How to Customize the Heading Elements on a Custom Single Post Template in Elementor

You might have known it that you can create a custom single post template on your WordPress site in a visual way using Elementor Pro. No need to deal with code. You can add and customize any element to your liking using the available Elementor widgets. One of the crucial widgets you need to add when creating a custom single post template is the Post Content widget. The widget is used to display the content of your blog post.

The Post Content widget offers the ability to customize the body of the blog post such as text size, text color, font family, and so on. Unfortunately, there are no options to customize specific elements of the post body such as heading elements and block quote.

Is there a way to customize the heading elements if you create the custom single post template using Elementor. This post will show you how.

Customizing the Heading Elements on a Custom Single Post Template in Elementor

When you create the custom single post template using Elementor, the elements of the post body (except the main post body) are still controlled by your WordPress theme. Elementor has a feature to override the heading style of your theme. To do so, open the Elementor editor by editing a page with Elementor. Next, click the hamburger icon on the top-left corner and select Site Settings.

Once the Site Settings panel opens, click the Typography settings block.

As you can see, there are several elements you can customize here, including the heading elements. You can customize the typography and set the text color. Simply click the color picker on each heading level to set the text color and click the pencil icon to set the typography.

Make sure to click the UPDATE button on the bottom side to apply the changes you made.

The Bottom Line

Site Settings is an Elementor feature introduced in version 3.0. The feature it aimed at controlling your site settings, so that no matter the theme you use, you can apply settings to your site according to what you want. All settings you made here will override the settings you made via theme customizer. From Site Settings, you can customize the elements on the blog post template such as headings (as we have just covered above), form fields (comment fields), button, and link.

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