Crocoblock Review: A Great WordPress Toolkit for Agencies

If you are an Elementor user, chances are you have heard about Crocoblock. It is the developer of JetPlugins, a set of Elementor add-ons. Each add-on on the JetPlugins set adds a specific functionality to Elementor. For instance, JetMenu add the functionality to create a mega menu, while JetBooking add the booking functionality.

All add-ons on the JetPlugins set are available as paid add-ons. You can get them individually or in a set. In addition to JetPlugins, Crocoblock also develops Elementor add-ons that are released for free. We will cover them shortly. But first, let’s get to know more about Crocoblock.


In addition to Elementor, JetPlugins from Crocoblock now also supports Gutenberg.

Who is Crocoblock?

Elementor, the most popular WordPress page builder plugin, was released back in 2016. It offered some advantages compared to the existing page builders, including its very intuitive visual editor that became the main reason many users loved it. But more importantly, Elementor had an open ecosystem that allows third-party developers to develop add-ons.

These two parameters were enough to convince the Crocoblock team to develop an exclusive add-on set for Elementor which was then known as JetPlugins.

Referring to this page, JetPlugins was released in 2018, about two years after Elementor was released. The Crocoblock team itself is based in Ukraine. According to this page, they have offices in two different cities in the country.

Crocoblock Products

As we described above, Crocoblock is the developer of JetPlugins, a set of premium Elementor add-ons. There are 18 add-ons in the JetPlugins, which you can get whether individually or in a set. Regarding the payment, Crocoblock accepts subscription-based payment and one-time purchase option.

In addition to JetPlugins, Crocoblock also develops free Elementor add-ons which you can get on WordPress plugin directory.

Premium Elementor Add-ons from Crocoblock

1. JetElements

New JetElements banner.

Compatibility: Elementor

If you use Elementor Pro, you have over 80 widgets that you can use on your design. If they are not enough, you can install an add-on that offers widgets you need. JetElements is an Elementor add-on from Crocoblock that offers creative elements. Using this add-on, you can display Instagram feed on the page you are working on.

You can also use the plugin to create a map with multiple pins. JetElements itself offers 40+ Elementor widgets in total, including widgets dedicated to WooCommerce. Here are the Elementor widgets offered by JetElements.

Lottie FilesContact Form 7Horizontal Timeline
Countdown TimerButtonTestimonials
Bar ChartInstagram FeedResponsive Tables
Interactive Animated BoxSubscription FormVideo Player
Section ParallaxDropbarPrice List
WooCommerce Products WidgetCustom Post GridTeam Member
Top Products WidgetImage Grid LayoutVertical Timeline
Best SellersBannerCircle Progress Bar
Sale ProductsImage Comparison SliderAnimated Text
Featured ProductsAdvanced CarouselAnimated Flip Box
Recent ProductsSliderPie Chart
Download ButtonPortfolio GalleryProgress Bar
WeatherPricing TableScroll Navigation
ServiceHeadlineInline SVG
Advanced MapAudio PlayerLogo Showcase

2. JetTricks

New JetTricks banner.

Compatibility: Elementor

The pro version of Elementor comes with a feature to create a sticky column and section. JetTricks offers the similar functionality whereby you can use it to create a sticky column. In addition, JetTricks also allows you to add some animation effects like hotspot markers, animated “view more” pagination, satellite effect, and parallax effect.

JetTricks will add the following widgets after being installed and activated.

  • Image Tooltips
  • HotSpot
  • Sticky Column
  • Section Particles
  • Read More Expand
  • Unfold Text
  • Satellite
  • Parallax Scrolling Effect

3. JetEngine

New JetEngine banner

Compatibility: Elementor, Gutenberg, Bricks

One of the features offered by Elementor Pro is the ability to add custom fields. To create custom fields, you can use plugins like ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), Pods, or Metabox. If you prefer a single solution, JetEngine is a great fit. The add-on can be an alternative to Elementor Pro’s feature to add custom fields.

Not only you can use JetEngine to create custom fields, but you can also use it to create custom post types, custom forms, custom taxonomies, dynamic calendar, and dynamic map. JetEngine is a perfect option if you want to create a listing website with Elementor.

