to Display the Copyright Year Dynamically in Elementor

As website owners, you should protect the rights of the website copy. Adding the website copyright statement to your site’s footer is the solution to protect your rights as the website owner. It protects your content, images, logo, etc.

So, what is website copyright format? The copyright statement commonly includes the copyright symbol © and the word ‘Copyright.’ It also consists of the date of content (page/post) published or at least the current year.

This article will show you how to display the copyright year dynamically in Elementor. You only need to set the copyright year once; it will dynamically display according to the content published (current year).

How to Display the Copyright Year Dynamically in Elementor

Alright, let’s get started!

First, open your Elementor editor and go to your site’s footer. You can click here if you don’t have a footer and want to learn how to make the footer on your site.

Once you open your footer, navigate to your copyright statement if you’ve already made it. But, if you don’t create the copyright statement yet, you can create it first by adding the Text Editor or Heading widget to your footer, then add the text.

As you can see from the image above, we’ve already added the copyright statement to the site’s footer. The problem is the copyright year is still 2021 (the current year is 2022). So, we need to make it dynamically display according to the content published (current year).

On your widget settings (Text Editor or Heading), click the Dynamic Tags icon (≣), which brings you to the Dynamic Tags option list. Afterward, please select the Current Date Time option.

Note: You can copy your copyright statement text and paste it into another document, such as Notepad or TextEdit. It will be helpful to step later.

Next, go to Settings by clicking the Current Date Time settings icon (🔧). Here, you need to apply some changes as below:

  • Date Format: Custom
  • Custom Format: Y

As you can see from the image above, the copyright year is displayed according to the current year.

Once you have done with the Settings section, go to the Advanced section and click on it. In this section, you will see the two options you should fill in the text of each field to complete your copyright statement (Before and After).

  • Before: The text is placed before the copyright year.
  • After: The text is placed after the copyright year.

That’s it. Now your copyright year is dynamically displayed. Don’t forget to publish or update your project by clicking the PUBLISH or UPDATE button. Once you publish or update your project, you can test it by visiting your page in a new window.

The Bottom Line

This article shows how easily you can display the copyright year dynamically in Elementor. Applying this tutorial will anticipate a wrong year on your copyright statement in case you forget to update it. It’s also can maintain your website’s credibility because your copyright year is constantly updated.

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