How to Customize Text in tagDiv Composer

tagDiv Composer is a great page builder to create an online magazine, blog or other dynamic website types. However, it’s a bit harder to use, at least if compared to Elementor or Divi Builder. In some settings that involve numbers — such as text size, padding, and margin — you have to enter the numbers manually. Another thing that is a bit hassle to do is customizing the text. This post will show you to customize a text in tagDiv Composer.

We have actually written this article in case you are new to tagDiv Composer. However, since the article would be too long if we write every single setting in that article, we decided to write a separate article dedicated to text customization.

How to customize text in tagDiv Composer

Just like other page builders, tagDiv Composer also allows you to customize a text such as changing the font, setting text color, setting the font size, setting the font family, setting the font style, and so on. However, as we have mentioned earlier. Customizing a text in tagDiv Composer is a bit hassle. On the settings block where you can customize a text, there are no labels that tell you about what you can do with a setting option (except the text color). Also, to set the font size, you need to enter the number manually.

There are several tagDiv Composer shortcodes that involve text settings:

  • Column text
  • Text with title
  • Page title
  • Inline text
  • Testimonial
  • Text with image
  • Title
  • Text with title
  • Title over image
  • Column title
  • And so on

Add one of the shortcodes above to the canvas area. We add the Column Title shortcode in this example.

Hover your mouse over the shortcode you have just added and click Element to turn the shortcode into an editing mode then go to the left panel to customize it.

You can customize the text from the STYLE block under the General tab on the left panel.

  • Set the text color

To set the text color, click the color selector on Title color (this label can be different depending on the shortcode). For the Column Title shortcode, there are two colors you can set: normal condition and hover. You can either use a solid color or a gradient color.

  • Set the font size, vertical gap and horizontal gap (space between letters)

As mentioned, you need to enter the number manually to set the font size. You can enter the number on the tiny field under the text icon. To set the vertical gap, you can enter the number next to the font size. To set the space between letters, you can enter the number on the letter spacing icon (right-most).

  • Set the font family, font transform, font style, and font weight

On the same row where you set the font size above, you will find several other setting options: font family, font style, font transform, and font weight. You can click the tiny arrow icon to set these settings.

If you want to add more advanced customizations — such the background color, margins, and paddings — you can go the Css tab.

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