How to Create a YouTube Playlist in WordPress Using Brizy

Updated: November 5, 2020

If you are a YouTuber and want to create a website to strengthen your personal brand, that’s great. And WordPress is the best tool to create your website. Once your website is ready, you can display your featured videos in a playlist to make it easy for your fans to find your best videos. If you use Brizy to build your WordPress-based website, you don’t need to install a new plugin only to create a YouTube playlist as Brizy comes with an element to create a YouTube playlist. The element is called Playlist.

Not only you can use the Playlist element to create a YouTube playlist, but you can also use it to create a Vimeo playlist in case you are a Vimeo user. In this article, we will show you how to create a YouTube playlist in WordPress using Brizy.

How to create a YouTube playlist in WordPress using Brizy

Brizy is a freemium WordPress page builder plugin and the element to create a YouTube playlist is only available on the pro version. So, to be able to create a YouTube playlist you need to upgrade your Brizy to the pro version in case you haven’t done so. One thing to note that the Playlist element only allows you to create a new playlist. It doesn’t allow you (or maybe not yet) to load the existing YouTube playlist on your account.

If you are new to Brizy, you can read our previous article to learn how to use Brizy. In this article, we will go straight to adding the Playlist element.

First off, drag the Playlist element to the canvas area.

As you can see, you have two videos on your playlist by default. Click one of the videos followed by the play icon on the appearing settings bar. On the Type option, leave it to default (YouTube) as you want to create a YouTube playlist. Enter your first YouTube video URL. You can then open the Advanced tab to disable/enable some options like branding and controls. If you want to use a custom cover, you can open the Cover tab.

You can click the remaining video to add the second YouTube video and follow the same steps as we covered above. To add more videos, you can duplicate one of the existing videos by clicking the two-paper icon on the settings bar. Don’t forget to replace the video URLs.

Styling up the playlist

Once done adding the videos to the playlist, you can start to style up the playlist to make it look more compelling. First, you can set the orientation (vertical or horizontal). To do so, hover your mouse over the playlist and click the tiny grey icon on the top-right corner. On the appearing settings bar, click the play icon and select the orientation you like from the Position option.

To set the width of the playlist and the thumbnails area (sidebar), you can click the gear icon on the settings bar.

To set the typography (font family and font size) of the video titles and sub-titles, you can click one of the videos and click the Typography tab on the appearing settings bar.

To set the text color, play button color (custom cover only), and icon color, you can click the Colors tab on the settings bar. From this tab, you can also set the color of the background of the thumbnails area.

That’s it. You can play around until you get satisfied with the result. Once done, you can click the tiny arrow button on the bottom-right corner and click the Publish Page button to publish your page.

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  • I was just looking for solutions on how to add youtube to your website. But is it possible to add a playlist with all your videos there thanks to the code for adding (embedding) content?


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