How to Create a Slider in WordPress Using Brizy

On most page builder plugins — including Elementor and Divi Builder –, the element to add a slider is only available on the pro version. It doesn’t apply to Brizy. In Brizy, you can add a slider to the page you are creating even if you use the free version. We will show you it in this article.

Unlike Elementor, Divi Builder, tagDiv Composer, or other page builders, Brizy doesn’t specifically provide an element to create a slider. Instead, to add a slider to a page, you can turn a block into the slider. Before turning a block into a slider, you can add any element you want using the available elements on the left panel.

Creating a slider in WordPress using Brizy

Start by creating a new page (Pages -> Add New) and edit it with Brizy by clicking the Edit with Brizy button. You will be taken to the Brizy editor after clicking the button. On the Brizy editor, click the plus button on the canvas area to add a new block.

You can either use a premade block template or add the content to the block yourself from scratch. In this example, we will use a premade template. Simply click the template you want to use.

Click the mixer icon on the top-right corner of the block to show the settings bar. Click the screw icon and toggle the Make it a Slider option.

As you can see, the block will automatically turn into a slider, which consists of two slides. To add more slides, you can click the mixer icon once again and click the two-paper icon. To delete a slide, you can again click the mixer icon, followed by the trash can icon.

To edit the content of each slide, you can simply click the elements on each slide to open the settings bar. To switch between slides, you can use the navigation (be it dots or arrows).

If you want to set the slider to a full-width mode, you can click the mixer icon on the slider block. Click the gear icon and set the Width option to Full. You can also set the height of the slider from the Height option.

To set the color of the navigation (dots and arrows), you can click the mixer icon. Click the Colors tab. Simply click the Dots sub-tab to set the color of the dots and the Arrows sub-tab to set the color of the arrows.

You can use a different color for each state (normal and hover). You can click the icon on the right side of the settings bar to switch to the normal state and hover state.

That’s it. You can publish your page once you are done editing the content of all slides. You can click the tiny arrow icon on the bottom-right corner and select Publish Page to publish your page.

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