How to Disable AI Feature in Divi

Update: Elegant Themes finally decided to offer a built-in option to disable the AI feature started in Divi 4.22.1. You can find the option on Role Manager (Divi -> Role Manager).

AI — or generative AI more precisely — is a new trend in the tech world. Lots of software companies have applied the generative AI feature to their products by utilizing the existing LLMs. Those in the WordPress scene are no exception. Elegant Themes is one of the software developer companies in the WordPress scene that has implemented generative AI on its product: Divi.

Starting from version 4.22.1, Divi users can generate text and image content right from the Divi Builder editor using AI. Starting from this version, you can see a new button and icon dedicated to generating the content.

While many users might find the generative AI is a handy feature, there are some might find it useless or even annoying. Unfortunately, Elegant Themes offers no built-in option to disable the AI button on Divi. If you want to disable it — regardless of your reason — you can follow the steps below.

Disabling AI Feature in Divi

In Divi, AI feature is represented by a button and icon, which you can find on most modules. Both the AI button and icon have CSS class selectors. With that said, you can modify their look if you want to. Or, you can hide them using the none value on the display property. Have no CSS knowledge? No worries, you can simply copy the following snippet., {
display: none !important;

You can place the above snippet to the Custom CSS field on Divi Theme Options. On your WordPress dashboard, go to Divi -> Theme Options. On the General tab, scroll down until the Custom CSS section and paste the code to the available editor. Click the Save Changes button to apply the code.

That’s it. You should no longer see the AI button and icon on your Divi Builder editor.

The Bottom Line

Generative AI is still debatable, and seems always will be. While many consider it useful in content creation, there are group of people against it for numerous reasons. As an end user, you should have an option to either enable or disable the AI feature on the software you use. Unfortunately, the case isn’t so in Divi. You need to make some tweaks to disable the AI feature in Divi.

If you have multiple Divi-powered WordPress websites and want to disable the AI feature on them all, you can make use of Divi Cloud to ease your job. You can store the above snippet to Divi Cloud and load it on every website you want to disable the AI button on.

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    • Starting from Divi 4.22.1, you can disable AI from Role Manager. Go to Divi -> Role Manager on WP dashboard to access it.


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