How to Create a Password Protected Page in Elementor

Sometimes, when creating a new page or post in WordPress, you want to make it accessible only by certain parties. For instance, you might want to create a classified page that can be accessed by your teammates only — using a password. If you have an Elementor-based website, you can create a password protected page using Essential Addons.

A brief into about Essential Addons

Essential Addons is an Elementor add-on developed by It has a feature to create a password protected page or post on your WordPress site. Essentials Addons is a freemium add-on, but the feature to password-protect a page is only available on the pro version. No worries, there are lots of other features offered by this add-on, including a feature to create an advanced map, display your Instagram feed, display your last posts, and so on. Plus, it has a cheaper price compared to other popular premium Elementor add-ons such as PowerPack and Ultimate Addons.

How to use Essential Addons to password-protect a page

You can use Essential Addons whether to protect a page or a blog post. In addition to protecting your page with a password, you can also set a content restriction by user role. Only users with the specified roles are able to access the content.

To get started, create a new page (Pages -> Add New) or post (Posts -> Add New) and edit it with Elementor.

Before you start editing your page, set the page layout first. To do so, click the gear icon on the bottom-left corner on the left panel. Set the page layout from the Page Layout dropdown.

Add a new section by clicking the plus button on the canvas area and select a structure according to the design concept you want to create. Once the section is added, add the Protected Content widget by dragging it from the left panel to the canvas area.

The first thing you need to do next is adding the content to the page. There are two options offered by Essential Addons. You can add the content from a template (Elementor template) or create new content. If you prefer to create new content, you can use the provided editor.

If you prefer to use a template, set the content type to Saved Template and select an existing template from the dropdown menu beneath it.

Open the Protection Type settings block to select a protection type. To password-protect your page, you can select Password protected from the Protection Type dropdown. Set the password on the Set Password field.

Open the Message settings block to set your message. Essential Addons also allows you to add the message from a template. You can set the message type from the dropdown menu on the Message Type section.

Until here, your page has been protected. But before you publish, you can go to the Style tab on the settings panel to style up the content locker. Open the Message block to style your message. You can set the typography (font size, font style, font family) by clicking the pencil icon on the Typography option. To set the text color, you can click the color selector on the Text Color section. You can also select the alignment from the Align section.

To style the password field, you can open the Password Field settings block. You can set the input width, the alignment, border radius, and background color.

Lastly, you can open the Button block to style the button. You can also set the typography by clicking the pencil icon on the Typography section, background color by clicking the color selector on the Background Color section, and text color by clicking the color selector on the Text Color section.

There are several other styling options you can set. You can play around on the Style tab until you get satisfied with the look of the content locker. Once done, click the PUBLISH button to publish your page.

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