How to Create a Real Estate Website with Jupiter X Theme

Do you want to create a website for your real estate business? Do you know that you can create a website without hiring a website developer? This post will show you how to create a real estate website yourself using Jupiter X.

What is Jupiter X?

Jupiter X is a WordPress theme developed by Artbees. It is a multipurpose theme that you can use to create any website type, including a real estate website. Jupiter X comes with over two hundred premade website templates. A website template allows you to have a complete website with a single click, literally single click.

Jupiter X theme has about three templates designed specifically for real estate websites. You can simply select the one you like and install it. Just like that! Let’s get started.


Before getting started, you definitely need to prepare the required components first. In this context, the components you need are a domain name, hosting, and Jupiter X theme itself.


Every website has a domain name. A domain name is an address where people can access your website. is an example of a domain name. You can get a .com domain for $8 to $ 14 depending on the provider you buy from.

What about hosting?

It is a place (server) where your website is hosted. Think of a web hosting as a house and a domain as address of the house. You can buy a domain and hosting from different providers, but we strongly recommend you buy them from the same provider since buying a domain and a hosting from different providers require extra configuration.

Jupiter X Theme

You can get Jupiter X on ThemeForest for $59. It uses Elementor as its default page builder. If you still have some doubt to buy this theme, you can read the Jupiter X theme review we have written.

Getting started

Once your domain and hosting are ready to use and you have bought Jupiter X theme as well, you can start to create your website. Let’s get started.

Install WordPress

cPanel comes with a feature — called Softaculous — that allows you to install WordPress effortlessly. Login to cPanel on your hosting provider and scroll down to the SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER section. Find the WordPress icon and click.

On the next page, click the Install Now button.

Select a domain you want to install your WordPress on as well as the protocol (we suggest you choose https:// as it is more secure). On the In Directory field, set it empty to install WordPress on the root directory. If this field contains a text (“wp” in most cases), simply delete it. Give your site a name and write the description on the Site Settings section. On the Admin Account section, set username and password. You will this username and password to login to your WordPress dashboard. Click the Install button on the bottom side to start installing WordPress.

Wait a moment until Softaculous is done installing your WordPress. Once done, you can visit to login to your WordPress dashboard.

Install the Jupiter X theme and the real estate template

Once your WordPress is ready, you can start installing the Jupiter X theme. We have a separate article on how to install the Jupiter X theme. Please go for it and read it. We will straight to installing the real estate template in this post.

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Jupiter X -> Control Panel.

On the Jupiter X Control Panel page, click the Templates tab. Type “real estate” on the search field to find a real estate website template. Choose a template you like and click the Import button to import it. You can also preview it first.

Select the importing mode you want and click the Install button. For a brand new website, you can select the Full import option. This option will install the demo content and the required plugins.

Wait until Jupiter X is done installing the template.

Until here, you have done installing your real estate website. Visit your domain name to check it.

Editing the content

Jupiter X has prepared everything for you, including the core pages (homepage, about page, contact page, and so on), header, footer, demo content, and custom post type to add the listing items.

Editing the core static pages

The static core pages we mean here are the homepage, contact page, and about page. You can check the static pages created by Jupiter X by going to Pages -> All Pages on your WordPress dashboard.

Hover your mouse over a page you want to edit and click Edit with Elementor. You will be directed to the Elementor editor to edit the page.

On the Elementor editor, you can edit the default content (text, image, link, and so on). You can also add a new widget if you want it. If you are new to Elementor, you can read the Elementor beginners’ guide we have written before. Click the UPDATE button on the bottom side on the left panel once you are done editing the page.

Editing the header

Once you are done editing the core pages, you can switch to the header. To edit the header, go to Templates -> Saved Templates.

On the Saved Templates page, go to the Header tab. Hover your mouse over the existing header template and click Edit with Elementor.

Same as the core pages, you can also edit the default content of your header. You can check what widget used to display the menu items. If the widget is Navigation Menu, you can edit the labels on each menu item via WordPress menu manager.

Switch back to the WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance -> Menus.

Open the existing menu item to edit its label. You can change the label on the Navigation Label field. Click the Save Menu button once you are done editing the menu labels.

Editing the footer

To edit the footer, go to Templates -> Saved Templates. On the Saved Templates page, go to the Footer tab and hover your mouse over the existing footer template and click Edit with Elementor.

Edit the content just like when you’re editing the header content as well as the core pages content. Once done, click the UPDATE button to update the footer.

Editing the listing items

The real estate website template of Jupiter X comes with a custom post type (called Properties). To edit the existing properties, go to Properties -> Properties.

Select an existing property you want to edit. Hover your mouse over it and click Edit to edit it.

Replace the default content (title, description, property ID, property type, location, price, images, category, and so on). Click the Update button to apply the new changes.

To add a new property item, you can simply go to Properties -> Add New.

Jupiter X is an Elementor-based WordPress theme. Every part of this theme can be customized via Elementor. As you are getting more familiar with Elementor, you can customize the parts to your liking. You can also customize the listing template, property archive template, and so on. You can go to Templates -> Saved Templates to edit all of the existing templates.

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