How to Customize Header on Jupiter X Theme

Updated: May 25, 2021

Every part of the Jupiter X theme is customizable, including the header. In Jupiter X, you can customize the header whether using Elementor or Jupiter X’s default theme part customizer. You can customize the Jupiter X header using Elementor since Jupiter X is an Elementor-based WordPress. Most components of this website are built with Elementor. In Jupiter X, Elementor is one of the required plugins you need to install. Another required plugin is Jupiter X Core.

Jupiter X Core plays a role to provide an additional GUI to the WordPress theme customizer. This GUI can be used to customize the Jupiter X theme parts, including the header.

Customizing the Jupiter X Header Using the Default Theme Part Customizer

To customize the Jupiter X header using the default theme part customizer, you can open the WordPress theme customizer (Appearance -> Customize). The first thing you want to do might is to change the site logo. To do so, open Site Identity -> Site Logo.

There are 8 different logo types you can upload.

To start customizing the header, open the Header section and set the header type to Default.

As you can see, there is an option to set the alignment (left or right), to enable the overlap content option, and to enable the full-width option. On the Display Elements section, you can hide/show the elements you want. In the Behavior section, you can set the behavior of the header. Whether static, fixed, or sticky.

To customize the look of the header, you can open the Styles tab. There are five elements you can customize their look: logo, menu, submenu, search, container. Click the Customize button on the element you want to customize.

Let’s take an example.

To customize the menu, you can click the Customize button on the Menu element. From the appearing window, you can set things like the color of the background, font style, font size, font color, hover color, and so on.

Don’t forget to click the Publish button to apply the changes you have made.

Customizing the Jupiter X Header Using Elementor

To customize the Jupiter X header via Elementor, you also need to go to the WordPress theme customizer (Appearance -> Customize). Open the Header section, set the header type to Custom and select a header template you have. Click the Edit button to edit the header template you selected. This will open the Elementor editor.

You can use the Elementor editor to customize the header template. You can add any element you want to the header. To customize an existing element (widget), click the widget handle to turn it into an editing mode and go to the left panel to customize it.

If you want to create a new header template, you can click the New button on Jupiter X theme part customizer window.

Or you can also go to Templates -> Saved Templates. Open the Header tab and click the Add New button.

Give your header template a name and click the CREATE TEMPLATE button.

Jupiter X offers 20 header templates that you can use to save you time in creating a header template. Select a template you like and click the INSERT button to load it to the Elementor canvas.

Again, you can use the Elementor editor to customize the header template. You can add any widget you want. Once you are done, click the PUBLISH button to publish your header template. To use it, you can select it via the Jupiter X customizer window when you select the header to Custom.

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