How to Disable Full-Site Editing in Divi

Full-site editing (FSE) is becoming a new buzzword on the WordPress sphere. It is a concept that allows you to edit the footer, header, and a page (e.g., homepage) of your website from the same screen. While FSE is finally available in the WordPress core, the same feature has been available for a quite while in page builders. Elementor has introduced the feature in version 2.9 (which was released in 2020), while in Divi, the feature started available in version 4.12 (read: Elementor vs Divi).

While FSE is touted to help save you time in editing the parts of your websites, it is not really well-welcomed by some WordPress users. Fortunately, Divi gives you an option to disable the feature if you don’t like it.

To disable full-site editing in Divi, first, edit a page/template using Divi Builder just like you usually do. Once the Divi Builder editor opens, click the three-dot icon on bottom side to show the menu bar.

On the menu bar, click the three-dot icon on the bottom-left corner and disable the Theme Builder Template Editing option.

That’s it. You should now see no green handles to edit the footer and header of your site. You can put your focus on the page you are currently editing without any distraction.

Please note green handles (meaning that FSE mode is active) are only visible if you have both custom header and custom footer created with Divi Theme Builder. You won’t see the handles if you use the default header and footer of Divi.

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