4. JetSmartFilters

New JetSmartFilters banner

Compatibility: Elementor, Gutenberg, Bricks

On e-commerce sites like Amazon and Walmart, you can filter items based on many parameters. From brand, price range, features, and so on. JetSmartFilters allows you to add that kind of filtering feature. Not just WooCommerce products, JetSmartFilters allows you to filter a wide range of content types, including post types.

JetSmartFilters is compatible with Elementor Pro, ACF, WooCommerce, JetWooBuilder, and JetEngine. Once installed and activated, JetSmartFilters will add the following widgets that you can use to filter your content:

  • Sorting Filter
  • Rating Filter
  • Visual Filter
  • Search Filter
  • Radio Filter
  • Date Range
  • Check Range
  • Range Filter
  • Select Filter
  • Checkboxes Filter
  • Active Tags
  • Remove Filters
  • Active Filters
  • Apply Button
  • Pagination

5. JetBooking

New JetBooking banner.

Compatibility: Elementor, Gutenberg, Bricks

You can use Elementor to create any type of website. But for a certain website type, like a booking site, you need to install an add-on. JetBooking is an Elementor add-on dedicated specifically to adding a booking functionality to your Elementor-powered WordPress site. The add-on allows you to accept booking from your client.

You can integrate it with Google Calendar and iCal. For the payment option, you can integrate JetBooking with WooCommerce to allow you to accept payment via PayPal, credit card, and other payment options supported by WooCommerce.

6. JetAppointment

New JetAppointment banner

Compatibility: Elementor, Gutenberg, Bricks

Just like the name suggests, JetAppoinment allows you to add appointment functionality to your Elementor-powered WordPress site. It is a great add-on to create a website project that involve appointment transaction such as dentist, lawyer, psychology, beauty service, and so on. JetAppointment — as well as JetBooking — requires JetEngine to work properly.

JetAppointment offers some appointment features like the ability to add holidays and rest days to a schedule, the ability to adjust the default schedule for all the services, the ability to arrange the buffer time before/after the service sessions, and so on. You can also integrate JetAppoinment with WooCommerce for the payment.

7. JetWooBuilder

New JetWooBuilder banner

Compatibility: Elementor

JetWooBuilder allows you to customize every single part of your WooCoomerce-powered site. From the shop page, single product page, product category page, checkout page, to customer account page. You can create a custom template of those parts using the visual editor of Elementor. JetWooBuilder comes with a bunch of WooCommerce-oriented Elementor widgets.

To streamline your workflow, JetWooBuilder also offers ready-made templates you can choose from.

Here are the widgets offered by JetWooBuilder:

Category GridStock Status (Archive)Cart Empty Message
Products GridSale Badge (Archive)Cart Table
Products ListRating (Archive)Cart Cross Sells
Taxonomy TilesPrice (Archive)Checkout Payment
Single SharingExcerpt (Archive)Checkout Coupon Form
Single Add to CartCategories (Archive)Checkout Order Review
Single AttributesAdd to Cart (Archive)Checkout Billing
Single ContentTitle (Archive Category)Checkout Shipping Form
Single ExcerptThumbnail (Archive Category)Checkout Login Form
Single ImagesDescription (Archive Category)Checkout Additional Form
Single PriceCount (Archive Category)Thank You Order
Single RatingProducts Result Count (Shop)Thank You Order Details
Single Related ProductsProducts Pagination (Shop)Thank You Customer Address Details
Single Reviews FormPage Title (Shop)My Account Logout
Single Sale BadgeProducts Ordering (Shop)My Account Dashboard
Single UpsellsProducts Notices (Shop)My Account Registration Form
Single TitleProducts navigation (Shop)My Account Login Form
Single TabsProducts Loop (Shop)My Account Address
Title (Archive)Products Description (Shop Product)My Account Order
Thumbnail (Archive)Cart Return to ShopMy Account Downloads
Tags (Archive)Cart TotalsMy Account Details

8. JetProductGallery

New JetProductGallery banner

Compatibility: Elementor, Gutenberg

In many cases, a WooCommerce product has more than one images. JetProductGallery allows you to display the images of a product on the single product page as a gallery. JetProductGallery is a great complement to JetWooBuilder.

