How to Disable AI Feature in Elementor

Numerous software companies have embraced the integration of generative AI capabilities into their products, and Elementor is no different. As a prominent software development company renowned for its WordPress industry-leading page builder, Elementor swiftly incorporated AI features with Elementor AI.

Elementor AI is seamlessly integrated within the Elementor platform, enabling users to effortlessly generate various content types, including text, original images, custom code, and more, all without the need to switch between different tools or tabs. With the introduction of Elementor Pro version 3.13 in May 2023, users can easily spot a new icon designed for generating AI content.

While generative AI can be a valuable feature for many users, some may find it unnecessary or even bothersome. Regrettably, Elementor lacks a built-in option to disable the AI icon. However, if you wish to turn it off, you can follow our guide below without needing to install an additional plugin just for this purpose.

Disabling the AI Feature in Elementor

The AI icon which you can find on most elements and settings in Elementor has e-ai-button as its CSS class selector. Using that class, you can hide the icon by using the none value in the display property in a custom CSS.

.e-ai-button {
  display: none;

However, since you need to use editor style to extend it to the Elementor editor, you cannot just add that CSS directly to the Elementor custom code or your theme customizer additional CSS.

Instead, you can use your theme functions.php file which you can access from the Appearance → Theme File Editor or other means (such as using the Code Snippet plugin) that allow you to add_action to your WordPress website. Below is the code snippet to disable AI in Elementor and the illustration of how to add it to the functions.php file.

add_action('elementor/editor/before_enqueue_scripts', function () {
    echo "<style>";
    echo ".e-ai-button {display: none;}";
    echo "</style>";

If you’re working with a block theme, you can find the Theme File Editor menu located within the Tools menu.

Once you’ve clicked the Update File button, the AI icon will no longer be available from your Elementor editor until you deactivate the previous code.

The Bottom Line

While generative AI is widely appreciated for its content creation capabilities, there exist segments of the population who oppose it for various reasons. As an end user, having the choice to activate or deactivate the AI feature within the software you utilize is important. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with Elementor. To disable the AI feature in Elementor, you will need to make some adjustments which we showed you in this tutorial.

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Hendri Risman

Hendri Risman

Hendri is a WordPress expert and a writer staff at WPPagebuilders. He writes solutions on how to get things fixed in WordPress a lot. Mostly without involving a plugin.
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  1. Took things further for those of us who build custom Elementor extensions and need a function that’s easily extensible to target certain settings, copy this to your theme, child theme functions.php, or plugin, and edit the controls array with your own settings names.

    Hopefully, they make a disable option in add_control() in the future, AI generative copy doesn’t apply to every input.


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