How to Display Last Updated Date in Elementor

If you write an article on your WordPress site — a how-to article in particular — you need to regularly edit it in order to make it keep relevant. The problem is, your readers will never know the last updated date of your article unless you display the date. This article will show you how to display the last updated date of an article in Elementor.

In WordPress itself, there are several ways to display the last updated date of an article, depending on the theme you use. In most cases, you can display the last updated date by adding a new function on the functions.php file of your theme.

When creating a single post template with Elementor, you can use the Post Info widget to display the post meta (date, author, and so on). By default, there are four pieces of information displayed by this widget: Author, Date, Time and Comments. You can edit one of those items — or add a new one — to display the last edited date.

Displaying Last Updated Date in Elementor

First off, drag the Post Info widget to an area where you want to display the last edited date. Next, go to the left panel to make the settings. Select one of the items (or add a new one) and change its type to Custom.

Click the Dynamic Tags icon on the Custom option and select Post Date.

Click the wrench icon on the Post Date field and change the type to Post Modified. Set the date format by clicking the dropdown menu on the Format option.

To add a text before or after the date, you can click the Advanced option.

The Bottom Line

Not only displaying the last updated date of an article is important to let your readers know that the article they are reading is updated. It’s also important for an SEO purpose. Search engines tend to love webpages that are regularly updated because this means that the articles are more relevant to the readers.

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Aliko Sunawang

Aliko Sunawang

Aliko is a WordPress expert and lead blogger at WPPagebuilders. He has been blogging with WordPress since 2012. He is responsible of all content published on this website.
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11 thoughts on “How to Display Last Updated Date in Elementor”

  1. Thanks, I knew there was a way to do this, but for some reason I couldn’t figure it out. I have added this to all of my post templates. Is there a way to implement “time to read”
    (in minutes) in Elementor or would I need an additional plugin?

  2. I’m trying to determine how to use this type of block with DynamicConditions so as to only show it when the post has been updated. If anyone knows how to manage that, I would appreciate it. I know how to do it with my own PHP code, but I’ve been utilizing the plugins on a site, and I figure I should go ahead and attempt that method first.

  3. But this “Updated” text is showing for every post, I want the text shows only updated posts. How it’s possible?


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