You can display the product gallery in a grid style or slider style. JetProductGallery adds the following widgets to your Elementor:

  • Gallery Grid
  • Gallery Anchor Navigation
  • Product Images Widget
  • Product Gallery Slider

9. JetCompare&Wishlist

JetCompare&Wishlist add-on from Crocoblock

Compatibility: Elementor

It’s a common habit of buyers to compare two or more products before they buy a certain item. Neither Elementor nor WooCommerce offers a feature that allows aspiring buyers to compare products. If you want to offer a product comparison feature on your e-commerce store, you can use JetCompare&Wishlist.

In addition, JetCompare&Wishlist also makes possible for you to add a feature to allow your customers to add a product to a wishlist. JetCompare&Wishlist adds the following widgets once installed and activated:

  • Wishlist Widget
  • Wishlist Count Button
  • Wishlist Button
  • Compare
  • Compare Count Button
  • Compare Button

10. JetPopup

New JetPopup banner

Compatibility: Elementor, Gutenberg

As you have known, the pro version of Elementor comes with a popup builder feature to allow you to create beautiful popups without coding. If you don’t use Elementor Pro and prefer to use an alternative instead to create popups, JetPopup is the answer. JetPopup is an Elementor add-on from Crocoblock designed specifically to create popups with Elementor.

The features offered by JetPopup are not much different from the Elementor’s popup builder whereby you can display a popup based on a certain action. It also supports display conditions to allow you to set where a popup to appear. Also, it offers ready-made popup templates you can make of to streamline your workflow.

In case you are curious, you can visit our previous article to learn Elementor Pro’s popup builder vs JetPopup.

11. JetReviews

New JetReviews banner

Compatibility: Elementor, Gutenberg

Whether you have an e-commerce site that sell tangible products or intangible products, engagement is the aspect you can’t ignore. JetReviews is an add-on that allows you to increase engagement by allowing your users to leave reviews, comments, and likes.

You can also use the add-on to add a dynamic review to a page. After installing and activating the JetReviews add-on, you will see two new widgets on Elementor: Reviews Listing and Static Review. You can use the Reviews Listing widget to add dynamic review and the Static Review widget to add a static review.

12. JetMenu

New JetMenu banner

Compatibility: Elementor, Gutenberg

Elementor has no built-in feature to create a mega menu or off-canvas menu. If you want to create those menu types, JetMenu is an add-on you can use. You can use JetMenu whether on Elementor Pro or Elementor Free.

If you use JetMenu on Elementor Free, you need an add-on that allows you to create a custom header (e.g., JetThemeCore) since Elementor Free doesn’t allow you to create one. JetMenu offers three widgets that you can use to add a navigation menu to your custom header:

  • Mega Menu
  • Vertical Mega Menu
  • Hamburger Menu

13. JetBlocks

Compatibility: Elementor

You can use the JetBlocks add-on to add more elements to your custom header like a login icon, signup icon, search icon, and so on. JetBlocks also allows you to create a sticky section. JetBlocks comes with the following widgets:

  • Shopping Cart Icon
  • Registration Form
  • Auth Links
  • Hamburger Panel
  • Login
  • Search
  • Navigation Menu
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Logo Site

14. JetSearch

New JetSearch banner

Compatibility: Elementor, Gutenberg, Bricks

JetSearch is an Elementor add-on from Crocoblock that allows you to create an AJAX-based search results page. Unlike the native Search Form widget of Elementor, JetSearch displays the search results as you type the keyword on the form. No need to hit enter button. Also, you can filter which content types you want to include and exclude on the search results.

Apart from Elementor, you can also use JetSearch on Gutenberg and Bricks Builder as Crocoblock has extended its compatibility. The plugin is great to use on a website that has multiple content types.

