How to Create a Contact Form in Brizy

A contact page is one of the most valuable pages on the website. Maybe you are wondering about that. The contact page is a short web-based form published on a website. To make it easier for your visitors to reach you out, you can provide a contact form on the contact page of your website. It can leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Luckily, with Brizy, you can easily create a contact form. Brizy comes with a native element — the Form element — to allow you to add a form to a page. This article will show you how.

The Form element itself is available on Brizy Free and Brizy Pro. Of course, the pro version will give you more features than the free version. The differences feature between the free and pro version will be explained later.

Steps to Create Contact Form in Brizy

Step 1: Add a Form Element to the Contact Page

Go to your Brizy editor. You can create new content (post/page) or select existing content. Select the Form element from the elements panel and then drag and drop it into the canvas area.

As shown in the GIF above, you’ve got three different field elements. The following fields are the email field, select field, and paragraph or text area field. You can format and customize the form, and also, you can load different things and add extra fields as per your preference.

Step 2: Customize the Form

In this example, we will make minor changes to the default form. What we are going to do here is only change the format field as below:

  • 1st field: Change the field type to Text and edit the field text to Name
  • 2nd field: Change the field type to Email and edit the field text to Email
  • 3rd field: Edit the text field to Message
  • Button: Remove the icon and edit the text to SUBMIT

Step 3: Setting the Form Action

As we mentioned earlier, there are different features between Brizy Free and Brizy Pro. With Brizy Pro, you can send the form data (submission) to your WordPress dashboard, email and apps. The free version of Brizy only sends the form to your WordPress dashboard. So, we recommend you upgrade to Brizy Pro to get more options and flexibility in submission destinations.

To set the destination, you can click the button, go to the plug icon (🔌), and click on it. Now, you can choose what happens and how the form works. As we mentioned earlier, if you’re working with the free version of Brizy, you still have the WordPress option to send emails using the standard WordPress sending method.

You also can use a custom template. Once you enable this option, you can insert any information you want into this template that will be used when you send your email. You can also use shortcodes to populate the information based on your form. But don’t worry, Brizy gives an easy way of seeing what exactly shortcodes you can use. By hovering over the question mark icon (?), you will get a link to all the shortcodes related to the various form fields you have inside your form. Copy the shortcodes and paste them into the template field.

But, for this example, let’s disable the custom template option.

As shown in the GIF above, you got three destination options for your form. There are WordPress, SMTP, and Gmail.

You can also link the form to various services by clicking the APPS on the panel settings. Here, you will find many marketing automation platforms and email marketing services.

Setting the Destination of Form Data (Submission) to WordPress

This tutorial will show you how to set WordPress as a sending method.

On the panel settings, go to the EMAIL and click the WordPress option. Next, you need to fill out any relevant information for your form. Once you have filled it, click the Continue button and then the Done button.

Next, publish or update your project, and we will test the new form. Go to your page that you’ve just created, and go ahead to fill out the form and send it by clicking the SUBMIT button,

Now the message that you’ve written was sent successfully. You can check the inbox on your email, or you can also check on your WordPress dashboard like we are going to do.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Brizy -> Leads.

Inside the Leads screen, you can see the email sent through the name, email and message. If you want to create a record of all the emails sent through that specific form, you can export it to the CSV file by clicking the Export to .csv button.

Note: You can use the steps above for other sending methods (SMTP, Gmail).

The Bottom Line

Brizy is a next-gen website builder that everyone can use. Especially when we’re creating a contact form, everything feels so seamless. With Brizy, you can integrate and connect your contact form with various marketing and email apps. It will let you collect and automate sending your leads to your email. With Brizy, you can set the multiple apps only at once.

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