How to Customize Footer on Monstroid2 Theme

Just like most WordPress themes, the parts of the Monstroid2 theme are also customizable, including the footer. However, since Monstroid2 is an Elementor-based theme, the way to customize its footer is a bit different. You won’t be able to customize the footer of Monstroid2 via WordPress’ Customize menu.

Each Monstroid2 skin has a unique, customized footer. If there are parts you want to change, you can go to the template library of Monstroid2 (Monstroid2 -> My Library) to re-customize the footer. Hover your mouse over the footer and click Edit with Elementor. Make sure to select the active footer if you have multiple footer templates on the template library.

You will be taken to the Elementor editor to edit the footer. Here are some basic things you might want to re-customize.

  • The background color

Before changing the background color, figure out how many sections used by the footer. You can use Elementor’s Navigator feature to do so.

Activate (select) a section via Navigator and go the Style tab on the left panel. Change the background color by clicking the color selector on the Color section under the Background option.

As you can see, there are several other styling options you can apply such as shape divider, border, background overlay, and so on.

  • Links, social media icons, and description

The default content on the Monstroid2 footer depends on the skin you install. To edit the default content, you can click the widget of each content to turn into an editing mode (you can also use Navigator). Then go to the Content tab on the left panel to replace the default content.

If there are styling options you want to change (such as font color and font style), you can go to the Style tab on the left panel.

Don’t forget to update the template once you are done customizing it to apply the latest changes.

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