15. JetBlog

New JetBlog banner

Compatibility: Elementor

JetBlog is the add-on you need if you want to create an online magazine with Elementor. The add-on allows you to display blog posts in a grid style as well as a list tyle. It also allows you to embed a YouTube playlist in case you have a YouTube channel and want to display your channel to an Elementor page. JetBlog also comes with a widget to display newsticker.

Here are the widgets offered by JetBlog:

  • Video Playlist
  • Text Ticker
  • Smart Posts Tiles
  • Smart Posts List
  • Posts Navigation
  • Posts Pagination

16. JetTabs

New JetTabs banner

Compatibility: Elementor

Elementor has a Tabs widget that you can use to display content in a tabbed interface, be it vertical or horizontal. However, you can only add the content to the tabs from the default editor. There is no option to add the content from a template.

JetTabs is a solution if you want to add the content to the tabs from a template. Thanks to this feature, you can display the content on your website in a more compact way. You can, for instance, display blog posts from distinct categories on different tabs (by creating the template of each category first). JetTabs also allows you to create an image accordion.

JetTabs itself comes with the following widgets:

  • Switcher
  • Tabs
  • Accordion
  • Classic Accordion

17. JetStyleManager

Compatibility: Gutenberg

JetStyleManager is an Elementor add-on designed to streamline your workflow whereby it allows you to save a widget you have customized for recurring use.

18. JetThemeCore

New JetThemeCore banner

Compatibility: Elementor, Gutenberg

One of the features offered by Elementor Pro is theme builder which allows you to create a custom header, custom footer, custom single post template, and other theme parts. JetThemeCore offers the same functionality as Elementor Pro’s theme builder.

In addition, JetThemeCore offers ready-made templates to streamline your workflow in creating a page.

Apart from Elementor, you can also use JetThemeCore on Gutenberg.

Free Elementor Add-ons from Crocoblock

1. JetWidgets

You can say JetWidgets as the lite version of JetElements. If you have not enough budget to upgrade to Elementor Pro or buy JetElements, JetWidgets can be one of your answers. The add-on offers a widget to create an email opt-in form (only supports Mailchimp), a widget to create a team member section, a widget to create a pricing table, and a widget to style up a Contact Form 7 form in Elementor.

There are 9 widgets offered by JetWidgets:

  • Advanced Carousel
  • Animated Box
  • Headline
  • Image Comparison
  • Images Layout
  • Posts
  • Pricing Table
  • Services
  • Subscribe
  • Team Member
  • Testimonials
  • Contact Form 7

2. JetWooWidgets

JetWooWidgets is the lite version of JetWooBuilder. It comes with three widgets to display your WooCommerce products on an Elementor-powered page. The widgets are:

  • Products List
  • Products Grid
  • Categories Grid

3. JetSticky

Elementor Pro comes with a feature to add a sticky effect to a section and widget. If you have no reason to upgrade to Elementor Pro — other than its feature to add sticky effect — you can install JetSticky. The add-on allows you to add a sticky effect to both a section and a column.

After installing and activating the add-on, you will see a new option under the Advanced tab on the Elementor settings panel to set the sticky effect. You can find the setting option when editing a section or column.

4. JetGridBuilder

JetGridBuilder is an Elementor add-on aimed at helping you to create a grid layout on Elementor. You can then add the content to the grid layout you have created. Be it blog posts, pages, WooCommerce products, and even JetEngine listing. Unfortunately, you can only add a static content to the grid. There is no option to add dynamic content.

The Verdict — Crocoblock Review

The Crocoblock team consists of experienced WordPress developers who have been on the web creation industry for years. When Elementor first emerged, they saw it had a bright future and what they predicted was not wrong. Today, Elementor has transformed into the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress. Crocoblock — with its JetPlugins — is one of the key players in the Elementor ecosystem. JetPlugins is a great toolkit to create a WordPress-based website with Elementor.

JetPlugins is especially a great solution for those who love Elementor, yet don’t like the concept of subscription-based payment option. As you know, Elementor only accept subscription-based payment. Although you must spend more capital upfront, the one-time purchase option makes it easy for you market your service as you don’t need to charge extra yearly fee to your clients. Crocoblock has offered a great alternative to Elementor Pro, which is perfect for agencies.

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